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Oki As Aquaman’s Wife, MERA

I confess, I haven’t been following Mera in the brand new 52. The Mera that I do know, was the Queen of Dimension Aqua. However in some the flash sweatshirt off unspecified time in the future the evil, Leron, takes control of her kingdom and she heads of to Earth. There, she meets that strapping fella, Aquaman, the Atlantean sea-king. They go on a bunch of journeys and down the flash sweatshirt off the street fall in love, get married, and even have a son (Arthur Curry, Jr.) together.

When all looks to being going nicely, tragedy strikes. Their Aquababy is kidnapped and poisoned by Black Manta. In order to save her little one, Mera, heads off on a crusade, that takes her back to her house world on the lookout for a system that may cure her son. Sadly, by the point she will get back her son has died. This is the powder keg to her crazy. She goes via a nervous breakdown, which causes her toss some blame at Aquaman for having inferior DNA, then the wedding to crumbles, and eventually she is unintentionally impaled by Aquaman when she viciously assaults him.

Mera has appeared in reside-motion format. She was performed by Elena Satine in an episode of CW’s Smallville. In that incarnation she was Aquaman’s wife.