The Marvel Film Character Rights (and Where They are)

So, I’m going to make it very clear on a complete checklist I’ve gathered, why this specific crossover didn’t happen, and why it probably will not happen anytime soon.

Let me start by saying movie rights and comedian rights and Television rights are all very different things. Within the comics, all these characters (Cap, Wolverine, Spider-Man, etc.) are owned by Marvel Comics. They’ve been there since forever. That won’t ever change. Since Marvel Comics owns all of them, every single crossover can and has occurred since each character’s creation (Namor and the Human Torch, Spider-Man and the Avengers, etc.)

Now the Tv rights are one other animal. Since Disney bought the Television rights to ALL of Marvel’s characters, they will all be utilized in the identical present a lot in the same way that they are within the comics. So if Hulk needs to team up with Spider-Man in Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, they can (and have) do (and performed) so. Earlier than Disney purchased Marvel however, reveals like Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Males have been in in their own little worlds, so Spider-Man would’ve by no means been in a position to workforce up with Hulk again then. Same goes for Wolverine and the Avengers, or Wolverine and Spider-Man for that matter. After Disney purchased the rights, each those shows were canceled and now Disney can do whatever they want with them. As far as animated Television films go, I can solely assume Disney now has complete control over the characters too, very like Lionsgate did before them (working example, Wolverine was a essential character in Hulk Vs). So, if Disney stated that they wish to do a Civil Battle Tv movie, I imagine they can be allowed to do such a factor.

Edit: It appears that I got a few of the Television rights issues flawed. Apparently Chris Yost, the man partly accountable for Wolverine and the X-Men has confirmed that that specific show was the truth is set in the identical world as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Hulk Vs. That means that Marvel probably owned the X-Males Tv rights all alongside (which makes more sense now that I give it some thought. Captain America and Nick Fury had visitor appearences on X-Males Evolution when it was on). Also, Tv rights are filled with many loopholes, and never every Spider-Man cartoon was owned by Marvel or Sony. My apologies, and thank you @cattlebattle for bringing that to my attention.

Now come the movie rights. This is the place most individuals appear to get the most confused. Years in the past, Marvel Comics offered lots of their characters’ film rights to numerous studios, such as Common, Fox, and Sony. As a result of the X-Males and Spider-Man movies had been so incredibly profitable, Marvel Comics decided to open up their very own movie studio, Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios had not too long ago obtained their movie rights to Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor (who have been beforehand owned by Artisan, however they never did something with them, so Marvel received them again). In addition they re-obtained Hulk and Namor, who have been previously beneath the Common Studios identify. With these specific characters again under Marvel Studios management, it is feasible to not solely have an Iron Man movie, but to have Iron Man meet Hulk and Thor in the identical movie, with out anybody getting sued! That’s great! Now in 2012, the dream grew to become a reality, and now now we have a trustworthy to God Avengers movie that does not suck.

“Now where do Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Daredevil are available in Gambit1024? Why weren’t they in the Avengers film too?” Proper here, little voice in my head!

See, Marvel Studios couldn’t re-acquire all of their rights. With Spider-Man doing so properly at Sony and X-Men doing so well at Fox, neither of those studios would dare surrender any of these franchises for anything. If Spider-Man had been to ever meet Captain America in the Avengers movie, Marvel/Disney would get the pants sued off of them, because he is Sony’s baby. So here is which rights lie the place (to my knowledge, anyway):

  • Sony- Spider-Man and Ghost Rider (and all associated villains, characters, etc.)
  • Fox- X-Males, Daredevil, and the Implausible Four (and all associated villains, characters, and many others.)
  • Marvel Studios/Disney- All of the characters that are not affiliated with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, X-Males, Daredevil, and the Unbelievable 4.

Now in fact, there are some little exceptions. For instance, the characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were so closely associated to both the Avengers (they had been each members for a very very long time) and to the X-Males (they’re Magneto’s kids), they can be used by each Fox and Marvel/Disney. There are rules to things they’ll/can’t say, nevertheless. In an Avengers film, they aren’t allowed to debate “mutants” or Magneto or the X-Males. In an X-Men film, they don’t seem to be allowed to debate the Avengers or Hulk or Iron Man.

“Alright, Gambit1024! I perceive why Spider-Man and Wolverine cannot be within the Avengers now, in spite of everything! But there’s still one factor I don’t get: Can Marvel/Disney get the rights to those characters back?” They positive can, little voice!

See, the contracts for say, Daredevil and the FF, say that “If Fox doesn’t make a movie without these guys in it after this many years, the rights go back to Marvel.” Simple squeezie, right? Flawed. Since Fox cares oh so much about the money these potential cash-cows make, (and who can blame them?) they may do everything of their power to maintain these names until they notice that people is not going to pay any more money to see them. That is exactly what occurred with the Punisher, and now he is below the Marvel/Disney roof with all of his outdated pals.

So I hope I have been clear to everyone about this challenge, and i hope somebody’s discovered one thing from this thread. And if you don’t wanna learn all of it, I am going to just say it shortly and loudly:

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SPIDER-MAN, WOLVERINE, DAREDEVIL AND All the pieces ELSE THAT FOX AND SONY OWNS Can’t be Used in A MARVEL/DISNEY Movie. In the event that they DO, They’ll GET SUED FOR Heaps And plenty Of cash.

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