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A Son’s Revenge

Oedipus President
“The Iraqi individuals are looking at America and are saying

are we going to chop and run once more We’re not going to chop
and run if I am in the Oval Office. We are going to do our job,”

President George W. Bush Jr.
Though George. W. Bush’s assertion was meant to show America’s resolve to stay the course in Iraq, it also showed one thing else – an extraordinary perception right into a son’s oedipal wrestle to show his father fallacious.

George Jr.’s assertion, “are we going to chop and run again We’re not going to cut and run if I am within the Oval Workplace.” was a direct slap at his father, former President George Bush, Sr.; because, if George Jr. is to be believed, Bush Sr. minimize and ran in Iraq when he was President one decade before.

It was previously thought that George Jr.’s invasion of Iraq was motivated, partially, to avenge a failed assassination try on his father by Saddam’s secret police. It now seems George Jr.’s motive could also be far totally different and much much less benign.

It is claimed Bush Sr. favored George Jr.’s younger brother, Jeb, and hoped that Jeb, not George Jr.would follow in his political footsteps. If that’s the case, George Jr. has decided to make his father pay for his misplaced favoritism.

Peter and Rochelle Schweizer wrote of their e book, “The Bushes, Portrait of a Dynasty”, that in 1994 when Jeb lost the governor’s race in Florida and George Jr. won in Texas, George Jr. talked to his father on the phone and afterward complained: ”It sounds like Dad’s solely heard that Jeb lost. Not that I’ve received.”

But George Jr.a willful man, star trek red shirt of death end just isn’t one to be so simply denied his father’s love. Not solely did he develop into the son that might change into, as his father, President of the United States, he determined additionally he could be a greater President.

Some believed George Sr. had made a fatal mistake by not eradicating Saddam from energy when he had the possibility. So, when George Jr. became President, he surrounded himself with the very men- Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz – who believed his father had erred.

George President, would not make the error his father made. Instead, just like the son he’s, he made the mistake his father consciously selected to not make. George Jr. as a substitute unleashed the ungodly forces of Muslim fundamentalism that his father’s advisers adamantly counseled George Sr. to keep contained by not eradicating Saddam from energy.

It now appears George Sr. and his advisers may have been proper and Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz mistaken when George Sr. selected to let Saddam stay in power. This is not to say that George Sr. didn’t make any errors. In retrospect, I think we all wish George Sr. had hugged George Jr. much more when he was a child.

Unfortunately,George Junior’s reaction to his father’s favoritism was to not be confined to international policy. Bush Junior’s profligate spending flies in the face of his father’s rules. Sadly, all of us, including our kids and our childrens’ kids, pays the price.

A day of financial reckoning set in movement by George Bush Jr. is about to descend on us; and if you’re to survive the crisis, you had better be prepared.

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