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Shadow Thief (DC)

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While rising up in Japan, American Carl Sands realized ninjutsu methods and grew to become a quite undistinguished industrial saboteur, accepting unremarkable sums to hinder and eliminate his clients’ rivals. The Thanagarian criminal Byth then hired Sands to steal Hawkman and Hawkwoman’s ship. To assist Sands with this job, Byth gave him a Dimensiometer – a Thanagarian belt system/”shadow vest”, which gave Sands the flexibility to shift his physique into a shadow form. (His pre-Crisis historical past is still canon, including his temporary membership in the Injustice Gang, and fought the Golden Age Hawks as a substitute.)

Hawkman ultimately defeated him, however Shadow-Thief would come into battle with him many times after that. He would later change into a member of the Injustice Gang which came into conflict with Hawkman and his allies, the Justice League of America. He lost the belt to the Phantom Stranger, but he gained a shadow suit. He eventually the joker costume shirt online sold his soul to Neron for more energy. Neron gave him a extra highly effective shadow go well with with the power to turn different people and objects into shadows.

Not too long ago, the Shadow-Thief has entered into the make use of of St. Roch artwork trader Kristopher Roderic. Sands has been sent to the ends of the earth in service of Roderic’s dark goals, and is hopeful that the unscrupulous collector will assist him with an issue of his personal.

During the events of Identification Disaster, Shadow-Thief turned deranged and started having delusional conversations with the Dimensiometer. He ended up apparently killing Firestorm with Shining Knight’s mystically Hawkeye enhanced sword. For killing Firestorm, the joker costume shirt online he was prosecuted by Kate Spencer (a.k.a. Manhunter IX).

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