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Superheroes With Multiple Secret Identities

Everyone is aware of that just about all superheroes have secret identities, however are there some which have a couple of The reply is sure, however not in the way you would possibly think.

With many movies and Tv shows being made based on superheroes in the past 20 years, there’s been a demand for good actors to painting these heroes. As a result, many actors have been asked to play multiple superhero. This can cause confusion for fans when they fight to place a face to certain superheroes, nevertheless it has worked out to this point, regardless.

Chris Evans was the right actor to play Human Torch in the Fantastic 4 films. However Marvel also thinks that he is excellent for the a part of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Evans stars as the American hero in the upcoming Captain America and Avengers film, respectively, each due for a 2012 release.

Ryan Reynolds made a splash when he performed Wade Wilson/Deadpool in X-Males Origins: Wolverine. But earlier than that, he was Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. And in 2011, we’ll see him placed on a power ring and turn into Green Lantern. That is after he was additionally considered for the a part of Barry Allen as Flash. How many superheroes can one actor play

Samuel L. Jackson has re-defined the character of Nick Fury with his performance in Iron Man and its sequel. However little do some realize that that is his second superheroes movie experience, the primary being The Incredibles, by which he was the voice of Frozone. Although you cannot see his face in the film, he’s a big-identify actor with two superhero identities.

Now we get into some actors that aren’t essentially two different superheroes, however they are multiple characters in the superheroes universe. Richard White is the husband of who was previously often called Lois Lane in Superman Returns. He also was Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) in all three X-Males movies. Richard White may not be a superhero, however he’s a character in a superhero movie, simply the identical.

Smallville fans are aware of Michael Rosenbaum, the actor who played Lex Luthor for a She-Hulk few years. He is also made a reputation for himself because the Scarlet Speedster in the Justice League animated series, where he is the voice of Flash. It’s tough to hate him because the bad man in Lex, but it is also powerful to cheer him on as the great man thundercats t shirt uk 66 in Flash.

There are numerous other actors who’ve played multiple characters in other superheroes media. Here is an inventory of some extra:

Halle Berry – Catwoman (Catwoman film), Storm (three X-Males films)
Mark Hamill – Hobgoblin (Spider-Man, The Animated Sequence), Joker (Batman: The Animated Collection)

Clancy Brown – Lex Luthor (Superman – The Animated Collection and Justice League), Sinister (Wolverine and the X-Males)

Neil Patrick Harris thundercats t shirt uk 66 – Replay (Static Shock), Spider-Man (2003 animated sequence), The Music Meister (Batman: The Brave and the Bold), Nightwing (Batman: Beneath the Purple Hood)

Tom Kane – Dr. Doom (Spider-Man, The Animated Sequence), H.O.M.E.R.

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