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X-Males: First Class Title Sequence

This is absolutely cool!
14 Nov eleven • by: Liselotte
Don’t care for X-men, but I really like this sequence. It remindes me more of early digital tv experiments with radar and magnets than Saul Bass, who would have clearly worked with movie for his filmtitle sequences, no

14 Nov 11 • by: Remco Vlaanderen
I do not know what digital experiments you’re referring to precisely (you are the skilled on tv graphics -if you’re who I believe you are), however those visuals sound fascinating. Bass created titles for movie, however he did loads of different stuff as properly. Perhaps for Tv. The brand new Bass monograph could have the solutions.

14 Nov 11 • by: Meeri
Love these titles, but what is the song enjoying It goes with them very well!

14 Nov eleven • by: remco
It is truly temp music. A observe by Boards of Canada called Chinook.
15 Nov 11 • by: liselotte
What puzzles me is that the designer gave the sequence the look of a RGB television screen, we see the traces & dots. Why would he try this if he explanes that his main influence is somebody who designed mainly for movie It does have a 60’s feel to it, however to me it appears to be like like a reference to early scientific computervisualisations in the sixties, that makes extra sense in the reverse flash tshirt regards to the X-men saga than a Saul Bass reference, I the reverse flash tshirt might suppose.

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