Where Ought to Hancock Belong, DC Or Marvel?

Nicely, as Matthew mentioned he doesn’t actually fit into either universe very properly. A great chunk of his attraction was that him & her have been the one ones of their form. And so they lived in a world with out Supers. If Supers had been all over the place it might significantly change their story.

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Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply it can’t happen. Superboy-Prime was additionally from a world with out Supers. Plus, it appears like the Watchmen are going to be merged into the DC universe correct, and originally there’s was a world without Supers. So there may be precedence for having Supers from a world without other Supers.

His powers are basically what I’d call “standard superhero package Super strength, super velocity, flight, invulnerability. Principally Superman without vitality beams and such. Both energy and invulnerability are just about off the charts. Being able to cease a prepare just by standing in entrance of it will take large amounts of both.

Each DC & Marvel have a bunch of similar heros (Superman, Sentry, Hyperion, Surprise Woman) so we can’t base it on that. Some heroes get their energy from an outdoor supply, and some just have the facility. This goes for each universes just as equally.

There’s one half about Hancock that reminds me far more of DC than it does Marvel though. His weakness. Marvel heroes are usually more limited than DC heroes. DC has a tendency to make up for this with a vision t-shirts specific weakness. Clark has his Kryptonite, Martian Manhunter has fire, Mon-El has lead, Wonder Woman has being tied up by a man, and so forth and so forth. They’re all very particular weaknesses.

What’s Hancock’s weakness? Being close to another of his kind. Up till that point he didn’t seem to have any limits. Nothing hurt him at all. He was at all times as sturdy as he wanted to be. He was essentially unstoppable. But when he obtained too close to Charlize Theron for too lengthy? Nicely, then he started becoming human.

That sounds lots like Kryptonite to me. Which implies I’d place Hancock within the DC universe.