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Star Wars Saga

Okay- this film may be very similiar to A brand new Hope, and thats why its at quantity four. At least the prequels tried to do one thing unique and new, however this movie did copy rather a lot from Ep. IV. Firstly- somebody in desperate need of assist sends a robot to a desert planet to find an unlikely hero. That hero and the droid escape mentioned desert planet on a ship and find yourself pulled into a galactic civil battle. The enemy have constructed a weapon capable of destroying whole planets and at the top of the movie the heroes blow up said weapon and save the galaxy. Yes- that’s the plot of A new Hope and The Power Awakens. However somewhat than a large space station as the last word weapon, its a planet- Starkiller Base this time. Sure, it could also be copying, but I consider it more as paying an omage the dark knight joker hexagon shirt to what Lucas did and placing a modern-day spin on the traditional story. But, that being stated it is still very similiar and that can not be ignored.
I additionally think, if I were to have executed Ep. VII, I wouldn’t have done it the place the Jedi are once more extinct and Luke failed to maintain peace over the galaxy. If Luke Skywalker can’t get the Jedi right then who can Green_Lantern I’d have achieved it so that the Jedi have been still sturdy and alive, however people who strongly believed in what the Empire stood for rebuild a new Order, which Ben Solo happened to be apart of. Men’s Doctor Doom Comic Desgin Long Sleeve T-Shirt I want the Jedi the dark knight joker hexagon shirt weren’t extinct again.
While Han’s demise was emotional and unnexpected, I nonetheless feel it was solely accomplished to cater for Harrison Ford’s interest and never in the best curiosity of the fans. Now followers will never see Luke, Leia and Han reunite ever once more! Also- Chewie all the time will get the quick end of the stick to Leia- first being known as a Strolling Carpet, then not recieving a medal for his help in the Battle of Yavin and then not getting hugged by Leia after the dark knight joker hexagon shirt Han’s dying. Leia hugged Rey as an alternative of Chewie- Leia must hate hair on her clothes.
Captain Phasma- what a waste of a probably nice character! She has lots t do to make up for her weakness and disloyalty she showed in Episode VII!