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Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair While Trying To Conceive

Is it secure to dye your hair while making an attempt to conceive Fortunately the reply is sure, However you have got to use non-toxic dyes which might be Secure for fertility and pregnancy. And, don’t suppose it only matters if you are ovulating or in the 2 week wait- the dangerous chemicals in mainstream hair dyes can keep in your system for weeks, so it is advisable to avoid them the entire time you are attempting to conceive or pregnant. On this weblog put up I’m going to offer you some hair dye choices which might be safer while trying to conceive, during fertility therapies, or while pregnant.

The issue for fertility or for pregnancy with mainstream hair dyes, isn’t essentially with the tough chemicals which might be used, however with the additives. Whereas these harsh hair dye chemicals, like aminophenol, phenylenediamine, ethonalamines, and coal tar, are poisons that may trigger most cancers in animals, they don’t have a direct hyperlink to fertility.

What DOES have a direct and dangerous hyperlink to fertility are the additives that the majority of those merchandise have- artificial fragrance (“parfum” or “fragrance”), phthalates, and parabens – all endocrine disruptors that may alter your hormones, decrease fertility in men, and women, trigger miscarriage and pregnancy complications, and lead to diminished ovarian reserve. Click right here to learn my overview of what the analysis says about these toxins and fertility.

So, what are you to do With 75% of ladies within the US admitting to dying their hair, there is an efficient chance that you are searching for some type of a technique to dye your hair whereas making an attempt to conceive. Many ladies will selected to make use of common hair dyes regardless of the toxic substances. However, if you are struggling with infertility, or going through infertility treatments, you’ll most likely need another choice. This isn’t simply crunchy blogger Anna telling you to keep away from toxins- even mainstream fertility clinics like Columbia Fertility advise patients to avoid dying their hair throughout IVF treatment, and they suggest ready till the child is “in your arms” if in any respect doable.

Your greatest possibility
Your absolute greatest choice is to forgo your vanity and never dye your hair in any respect, or solely use super gentle non toxic hair treatments at residence- like lemon juice and chamomile for blondes, calendula and hibiscus flowers for purple hair, nettle, rosemary, and sage for brown hair, and black walnut powder for black hair. You possibly can simply google directions on the way to do these. However, these really solely work properly for strengthening your present shade, and so they don’t work so nicely for hiding your grays.

Your subsequent-greatest choice
For these of you who like to avoid wasting a buck and do your personal hair dye at dwelling, there are some implausible non-toxic options. There are three major brands that as of Might 2017 the EWG Pores and skin Deep Database rank at a toxicity level of only a 1 or a 2. I really feel secure recommending brands that the EWG scores so effectively, but you should definitely look them up again in the database before purchasing if you’re reading this years from now. The three brands can helpfully be found on Amazon and are:

Light Mountain- This brand is gluten-free, vegan, and has no corn derivatives, and no artificial chemicals. They’re a henna-primarily based hair dye that doesn’t use any peroxide or ammonia, nor any endocrine disruptors like phthalates, parabens, or artificial fragrances. They only ever use three different ingredients relying on the shade- henna, indigo, and senna leaf powders. Their dyes are ranked a 1 on EWG- the very best out there for hair dyes. This model is implausible if you are in search of a shade of red, brown, or black hair. Here is their shade chart for colours, and right here is their shade chart for coloring the grey. Why don’t I take advantage of these Nicely, they don’t have an possibility for blonde, and I will vainly hold on to my blonde for so long as potential! Light Mountain Hair Dyes and Shade the Grays are available on Amazon. You’ll want to learn opinions for colours to find out what to order for YOU!

Surya Brasil Henna- This firm guarantees no ammonia, PPD, parabens, propylene glycol, peroxide, resorcinol, metallic salts, artificial fragrance (which=phthalates), mineral oils, or GMO’s. I looked through their webpage and might see that a few of their merchandise actually solely have a handful of pure substances, however a few of them do have some chemicals. They are not the same harsh chemicals in conventional dyes nonetheless, which is why the EWG rates them so properly. Their dyes are additionally ranked a 1 on EWG- the very best obtainable for hair dyes. Surya Brasil will get good evaluations on Amazon where you can purchase them, however at all times you’ll want to learn the small print! They do have a Swedish Blond possibility, however apparently it solely works should you started truly Swedish blond. Their Strawberry Blonde and Golden Blonde products get cheap opinions, so maybe I’ll strive them sooner or later.

Redken Chromatics Past Cowl Hair Shade- This shade line is developed particularly for individuals with 75% or extra grey. Although there are a couple chemicals, they are not harsh, and the EWG only charges them as a 2, which is considered “safe.” They are saying the supply 100% grey protection, with zero ammonia, and zero fragrance, which I assume means no phthalates. Sadly, I can’t discover any full ingredient listing, and it wigs by iman looks like maybe these are meant extra for salon use than something. They’re, nonetheless, available on Amazon in quite a lot of colours, and are reasonably priced!

There’s yet another option for those of that the EWG charges properly and that’s these little mascara-like No Gray Fast Repair Prompt Contact-Up for Grey Roots merchandise that can be found on Amazon. They’re rated with a 1, however their Amazon evaluations are sort of a blended bag.

Your greatest choice for vain blondes (aka, what I do!)
You’ll notice I didn’t point out that I exploit any of the above! That is true. Because of this- I was born a blonde and stayed a blonde until I was about 22 when my hair began to darken. At 24 I started to go grey on the sides. After half a decade of horrible dwelling-care, after which a bad salon in a rural area, I moved to DC and found the most effective blonde highlighter in the town. For $200 every 3-4 months he gave me gorgeous blonde highlights. Then two things happened- I started dealing with infertility and that i moved to the suburbs. Right after i bought serious about eliminating fertility-harming toxins, cleaning up my food plan, and developing a fertility mind-body practice, I decided that I wasn’t going to dye my hair any extra. Then, I acquired pregnant in about 2.5 months, and I used to be scared to use any dye while pregnant (wish I had known about the options up above!!). Nevertheless, at about six months pregnant my hair looked so gray, dark, and awful I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I started googling, and lo and behold, there was an organic hair salon in Alexandria! It is named Bellawest and I have been a devotee for the last two plus years. They use Organic Approach hair dyes which aren’t excellent, but give me lovely, blonde highlights and truly hide my grays. They do have some harsh chemicals in them (that is why they work so nicely on blondes), however no ammonia, no parabens, no polyethylene glycols, no phthalates, no parfums/artificial fragrance, and no paraffins. So, mainly, there is nothing in them that may harm fertility. The salon also has a rule against perfumes to verify phthalates don’t sneak within the door. So, if you’re vain like me, and keen to spend $200 a pop for highlights and a lower (identical I used to be spending at the toxic-mainstream salon), then google and see if there is an organic salon close to you!

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Do you dye your hair Are you keen to stop or look into non-toxic options that can assist you conceive and have a healthy pregnancy