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Is Hawkeye Good

Hawkeye is team captain america t shirt youtube a really versatile job command.
Guns are naturally excessive power, and Hawkeye has first rate DEX to run them to good injury. This gives you naturally high assault, which makes injury typically fairly consistent. This consistency is additional bolstered by having Eagle Eye, which makes your primary attacks just about have 100% hit rates.

Sidewinder is not the best group goal transfer, but it is at the very least respectable in most conditions. Against groups of 2 it offers 1.2x damage to chosen enemies, against groups of three it offers 0.9x, and against 4 it offers 0.8x, which total is a decent quantity of damage for 1 BP.

Harpoon is fantastic if you are using Hawkeye as a job command and dual or triple wielding, because you negate defence a number of times. As a Hawkeye with a pistol it is nonetheless good a lot of the time, however check your enemies P.Def first. If it’s totally low, do not waste your time as the injury enhance will probably be minimal. If it’s excessive, Harpoon them.

Warhead is fascinating. As a Hawkeye you may basically simply think of this as being team captain america t shirt youtube “add an element” which suggests you’ll be able to always hit those weaknesses for 1.5x harm – very helpful. In other jobs similar to Black Mage, you may exploit excessive M.Atk to deal first rate harm with primary attacks – triple wield rods, Warhead and each attack offers half the harm of a tier 1 black magic spell – for a total of 1.5x, or comparable injury to a -ga spell, besides free of charge and with a chance of crits.

Condor is niche however very useful towards bosses that default fairly typically.
Maverick is a nice way to increase your harm output in addition to to help end of any doubtlessly surviving adds.

Most of the extent 6+ abilities of Hawkeye are not really excellent. Barrage may be good with certain combos of talents but often, just use P.Atk +20% in bodily jobs, it’s Difensori often better. Sparrow is area of interest because if enemies have high P.Def, you possibly can just Harpoon them. So it will get around a couple of counters but that is kind of it. Eagle Eye is nice in some customary assault centered combos however 2 SP is a tough sell. Shrike is a barely more powerful choice than Maverick with a longer delay, principally. Good, but that’s all the best way at stage 10.

In short, Hawkeye is a very strong job command. It provides a ton of helpful options – just about any physical fighter will profit from having elemental entry and piercing defence – and is usually an excellent choice in case of doubt.

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