The Marvel Roadmap To 2017: Half One

Two thousand and twenty eight? Unbelievable. Absolutely unimaginable. Of course a long run journey always requires planing, however fourteen years upfront? Utterly unheard of!

For the confused among you, I am in fact speaking about Kevin Feige’s current announcement that on the wall of his workplace is a plan for the films Marvel plans on releasing up till 2028.[1]

Now whereas I am positive that a few of these motion pictures are actually simply names on a wall, I would assume most of those potential 28 films are at least within the scripting phases.

So, with absolutely nothing backing me up other than random guesswork, I would prefer to take a stab at what these films might be and their potential plots.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014 movie) – Aug 1st 2014

Already shot and at present being edited, it is protected to say that this film will likely be setting up the occasions of Infinity Gauntlet for Avengers three. Based on the trailer and interviews, it is clear a new Infinity Stone (or gem) shall be launched. We’ve already seen the power stone and the Area stone in earlier movies, so my money’s on the Time stone since it will be a great way to indicate Starlord when he was taken from Earth as a little bit boy. That leaves the Soul, Thoughts or Actuality stone.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015 film) – May 1st 2015

I believe this can principally be a standalone film. We all know Ultron is the main villain (probably constructed by Tony Stark) and I am betting he goes rogue. Joss Whedon has said that the movie might be smaller, more painful and intimate (a la Empire Strikes Back); which is what makes me assume that if there’s any connection to Avengers three, it is going to be through the Post-Credit sequence.

Ant-Man (2015 film) – July thirty first 2015

To be directed by Edger Wright, not much identified about this movie thus far, but it’s protected to say it may be an origin movie and in accordance to various interviews it is going to be a heist film and it’ll contain each the characters of Hank Pym and Scott Lang. (And i bet they introduce Janet van Dyne!)

Captain America (inventive franchise) 3 – Might sixth 2016

With Winter Solider solely coming out a number of weeks ago, the one thing identified publicly about this movie is that the Russo brothers can be returning to direct.

Although it is too early to speculate in regards to the plot, we are able to look back at some previous superhero trilogies for assist. It’s possible you’ll not bear in mind, but a terrific many superhero trilogies have shocking similar plots.

Movie One: An origin Story
Movie Two: The hero loses his powers or wants to surrender being a hero or something similar.
Movie Three: Hero turns into evil or fights an evil model of himself or certainly one of his pals turns into evil or one thing similar

For example:
Spider-Man: Origin Story
Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker provides up being Spider-Man & loses his powers temporarily
Spider-Man three: Fights Venom, an evil model of himself.

Batman Begins: Origin Story
The Dark Knight: Bruce Wayne wants to quit being Batman so he could be with Rachel.
The Dark Knight Rises: He fights Bane, an evil model of himself.

Superman: Origin Story
Superman 2: Provides up his powers so he might be with Lois.
Superman three: Becomes evil and fights evil version of himself in junkyard.

X-males Origin Wolverine: Origin Story
The Wolverine: Logan loses his powers.
Third Wolverine Film: No thought what it will be about, but I might wager a fairly penny he turns evil at one level or fights an evil individual with adamantium enhancements (like Lady Deathstrike)

Now not each superhero trilogy follows this exactly, but many play round with it. For example:
X-men: Extra of an introduction than an origin.
X-males 2: A continuing growth of the first film’s themes.
X-men 3: Mashes together the evil hero plot (Dark Phoenix) and shedding your powers (The mutant cure.)

Iron Man: Origin story & fights an evil version of himself.
Iron Man 2: The hero refuses to surrender his dr doom t-shirts powers.
Iron Man 3: Fights one other businessman who happens to be evil.

So Lengthy story short, I imagine Captain America 3 will proceed the storyline of Steve Rogers looking for Bucky, but he will likely be up towards an evil model of himself such because the Purple Guardian or The Grasp-Man; or someone who can mimic him such because the Taskmaster. I can just think about Cap three opening with a bunch of evil acts being perpetrated by someone who appears to be like or acts just like the Captain and then the actual Captain America has to go after him.

Doctor Strange – July 8th 2016


In 2014 and 2015 you’ll see that Marvel have released each a sequel and a brand new franchise. I believe this pattern will (principally) proceed for the foreseeable future. So since the first movie of 2016 was a sequel, I believe the 2nd film will probably be an origin story for the new character of Physician Strange. There is no real indication on what it might be about, however the Oath storyline could be reasonably simple to adapt to the display. Additionally I think one other Infinity Stone (the fourth) will probably be introduced here. Both the Soul or Actuality Stone.

Thor three – Could fifth 2017


Avengers 2 will almost definitely finish with Thor remaining on Earth. Thor can be called back to Asgard so as to deal with his father (actually Loki); who’s ruling Asgard with a dictatorial fist. I imagine the storyline will likely be kept primarily to Asgard with the lead villain being somebody like the Enchantress (Evil Thor!) who’s in league with Loki. Odin will at some point die and Thor will finally reclaim his place as the rightful king of Asgard.

Captain Marvel – 2nd movie of 2017


There are two explanation why I feel Captain Marvel can be launched. One is that Marvel really want to start out introducing franchises which are feminine led. I know that some individuals say we might get a Black Widow movie first; however I discover that unlikely since, by 2017, Black Widow can have starred in 5 movies and it makes more sense to attempt to expand your feminine characters moderately than simply counting on the same old ones.

Second, I believe it is time to introduce a personality who can actually fly (especially with the fight against Thanos developing). Up to now all Marvel characters are reliant on external technology so as to fly (Iron Man – his swimsuit, Thor – his hammer.) Captain Marvel can be an incredible likelihood to introduce someone with more Superman like powers. And it must be fairly simple to do an origin story. Within the comics she’s part of the army and has her DNA unintentionally fused with with a Kree alien. The motion pictures might still have her in the US navy (possibly she’s friends with Rhodey) and so they’re performing assessments on a type of lifeless Chitauri from the end of The Avengers.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – 1st film of 2018

I know that Avengers normally comes out in Spring, but I believe they might slot in yet one more Guardians film which can then lead immediately into Avengers three. This movie might contain the fifth infinity stone (assuming it wasn’t used in Thor three) and can, I imagine, end with the Guardians being defeated and having to escape to Earth. There is also a small possibility that Thanos will probably be the principle villain on this film as a result of, in an effort to hit the bottom working in Avengers 3, having a separate movie to ascertain Thanos would work finest. (Form of like Loki being first in Thor and then The Avengers)

Avengers three – 2nd movie of 2018


Whereas I’m undecided if Thanos will likely be the primary villain in Guardians 2, we do know he might be the primary villain in this one. Personally I think Loki’s Employees will be retconed into being the Mind Stone. That is what brings Thanos to Earth. Most definitely the invasion of Earth will take place within the primary 10-20 minutes and Thanos will finally have all 6 gems. The remainder of the movie will likely be how every single character launched to this point stands together to defeat Thanos. Oh yeah, I’m calling it now… Hulk dies.

Black Panther – 1st movie of 2019


Having just saved the universe in the previous movie, I feel Marvel will want to go small scale and extra intimate in their comply with up. You can introduce Wakanda and it’s vibranium rich panorama (Maybe the Allies helped T’Chaka defend Wakanda throughout the early years of WWII and a present of vibranium was given, which would ultimately become Captain America’s shield.) However scared off by the Nazi danger, Wakanda withdraws into solitude till the present day. Now a younger Prince T’Challa must defend his residence towards invaders who wish to mine the land for vibranium. (I admire that sounds quite a bit like Avatar, however with the correct writer it may work.)

Captain Marvel 2 or Ant-Man 2 – 2nd movie of 2019
Acquired to be sincere here, but contemplating I am making all this up as I’m going alongside, even I have completely no thought what any attainable plot line may very well be about.

Captain America 4 – 1st film of 2020


Okay. This is going to be controversial, but I feel Steve Rogers will likely be revealed through the submit credit sequence of Avengers 3 to have been killed and changed by a Skrull. Discovered in Cap 4 and happening the run, that Skrull has to be chased by Bucky who has simply taken up the mantle of Captain America. After catching the Skrull, he (or she!) confesses that they have replaced a lot of Earth’s most important figures which is going to result in a Secret invasion in Avengers four with no one realizing who to trust.

(18th April 2014 Replace: I just came upon that the Skrulls are most carefully related to the Improbable 4, which means the rights to painting them on display screen most likely lie with Fox. So most likely a unique alien can be used; one with the identical form-shifting powers, just with a different name.)

The Warriors Three (or 4) – 2nd movie of 2020

I’m undecided if this could possibly be thought-about a Thor sequel or the beginning of a brand new franchise. However both approach I believe Sif can be put entrance and centre to steer the Warriors Three on a mission to a different realm. Thor will make an look as King of Asgard, but solely to bookend the film. This can be a superb method to broaden on characters that audiences are conscious of, however don’t know a lot about.

Phew! That took a while. I will be again with part two in a couple of days!

2017 New Cotton Summer SpiderGwen Children's T-shirt(26th April 2014 Update: Having been researching the various movies that Marvel may or could not introduce, I realise that with out realizing how Marvel choses to present intergalactic house aliens; it becomes actually tough to make any type of educated guess. Thus I’ve decided I won’t be writing half 2 till after I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron. Sorry about that!)

Photo Credit
[1] Marvel Has Its Movies Deliberate Via 2028. Yes, 2028.