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Throne Of Atlantis (Comic Guide)

Absentee Actor: The Flash is absent from the League’s ranks through the invasion. It’s acknowledged by Barry in the aftermath when he explains that he was defending Central Metropolis from an assault by Gorilla Grodd.
Authority Equals Asskicking: Ocean Grasp is the king of Atlantis and is a pressure to be reckoned with. Having gear that allows him to control the seas and the storms additionally helps. Aquaman turns into king when he fights his brother till he yields.
Bat Household Crossover: red skull t shirt As noted within the introduction. It’s also price noting that this is Johns’ first Bat Household Crossover since 2004’s Hawkman/JSA: Black Reign where he is the only author.
Batman Gambit: The one behind the missile drill mishap that began all this was Vulko, Aquaman’s loyal buddy. They did this so Aquaman would embrace his birthright and develop into king of Atlantis again.
Be careful What You would like For: Dr. Shin is initially ecstatic about the invasion since it proves he’s been right all alongside about the existence of Atlantis. However then he sees the devastation in progress and his excitement turns to horror. He wanted vindication for his theories, but not like this.
Berserk Button: When Ocean Master captures Marvel Woman in a whirlpool, Superman gets pissed. He rushes to her rescue and begins boiling the water with his heat vision to force the Atlanteans to retreat. It fails, as Ocean Master takes him and everybody present down with an enormous lightning strike
Large Dangerous: Vulko, who engineered the complete struggle to get revenge on Atlantis for exiling him and pressure Arthur to take the throne.
Broken Faceplate: Throughout the conclusion, Aquaman smashes Orm’s crown to pieces.
Cain and Abel: Arthur and Orm. They care about one another, they actually do. But Orm is a full Atlantean and raised there to be king. Arthur is a human-Atlantean and was raised on land, but additionally for a time ruled the sea as nicely. They do not want to combat, however their ideals are so different it throws them into battle.
Cassandra Reality: Arthur tries to inform Orm that Vulko was the one who orchestrated the missile assault, not the United States. Orm initially performs this straight, then subverts it when he acknowledges that even when Arthur’s telling the truth about Vulko, it only confirms for him that the surface world corrupts everybody.
Clark Kenting: When Superman makes Wonder Girl a civilain identification, he gives her a pair of glasses to cover her face. She’s skeptical, however is surprised when it works.
Continuity Nod: The Trench from Aquaman’s first story arc of the new fifty two make a reappearance.
Continuity Overlap: Again, the crossover ran concurrently with the occasions of The Flash: Gorilla Warfare _ thereby stopping Barry from being readily available to combat the invasion.
Continuity Snarl: Shazam is among the many heroes Cyborg sends out the SOS at the tip of Half 3. Yet, Trinity Warfare will later make it clear that the League hasn’t encountered Billy Batson’s alter ego before.
False Flag Operation: Touched on partially four when Batman and Arthur wonder if Orm intentionally triggered the missile launch. Subverted in that they red skull t shirt don’t speculate he was in search of an excuse to sort out the floor world. They’re ultimately proper about the launch be intentionally triggered, but Orm’s not the offender.
Foreshadowing: The Useless King’s Scepter and its capacity to control the Trench. This builds on hints from Johns’ first 12 months on Aquaman that they’ve a connection to historical Atlantis. The precise connection won’t be revealed until Aquaman #24.- When the Atlanteans entrap Diana, Superman angrily responds with heat vision. This foreshadows his response to Dr. Light by accident blasting Diana throughout Trinity Battle.

Ocean Grasp’s scepter controls the storms.
The Dead King’s Scepter controls the Trench. Vulko makes use of it as part of his gambit and relinquishes it to Aquaman when he turns into king.

– The hit record additionally makes sense given the Justice League hadn’t been formed when Arthur drew up the plans. And since he wasn’t accustomed to the League, Orm would have not expanded the listing to incorporate Superman or Surprise Girl as targets.

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