Where Would One-Punch Man Rank In Marvel/DC IYO?

If this have been still early manga I’d agree he’s purely a gag character. Nevertheless, just lately the manga has shifted away from just being one big parody and is more like your common battle shonen now. Saitama isn’t a lot a gag character any extra, he is simply so ridiculously powerful in comparison with anybody else in his own universe at this juncture. Some dude who reads the webcomic instructed me that the rationale he’s so highly effective is as a result of he overcame the pure and physical limits god imposed on people by means of sheer willpower. So his power has an origin and I am pretty sure a limit. Until he actually goes and punches the god of his universe to loss of life wherein case he goes again to gag character again lol. When Boross punched him into the moon he did form of acknowledge his power so I believe he has a ceiling.

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It isn’t like there aren’t comedian e-book characters that can break his s***. Would not even have to be some cosmic entity. Flash would destroy him I’m certain. c3po t-shirts Some versions of Superman would break his neck. Dr. Unusual. Thor possibly. At this level he is mainly a sooner Hulk with obscene sturdiness and a no limits fallacy attached to him. Only unlike Hulk no one in his own universe has been able to step up to him.