X-Men: The Worst X-Man Ever

Bailey Hoskins has simply discovered he’s a mutant. For somebody who’s never been special, never stood out, this could possibly be his big moment. However as he good points entry into the halls of Xavier’s College for Gifted Children, what, exactly, is his gift? He’s used to being hated, however is he anything to be feared? Bailey struggles to find a place alongside his fellow college students, but the X-universe is a big one – maybe Mystique will see his potential. May Magneto have simply the mission for him? Or possibly the magic of time journey will reveal days of future glory. (Don’t get your hopes up). Max Bemis, frontman of the band Say Something, makes his Marvel debut with the story of a misfit amongst misfits, simply attempting to fit in. Bailey Hoskins? Worst. X-Man. Ever. Accumulating X-Men: WORST X-MAN EVER #1-5.

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