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Another motive I need to research this show is because I had an expertise with it round 2001. It was round eight within the morning. My younger brother, who was seven, was watching a neighborhood station throughout its baby Tv present block. After a dubbed over Blue’s Clues, it started to air a present known as , or Happy Apple. I can barely remember the episode’s plot, however it was about this apple who was making an attempt to assist a kid, named Nathaniel. It felt sort of low-budget, but since my brother favored the episode, I didn’t mind him watching it. The only thing that made me dubious was this evil smile that the apple did in the midst of the episode.

Men's Silver Surfer Cartoon Cotton Long Sleeve Tee ShirtFrom what I gathered, in the first weeks of Noggin’s existence, this “Joyful Appy” present started production. Its plot was about an enormous clay apple with arms, child blue eyes, and enormous dark green lips being held up by a bent, rusty stick. He would go around in a white 1996 Ford Windstar serving to youngsters once they got injured. As the show stored going, the episodes began to turn out to be more unusual. For one example, Completely satisfied Appy would usually stare at the viewers of the present with a deranged smile.

It’s additionally worth mentioning that the series slowly acquired more violent as the series progressed. Completely satisfied Appy was one of many shorter shows on Noggin, with every episode being 10 minutes long at probably the most. They performed in duets, making every full episode 20 minutes long, minus commercials. A few months after Pleased Appy aired its first episode, Nickelodeon cancelled the present, and it was by no means shown again on Noggin or Nick Jr. Even the rather more acceptable episodes weren’t shown for whatever reason. Nevertheless, some mother and father did document the show, but they had been VHS copies.

Of those mentioned VHS copies, just a few survived via the years. Many of the tapes had been destroyed both as a result of neglect or disgust, or had been merely misplaced and thrown superman baseball shirt design out by accident. Nonetheless, some copies of the present had been reportedly stolen by a shadowy figure. I used to be one of many fortunate people to personal a duplicate of the episodes. Yesterday, after i did some winter cleaning, I discovered an outdated DVD with ‘H.A. Episodes’ written on it. I had a feeling that I knew this abbreviation from someplace, I did some analysis on what the H.A. meant. My first alternative was the discussion board about lacking episodes/films that I usually go to.

Once i entered the lacking episode section of the discussion board, the first thread I saw was one named “HA What’s this ” A woman posted the thread, who had, like me, found a VHS with the initials “HA” on it. As I learn the thread more, I came upon that the initials on the disc stood for Glad Appy. This immediately reminded me of the weird low-price range present that I watched with my brother in 2000. In the replies, the customers claimed that there are not any known DVD copies round. I am undecided how the disc got there, although. I actually don’t remember proudly owning a disc that regarded like it!

After viewing the thread, I went ahead and put it into the disk drive, hoping that it might work. Thankfully, the disc did work, and it instantly reduce to the intros of the episode, no menus or something. Pleased Appy’s intro song had the identical tune as Mary Had slightly Lamb, and went one thing like this.

Completely satisfied App, Blissful App
Pleased Appy Appy App,

He helps children all day!
Episode 1 and a pair of had been called “Happy’s Vacation” and “Hurt Happy”, respectively.

Completely satisfied’s Vacation was precisely what you’d expect; Glad Appy goes on a vacation to the beach, heals injured youngsters, and even talks down a bully into not hurting a child. Harm Glad was about Comfortable’s stick getting broken, and the children teaming up to assist Blissful Appy by giving him bandages and fruit. Nothing appeared out-of-place once i first saw it, however when i noticed it a second time, the episodes appeared questionably odd. When Happy was driving his van to the seashore in Blissful’s Vacation, a few seconds skipped. At first, I ignored it, saying that it might be a scratched DVD. But once i checked the disc, it had no scratches on it by any means. Also, during the fruit scene in Harm Joyful, the children gave him an apple for whatever reason. It might have been a mistake by the producers, though.

Lastly, I noticed some things in Hurt Happy that looked out-of-place. In Joyful’s van throughout the intro of Comfortable’s Trip, there was what regarded like the border of the HOPE poster, but it surely was so out of body that it might have been one thing else. At the top of Harm Joyful, there was a information broadcast a few 9.0 earthquake that just lately struck Japan. Comfortable responded “Oh no! If you want to help the Japanese, call this quantity!” and a 1-800 quantity appeared. I believed those had been just coincidental. Nicely, I was flawed. Episodes three and four had been stranger. The intros of these two episodes had been eliminated, but I discovered that Episode four’s identify was “Nate Needs Help”. This struck out to me because this was the exact same episode I saw with my brother, but in English!

Episodes 3 and four were lacking a few scenes, and, general, extra disturbing than the primary two. On Episode three – close to the 5:10 mark – is when Joyful Appy does his first evil smile for 25 seconds. A superman baseball shirt design scene that might ship chills down anyone’s spine was the Boo-boo half in “Nate Wants Assist”. Comfortable aids Nate, who has a bruise on his knee. He seems to be to the camera, giving off the same evil smile that I remember from 2000, and says “What does Nate want for this booboo ” For 30 seconds, he stared on the camera, motionless, together with his soulless baby blue eyes locking on to anybody watching. Lastly, he broke the silence by saying “That’s proper, a bandage!” Why did he need that long to talk, I will never know.

Additionally, the out-of-place objects were getting more noticeable. In Nate Needs Assist, the radio performs what sounds like a rustic cowl of “Scorching and Chilly”, which was made in 2008 and very out-of-place for a kid’s present.

February 24th, 2011
I watched Episode 5, which had a couple of variations from the first four episodes. Firstly, it had Joyful on a rustless (but still bent) stick. Secondly, this episode was considerably disturbing. The theme tune played, and the title of the episode is revealed as “Monkey Bar Mishap!”

It started with Blissful Appy in his van driving to the playground when he sees a child crying close to some monkey bars. Once he parks the van and goes to the monkey bars, Pleased finds out that the kid had fallen off of them, cutting his little finger open. Completely satisfied Appy mentioned “What does Jake need to heal with, youngsters ” He gave off his evil smile at the display for a couple of minutes, enough time to learn a web page of a ebook – preferably the Bible – to him. Like Nate Wants Help, his soulless child blue eyes watched over anyone in the room like Big Brother. He mentioned “That is proper!” and Joyful puts a bandage on Jake’s finger. After getting hugged by Jake, Pleased drives away in his van. It skipped to Episode 6, which had a better chance of being aired on Wonder Showzen than Nick Jr!

In the episode, known as “By no means Run with Knives”, a child was running with a knife dealing with up. The knife was clearly a rubber prop because the blade was flopping around loads. The child received ‘cut’, and held his hand over the wound, crying. As blood began to come back out of the kid’s wound, Happy parked his van, gave a standard smile, and said “Hey kids, he shouldn’t have carried the knife dealing with up whereas running!” Nonetheless, he did heal him by placing a bandage over the wound. The child hugged Glad, and he stated “Remember children, never run with knives facing up, or scissors for that matter. Always walk with knives and scissors going through down!” Blissful took the kid to his van, drives off, and the credit played. Nonetheless, after the credit roll, the episode takes a very disturbing turn when Completely happy comes back in his van, the kid lacking, and says “Hey kids! If you find me and my van, simply talk to me and I’ll take you away, ha-ha!”

Episode 7 started with Glad on the playground, but he wasn’t enjoying with the kids, or helping them. He was simply staring at them, with that unsettling smile I hate a lot. A bunch of kids are enjoying with soar ropes, when Completely satisfied walks over to them. He calmly tells them something, but I might barely hear what he stated. From what I heard, I might only make out “Good day… Pleased… I… how… me… please ” I could see the place this was going, as the youngsters walk with Blissful into the bushes of the playground. Loud violent screams are heard for almost a minute and a half, till Pleased begins to drag three bloody our bodies to his van.

I couldn’t consider it.
Joyful smile
The one picture I might find of Comfortable’s loss of life smile
For the remainder of the episode, he does that rattling loss of life smile! Why did they use that look so much It was virtually like he might climb out of your Television, grab you, and homicide you slowly and painfully with a rusty knife, however he couldn’t.
I moved on to Episode 8 and 9. This time, the episodes had been so violent and shoddy that they could not have aired on Noggin at all. Episode 8 had Joyful Appy take a kid into his van. For half of the episode, flesh chopping could be heard, and so could loud screaming, which turned into gurgles. As the scene progressed, blood splatters on the home windows started to look. Finally, Joyful emerged from the van, and did a loss of life smile till the tip of the present. Like Episode eight, Episode 9 was gory and violent. However this episode was so coincidental and violent that I could not imagine Noggin would even enable it, except it was some form of hijacking.

It begins out with Happy Appy walking across the playground when two children ask him what the cycle of life is so that they might complete their homework. He proceeds to tell the children about the cycle of life in frogs and plants. The children stated “Thanks, Pleased! Are you able to play with us for a bit ” Completely satisfied agrees, and they start taking part in on the playground. When this occurs, smoke starts to creep behind Completely satisfied and the children. It gets to a degree the place they start coughing because of how dense the smoke is, so they turn around to see what was making the smoke. Happy gasps on the sight in entrance of them.

Two towers were on fire and have been burning up. A number of people are falling out of windows to escape the fire. There was a variety of screaming, falling debris, and a crashed airplane in one of the towers. Only the tail of the airplane was visible, which was nearing the point of collapse. I may hear a faint whining noise at this point, and I think that it was the aircraft’s engine which was probably nonetheless on. Seven seconds later, the tail of the airplane finally broke apart, with the most important piece of the tail hitting and killing somebody. During this scene, hearth trucks might be heard making an attempt to douse out the flames, however it solely slows the flames down. The wailing of ambulances may be heard, taking away the bodies of the people who jumped from the towers. It showed a weird guy on hearth falling out of one of the towers, screaming.

Pleased and the children are seen once more, but this time, they stood still in concern. The smoke kept getting thicker and thicker, slowly obscuring the bushes and equipment of the playground. The debris from the towers fell around the kids and Completely satisfied, and an individual ran as much as them and advised them to run away from the towers earlier than operating off. When the older kid worriedly stated “Pleased Appy, why are the towers on fireplace ” it cuts to the next-up flooring that was close to where the airplane crashed, which revealed a child that was underneath a huge piece of concrete, crying for assist.

Some other kids tried to help him by lifting the piece of concrete off him. He was screaming so loud, it was almost heartbreaking. There were bodies and blood in every single place, and the pain and concern on the trapped kid’s face was so real looking, I cringed. After the shot with the kid trapped beneath the concrete, the younger kid turns to the aspect say “Happy Appy, why are individuals working and falling from the towers ” Glad Appy turns to the digicam, loss of life smile on his face, and really coldly said three phrases. These three words will haunt me so long as I research this show.

“That is pure, children.”
He took the 2 kids away from the towers, leaving the child stuck under concrete screaming for help. When the credit rolled, the audio of the scene saved taking part in, and at the top, earlier than the video cuts out, one thing collapsed, making a really loud noise that would scare anyone watching.

I jumped out of my seat. Was Happy a dying bringer within the type of an apple Or was he a grasp predictor If that episode by some means predicted 9/eleven, I have to observe Episodes 10 and 11 to see if there was anything else predicted! I may not see any predictions, though, and honestly, I hope not. Oh, and you want to know what happens when someone calls the tsunami support telephone quantity Tomorrow, I’m going to go and call it.

February twenty fifth, 2011
Hey, I known as the 1-800 hotline mentioned on Episode 3. It was a pre-recording, which I will transcribe for you.

“Good day! My identify is Completely satisfied Appy! I am each child’s most helpful and favorite Apple! If you wish to make a donation, press 1. If you want to know about the earthquake, press 2.”

When i pressed two, the hotline mentioned this.
“An earthquake and tsunami has lately hit Japan, and we’d like all the assistance we can get! If you may make a donation of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, or a hundred dollars, you’ll be an enormous assist! Anyone who donates will get a contented Appy badge!”

So, I went ahead and donated a greenback to the donation for the fun of it by utilizing an outdated bank account that I by no means used. It responded.

“Thank you for helping with the support for the Tsunami! Look in your mailbox in per week from now, because you’ll get your Completely satisfied Appy badge!”

I’m questioning what earthquake Completely happy predicted. Between 1999 and the present day, there were no 9.Zero earthquakes in Japan. Since the 2003 Hokkaido Earthquake was pretty near when the episode was launched, as effectively because the magnitude talked about in the radio broadcast, I assume he was predicting about that.

February twenty seventh, 2011
Episode 10 was corrupt, to say the least. It started up, however it had no audio, and the first half was so badly compressed that it was hardly viewable. The following half was simply plain static for the rest of the video.

“Great, a lacking episode”, I assumed.
Episode eleven, known as “Blissful’s Trick”, was actually watchable. The intro was just a few bizarre, off-beat carnival music, with Completely happy doing his death smile at the digicam. The episode started with him in his van, driving on a winding road. As superman baseball shirt design the episode went on, scars started to appear on his body. Eventually, Completely happy reached the playground, where many kids had been at play. He jumped out, wanting like he was ready to abduct all of them, and mentioned “Hey children, who desires to see Completely satisfied do a magic trick ” Like brainwashed zombies, the youngsters cheered and ran into his van. Happy closes the door and drives away from the playground.

After a couple of minutes, the van came again, and the side door opened, revealing a motionless and expressionless Completely happy coated in blood. I could not take it anymore. Completely satisfied was making me feel extremely nauseous for some cause, so I skipped to the top of the episode. From what I saw, the remainder of the episode was him watching Tv and studying the information, with random zoom-ins on the newspaper. Why, though I’m guessing that they are predictions like Episode 9, however after that episode, I’m not going to go back and read them.

There was a very transient scene the place Pleased began to stab a child, nevertheless it rapidly cuts out to Comfortable watching a scene on his Tv the place the inside of a space shuttle catches on hearth! Why the hell does the show keep exhibiting scenes very paying homage to future disasters Once I had received to the end of the episode, Glad was holding a knife, covered with blood. The digicam began to pan down to a table, which had a hand with cut marks laying on it. What was most likely probably the most unusual thing about this episode occurred after this scene. After a couple of seconds of the credit play, it very out of the blue reduce to a black screen with textual content that said;

“If you happen to get these DVDs, I copied the show over to them from whatever master tapes I may discover. I needed to preserve this show so that the previous few episodes weren’t lost ceaselessly. Now you might be wondering one factor; how did Nickelodeon air all of those episodes I don’t know; they only did, that is what. If you wish to know extra in regards to the show, together with its fate, see me.

Thankfully, I had a good grasp on whom the KC most definitely was; Kevin Seward Christianson, a friend of mine. It would not be out of the query; after i first met him, he did mention one thing about working with Nickelodeon until the end of the millennium. Eager to learn extra concerning the present’s destiny, I went over to his house.

What occurred when i obtained there was, to put it bluntly, odd.
Once i acquired to his home and rang the doorbell, no one responded. The door wasn’t locked, so I decided to come back within the house and see what was occurring. I heard a center-aged lady crying upstairs, so I ran throughout the dwelling room and up the steps to see what was going on. Kevin’s wife was in their bedroom, crying at a framed portrait of them together. I asked her what had occurred to Kevin, and she replied with a really odd answer;

“Final evening, someone or one thing took him away in his sleep. The police are attempting to search for him, however they’ve come up with nothing, as usual! They’ve questioned me and searched our house for any evidence, however there’s none… apart from this scrap of paper.”

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. I unfolded it, and it revealed itself to be a low-high quality photograph of the scarred Completely satisfied Appy through the “Pure” scene. While I was at their house, I asked her how those episodes had managed to get aired on Noggin.

“T-this man h-had drugged the producers! He was going to-”
She only managed to say that a lot earlier than bursting into tears. I could solely suppose that whoever ‘that man’ was had kidnapped Kevin on the twenty sixth. After comforting her, I left the Christianson family and walked off. As soon as I started to get near my house, I used to be startled by the noise of a gunshot nearby. I instantly ran to my house, fearing that whoever kidnapped Kevin and killed his spouse was making an attempt to chase after me. Earlier than I closed the door, I took one final glimpse on the bushes on the other aspect of the road. In one of them was a mutilated arm, with an unknown determine standing behind it.

March 3rd, 2011
Hey, I needed to know if anyone has any recordings of a contented Appy episode. For those who do, please send me an electronic mail containing video of it. You may marvel why I am asking this. Well, I discovered my disc in pieces on my desk, and no, I didn’t save the videos to my laptop computer. Oddly, the way in which it was broken was nearly like a claw had slashed the disc into thirds. The paper with Pleased Appy on it was nearby, with writing that mentioned “No more proof now, huh ” I ponder who was angry enough to destroy my disc…