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They could Shred A Bullet-proof Vest

Selina Kyle (also called Catwoman) was an expert thief and girlfriend of Bruce Wayne.
Season 1 (Batman)

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Knowledgeable Combatant: Selina was skilled in martial arts and in boxing and avenue-fighting by Wildcat. She was a harmful, clever and resourceful fighter, known for exact, agile assaults and speedy getaways. Her formidable hand-to-hand combat expertise have been augmented by her cat-like velocity, reflexes, balance, and adaptability. Catwoman had also mastered Dragon Style Kung Fu and Karate. Her skills were ok to where she had fought off Batman, wounded him, and sometimes defeated him.

Peak Athlete Conditioning: Selina was a gifted and completed athlete, with heightened acrobatic prowess.

Stealth: Fittingly, Catwoman was a master thief possessed of unsurpassed stealth Men’s Desgin robin superhero apparel Short Sleeve Tee Shirt and cunning. An skilled at each low- and excessive-tech heists, she was Gotham City’s best cat-burglar.

Mistress of Disguises: To tug off her many capers, Catwoman resorts to disguises and aliases. She as soon as posed as an old lady to be able to steal a priceless piece of jewellery while on a cruise ship.

Costume: The skintight costume options retractable razor-sharp claws in her gloves and spring-action climbing pitons in her boots.

Catwoman’s costume was designed to offer her maximum flexibility and motion while offering her some protection, anonymity, and stealth. poison ivy tee shirt Her mask lined her features, retaining her from prompt recognition in her civilian identity. The material was a thick insulating cloth, protecting her from cold and wet, whereas being fireplace retardant. It offers little harm protection from weapons or blows nevertheless.

Catwoman poison ivy tee shirt occasionally used a bike for lengthy-distance transportation, but usually prefers rooftop prowling for brief distances.

Claws: Catwoman’s gloves poison ivy tee shirt and boots contain special retractable claws which had been formed of a robust steel which lengthen from and retract into her gloved fingertips and boots when she triggers strain switches. They might shred a bullet-proof vest, punch by way of an aluminum body automobile door, or dig into porous surfaces to climb.

Whip: Catwoman was highly proficient in the usage of the bullwhip. She employed a 12 foot lengthy, black leather braided bullwhip which was normally carried on her individual both in her boot or in a small backpack.