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DVD Review: WOLVERINE AND THE X-Males – The complete Sequence

From there, the subsequent few episodes, “Overflow”, “Thieves’ Gambit”, and “X-Calibre” deal with tales involving Storm and the Shadow King in Africa, Magma and the MRD and Gambit, and Nightcrawler and Genosha respectively. “Wolverine vs. the Hulk” options yet one more go-spherical between the two, with Wendigo thrown into the mix. Other notable episodes embrace
“Past Discretions”, the place Wolverine offers along with his past, Maverick and
Sabretooth. “Hunting Grounds” finds Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch
trapped in one superhero shirts at walmart in all Mojo’s Television shows.

“Guardian Angel” deals with Angel’s Archangel transformation.
“Breakdown” finds Cyclops mulling over whether or not he wants Emma to
wipe jean from his memory since she can’t be discovered. The truth of the explosion in the mansion is
additionally revealed. The final 5 or 6 episodes, together with the “Foresight” trilogy, deal with the show’s
version of the Phoenix / Hellfire Club storyline. Also, Magneto escalates the war with humanity utilizing the Sentinels; and the future storyline resolves
when Professor X and his group of mutants, along with the long run
Wolverine, take the struggle to Grasp Mold and the Sentinels. The
prevention of the dystopian future by Wolverine and the X-Men in the
current doesn’t quite go as deliberate as another undesirable future
replaces it involving one of many X-Men’s most powerful enemies.

“What’s the hurry, Angel ”
“There’s a sizzling eagle down there that caught my eye.”
“I didn’t know you swung that way, uh…damn…”

Overall, I preferred Wolverine & The X-Men.
It managed a number of good twists to the mythologies of the characters, had
tales working on a few levels and time durations, and was sharply
drawn and nicely-written. I hope the subsequent X-toon, which ought to be along
any minute now, is pretty much as good.

The Package
As talked about, the look of the show’s animation is nice. Sound is available in Dolby 5.1 English or Spanish 2.0, without subtitles. One nice factor that the entire DVD units of the show included have been commentaries on all of the episodes (a minimum of the ones I reviewed), and there are 29 commentaries by the producers on the 26 episodes. There are additionally two featurettes: The Making of Wolverine and the X-Males and The Inner Circle: Reflections on Wolverine and the X-Males. For those who liked the show and correctly heeded my warnings about avoiding these shitty hors d’oeuvre choices before this one, bravo. This is the set of Wolverine and the X-Men to get.

7.2 out of 10
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