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The best Depressing Break-Up Songs To Wallow In Your own Self-Pity

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Relationship Issues In your world, I haven’t any which means,” who would not relate to this music You can feel John Waite’s pain pouring from the lyrics. All the song is about how a lot he would not miss his ex, but he ends it with, “I can lie to myself.” Who hasn’t been in denial about their true emotions to simply to get via the day

Missing You
“Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor
Prince can sure write a great pop tune, but he can also write an extremely miserable break-up tune. “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor is one in every of Prince’s masterpieces that he wrote, but Sinead made it famous.

The song is about trying to move on with life, but nobody can ever compare to the ex. Sinead O’Connor sings this song stuffed with remorse and ache. If her tears at the top of the video do not make you weep, too, you might have a heart of stone.

Nothing Compares 2 U
“It Must have Been Love” by Roxette
Pop duo Roxette had a big hit with the tremendous unhappy tune, “It Must have Been Love.” With lyrics like, “It must have been love, however it is over now; It will need to have been good, but I lost it somehow,” you are sure to be depressed and drowning in your own tears in no time. Not solely is that this tune actually miserable, it is an attractive song as well.

It Must have Been Love
“Back to December” by Taylor Swift
It is said nothing is worse than remorse and that will definitely appear true should you take heed to Taylor Swift’s “Again to December.” Taylor made the mistake of breaking up with someone she really loved and all she will be able to do is return in time. She remembers, “You gave me roses and i left them there to die,” that paints a pleasant miserable picture for her listeners. Taylor displays on all her errors on this tune. All she needs is a second probability, however we by no means find out if he will give her the opportunity. What an attractive tear-jerker of a tune!

Back to December
“How Am I Imagined to Dwell Without You” by Michael Bolton
How can we possibly have a depressing break-up song list without Michael Bolton You merely cannot, that’s the answer! So let’s all sit back and get pleasure from, “How Am I Alleged to Live Without You.” This was originally recorded by Laura Branigan in 1983, but somehow Michael Bolton morphed this tune into his personal.

Poor Michael (and Laura) just professional lace front wigs can’t determine how they can dwell without the love of their lives. “How am I alleged to live with out you when all that I’ve been residing for is gone ” is the query posed on this tune. If that is not sufficient to get you crying, I do not know what is going to.

How Am I Alleged to Live Without You
“I will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton
Some folks are extra familiar with Whitney Houston’s model of “I’ll At all times Love You,” however Dolly Parton wrote this music and sang it finest in my opinion. Dolly has recorded this song repeatedly and it is always a hit for her.

Principally, the song is about a couple that cannot stand collectively. Dolly Parton needs her ex joy and happiness with out her. She is aware of they’ll no longer be a couple, but she will always love him. Now if that is not miserable, I don’t know what’s.

I will At all times Love You
“Anytime” by Brian McKnight
I’m going to be trustworthy with you, this tune will get me each time. I begin tearing up before Brian McKnight even starts singing. “Anytime” is a song about lost love. With lyrics like, “Do I ever cross you mind.. anytime ” and “Still have your image in a body, nonetheless hear your footstep down the corridor,” you’re going to be crying together with this tune very quickly.

For anyone that ever ponders this question, the answer is always, “Yes!” Everyone always thinks about exes. Probably not everyday, but I know I wonder about ex-boyfriends and even former mates. So if you are sitting around questioning if your exes ever think about you, yes, they do. Brian McKnight, if you’re out there, I assure you – you cross her mind!

“It’s a Heartache” by Trick Pony
When you’re compiling an inventory of miserable songs, you’ve got simply received to add, “It’s a Heartache.” Although this tune was originally recorded by Bonnie Tyler and then re-recorded by many different artists, I select this version by the nation band Trick Pony for this list.

Trick Pony determined it was not sufficient to sing a tune referred to as, “It’s a Heartache.” They decided to also create an extremely miserable music video for it as properly. A sad break-up song plus a depressing music video equals the right addition to this music listing.

It is a Heartache
“Breaking Up Is tough To Do” by Neil Sedaka
Ok, cease crying! Seriously, it is not so unhealthy. You’ve got had a very good cry now, so it’s time to get over it. Belief me, you had your causes. Likelihood is, you’re means higher off with out that creep you had been dating. So cheer up!

Here is an excellent fun break-up song by Neil Sedaka. Try “Breaking Up Is tough To Do” for an upbeat tune a few break-up. There isn’t any method you may be depressed about being single now. Remember, there are plenty of other individuals out there. Somebody is bound to such wear as you. If not, possibly you should purchase a pet. So long as you feed it, it would love you no matter what. So stop sobbing and sniffling, and get back out there!

Breaking Up Is tough To Do
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All written materials on this hub is by Jeannieinabottle.

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AuthorJeannie InABottle 3 years ago from Baltimore, MD
Thank you for the recommendation, Breanne.

Breanne Ginsburg 3 years ago
One other good song is “Carnivore” by Jewel.

Ardie – Hahaha.. yes, some days a great sob fest is just the best thing to do. You don’t even have to be breaking up with anyone. Thanks for visiting my hub!

Alecia – Typically a unhappy tune is important. Nonetheless, typically a happy break up song is a good idea, too. Kelly Clarkson can sometimes be good for that. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina
I really like many of those songs a lot. I haven’t got heartbreak anxiety however one thing about a very good sad music that makes you get by anything.

I really like the Roxette song because it reminds of Fairly Lady.
And Sinead truly got well-known for covering Prince’s ditty however it is so serenely heartbreaking it gets me every time. Great hub Jeannie!

Sondra 6 years ago from Neverland
Im not even in the middle of a breakup but now Im sad too! I’ll admit there are days I’m in a nasty mood and that i just go with it. I pull out the unhappy songs and have a sob-fest or I placed on some loss of life metal and scream hahah Good Hub Jeannie

I don’t blame you! Dating and break-ups simply will not be worth it after some time. Sigh. No less than some good music has come from all of it. You’re proper, too. These are nice drinking songs. Thanks for checking out my hub and thanks for the votes!

Roberta Kyle 6 years ago from Central New Jersey
Been a long time since I had a break up or any reason for one– I hung up the gloves and stopped the boxing match over a decade in the past, however I nonetheless remember the tears and sadness that went with many of the songs on this nice break up listing. I’d also call these fabulous drinking songs as on Poor me, poor me pour me a drink. Nice job and an actual journey down memory lane –voted up and fascinating

AuthorJeannie InABottle 6 years in the past from Baltimore, MD
Thomas, wipe away the tears and snot! You’re simply too superior for that. I’m completely satisfied you enjoyed the hub though. And yes, Whitesnake used to have some superior break-up songs.

Poetic Idiot, there actually is something to be stated about wallowing in self-pity. It’s annoying if it occurs an excessive amount of, however Okay for a short while no less than.

epigramman, thanks a lot! Thank you for sharing my hubs, too. Principally, I simply love the song Lacking You, and if you sort that into YouTube, it suggests different miserable songs. I did provide you with a few of the previous few without YouTube’s help though.

billbuc, thanks a lot! Sure, sometimes I like to get depressed and rock out to those songs. Lacking You is a superb tune for anytime although.

Film Grasp, sure, that’s my favourite, too. Lacking You is definitely certainly one of my all-time favorite songs. Once in a while, I need to wallow a bit. 🙂

Jamie Brock, thanks a lot! Thanks for dropping by!
Thanks everybody for the feedback and becoming a member of me within the pity occasion!

Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas
Nice checklist, Jeannie! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Film Master 6 years in the past from United Kingdom
Some nice tear jerkers right here! an ideal record for self pity, I particularly like Lacking you, John Waite!

Excellent hub and voted up!
Bill Holland 6 years ago from Olympia, WA

Nice list! I do imagine I have listened them a few over a thousand in my professional lace front wigs lifetime..sigh! Nice job my pal!

epigramman 6 years in the past
.left you a tasty remark at our music/group – lol – I would have posted this most wonderful effort and world class homework task to the group myself if you had not beat me to it – I additionally intend to – proper now – select one other terrific hub of yours and put up and you will note what one it’s – sending you heat wishes and good power from lake erie time ontario canada 8:28pm and my love life is so dangerous that even the neighbor canine are staying away from me

p.s- and my choice for most depressing music or album is hands down – Berlin the album by Lou Reed – it also happens to be one of the stunning items of music I’ve ever heard …

Poetic Idiot 6 years in the past
Been there, achieved that .. repeatedly! There is something insanely satisfying about wallowing in self pity. These are some great songs to wallow in! Fun hub!

ThoughtSandwiches 6 years ago from Reno, Nevada Ipod feels about ready to commit suicide. That is a formidable checklist of depressing songs. I seem to recall my ‘checklist’ had some heavy metal love ballads that were all flowing hair and screeching notes (White Snake comes to mind).

Straight Remy Lace Clip In Hair #1 Jet Black(Twin Pack)

Most glorious my buddy..this listing will wash away any sadness on a river of tears and snot..sometimes..that’s how it has to be.