Was Supernaturals Crowley Already A Demon In Pre-seventh Century Mesopotamia?

HubPages br>Entertainment and Media br>Television margin:0px !necessary;” />The Gnostic Bible: Revised and Expanded Edition Buy Now The important thing of Solomon the King: Translated from Historical Manuscripts in the British Museum (Forgotten Books) Buy Now We have now come to sort of anticipate that the demons who are especially outdated (and who have become particularly powerful in any case of their years of ife have developed a inform-tale signal to offer away that they aren’t your run-of-the-mill demon. Azazel had the yellow eyes that gave him his nickname of ellow Eyes within the show canon, and YED (or Yellow Eyed Demon) among followers; in addition to being telekinetic (and doubtless pyrokinetic, what with so many people getting burned to death on the ceiling). Lilith had her white eyes, and a white light that she used to help her in torturing individuals. So, is it attainable that what we’ve right here is a visible clue that he is much older and extra powerful than we actually know (instead of just a brand new show runner attempting to place his own stamp on things)?

Which results in the query of who Crowley was before he became a demon, and how old that he actually is. If he was really in existence when the Mesopotamian empire was around, and if he really had some form of relationship with Naomi, may it be doable that he was once an angel (and not really the human that now we have been led to consider)? Irrespective of how ff the rails Naomi could also be with regards to her ethics, it seems unlikely that she would have a relationship with someone who was a demon; and from what Crowley was saying (and the way he was saying it), it seemed to be insinuated that the 2 of them had been in a relationship with one another during that time.

We should always probably also consider the fact that within the episode orn and Frayed, we study that Crowley understands Enochian, which up until his revelation was something solely angels seemed to be in a position to grasp. And when Viggo (the demon who had tortured a captured angel into speaking Enochian and freely giving all of his secrets and techniques in the manner) realized that Crowley understood the language, he appeared truly shocked to study the very fact; this could additional imply that demons don understand the language and that it something of an angelic language.

So, if he was possibly an angel sooner or later, when did he go away Heaven? And if he actually was one, that will change the nature of his whole existence. He would now not be simply a strong demon (since we’ve been led to consider that solely human souls that have been tortured into turning into evil can become demons), however would be a fallen angel (like Lucifer). And if he was a fallen angel, is it potential that his comment about the Metatron being a suck up be from experience with him, instead of him solely saying one thing nasty about an angel as a result of the 2 of them had been on different sides?

The only thing that appears to be in any manner clear about him at this level is that we all know far less about him than what we have been led to believe up thus far.

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Sydney four years ago

I found it fascinating that in Episode 7 (I feel that is the appropriate episode), when Cas got here to save lots of Kevin from Crowley, Cas pulls out an angel blade to combat him with…. Why would he use an angel blade in opposition to a demon? That was the episode that basically made me suppose that he is likely to be a fallen angel.

I think it would be a wonderful twist within the present if he was

I’ve been seeing a whole lot of theories about him being a fallen angel working across the interweb these days. If he’s, I am questioning which one he may very well be.

ScarlaBlack 4 years ago from Georgia

There’s a whole lot of proof that would prove that Crowley is not a demon in any respect, like Mesopotamia and the red smoke. I believe it would be a new and exciting twist if it turned out /a> to be true!

Certainly, that might blow my thoughts

AuthorKris Oller four years in the past from Modesto, Ca

It probably is … but it might make an fascinating twist if there was far too him than what we’ve been advised already, no?

Rad four years in the past

The Mesopotamian Empire (or really the Sumerian and Akkadian Empire) was more like 5000 years in the past though. Do not imagine the whole lot that’s written on Wikipedia :p. Anyway that will make Crowley ridiculously older than what we’ve got been made to consider. I am fairly positive this was only a continuity mistake on the a part of the writers right here although