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Batgirl Or Oracle

Just checkin lol cuz there are folks that do superman shirt schwarz rot gold zone this…
Kate Webb-Kane and Bette Kane were launched as Batwoman and Bat-Woman when DC did their “family” factor, but Kate was killed off and Bette was forgotten as a result of they “didn’t make sense.” The batgirl character was revived within the type of Barbara Gordon later and pushed ahead for the 60s Batman series. Bette Kane was largely forgotten but came again later with taking on the brand new name of Flamebird… I don’t know much about her time with that identify so do not ask ^.^

Time has previous and now there is that this entire silver age revival thing in order that they reintroduced the idea of Batwoman with Kate Kane and had Bette Kane be her cousin and need to be her sidekick.

Some notes:
Kate Webb-Kane and Bruce superman shirt schwarz rot gold zone Wayne are Aunt and Nephew by marriage but Kate’s job was to seduce Bruce in order that he would reveal his identity… which to some people might sound a bit creepy.

The Kane identify game… Blue_Beetle The only female Kane with a reputation that isn’t a variation on Elizabeth or Katherine that we know of is Martha, Bruce’s mother. Additionally, should you rely it, the previous ancestor who did not have the identify Kane yet that married into the Wayne Household…I believe it was Joshua.

That Kane title thing make it really complicated… There’s 6 named Kane women. 2 are named Katherine, superman shirt schwarz rot gold zone 1 named Catherine. 2 are named Elizabeth, and 1 named Martha. One has to imagine that one in every of their ancestors were named Katherine and Elizabeth that had been well-known or did one thing that is notable in their household lore as that’s often why names are do predominant in families.

Oh additionally, technically Barbara Gordon is the third iteration of the “Batgirl” idea. The unique were in some of the older golden age comics.