Toy Truthful 2017: Marvel Legends Captain America Shield 24!

With the thoughts-boggling quantity of recent product that been revealed over the course of the last week, I didn quite get an opportunity to read about the brand new Hasbro Marvel Legends Premium Function-Playing Costume objects when they have been announced yesterday. However that was okay, because I bought to see them for the primary time right this moment in-individual at the Hasbro Press Event, where I acquired to see the 24 life-dimension Captain America Shield Replica and the new electronic Iron Man Helmet that each just went up on the market in motion!

Usually, I not the kind of individual who into prop replicas and life-size variations of movie objects. I not prepared to drop $600 on an eFX Captain America shield or whatever, and the lower-finish variations of 1:1 Marvel movie props tend to be, well unhealthy.

However Hasbro had me as a captive viewers on the Hasbro Entertainment Model Preview this weekend throughout the new York Toy Truthful 2016, and that meant I was going to be uncovered to their new line of premium Marvel Legends film prop replicas whether I wished to or not. Because it turns out, although, I glad they did: for the price, these Hasbro Marvel Legends function-enjoying gadgets are downright spectacular!

First up is the Hasbro Full-Size Marvel Legends Captain America shield, which is an actual-sized 1:1 ratio to the actual dimension of the movie prop. The shield has a humongous 24 diameter, similar to within the Marvel movies! And, not coincidentally, it additionally has two adjustable straps, permitting you to wear the shield-just like within the MCU!

And in addition just like within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America shield is super-shiny, as it been painted utilizing premium metallic paints. It regarded so good up-shut, I really would have thought the entire Marvel Legends shield was made out of metal if I didn know higher!

Though it not quite as iconic-or practical to carry around-as Cap shield, Hasbro additionally confirmed off their new electronic Marvel Legends Iron Man helmet at the Toy Honest Worldwide.

It a lot more likely that I l carry a shield round than walk round cosplaying as Iron Man, so this particular position-enjoying merchandise wasn fairly as thrilling to me. Even so, I be lying if I stated Hasbro hadn impressed me with its high quality.

I bought to see an precise gentlemen in Hasbro advertising put the Marvel Legends Iron Man helmet prop replica on, energy it up (to the recognizable cyber- HIIRRRR! noise from the movies), gentle-up the eyes and take away the detachable faceplate-which then magnetically sticks to the top of the helmet, as if it has slid up like within the movies!

And simply just like the Captain America shield, the Iron Man helmet is painted with premium metallic paint that makes it shine as if the helmet itself was manufactured from steel.

The Hasbro Captain America Shield and Iron Man helmet Marvel Legends replicas at the moment are up for order, and are scheduled to be launched in summer time 2016. I really impressed with the standard of these things having seen them first-hand, especially at a value-level of simply $99.99 shipped. I actually assume Hasbro is going to have a monumental hit on their palms with this line, and I excited to see what they l add to it next!

Ideas on Hasbro entering the medium-finish position-taking part in objects recreation, collectors? Are you curious about checking out Hasbro first entries into prop replicas? What gadgets from the movies (if any) would you wish to see Hasbro attempt its hand at after this first pair?

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