Patriotism And The Sesquicentennial Of The American Civil Warfare

A couple of years therefore, the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War will present an auspicious occasion during which we can mirror on what the historical occasion should imply to us.

I am sure that the enthusiasm for this Civil Warfare observance won’t match the extent of unabashed infatuation skilled by many Individuals during the Centennial; for higher or worse, we aren’t the same country that we had been within the early 1960s. Nonetheless, it is vital that we understand how the warfare forever modified and re-shaped our nice nation. For actual insight into this transformation, we must grasp mid-nineteenth century perspectives as we contemplate the participation of unionists, secessionists, African Individuals, and ladies during the battle.

This broad spectrum of human experience was confronted when i researched, then wrote Two Brothers: One North, One South. It’s the story of Clifton and William Prentiss of Baltimore, their fellow soldiers, civilian friends, and acquaintances. Closely based on actual folks and precise occasions, the novel follows these characters from early 1861, earlier than the conflict began, till mid-1865, after its conclusion. Walt Whitman encountered the Prentiss brothers at Armory Square Hospital and later eulogized them in Memoranda Throughout the Conflict, thereby commemorating the sacrifice that each made for his trigger. Whitman became the navigator of their story in Two Brothers.

Whereas Whitman’s fervent help for the Union and his abhorrence of slavery by no means wavered, his devotion to visiting wounded soldiers of each the North and South furnished him with a unique perception of patriotism and courage. His intuition is revealed on this passage of The Wound Dresser:

“(Arous’d and offended, I might thought to beat the alarum, and urge relentless war,

But soon my fingers fail’d me, my face droop’d and i resigned myself,

To sit by the wounded and soothe them, or silently watch the useless;)

Years therefore of these scenes, of those furious passions, these probabilities,

Of unsurpass’d heroes, (was one facet so brave? the other was equally brave;)”

As we method the sesquicentennial of a war wherein 600,000 American deaths had been suffered, the poet’s words must be remembered and embraced. Walt Whitman was proper. Many of the individuals were unsurpassed heroes: Federal and Confederate troopers; girls on the home front whose position in society was without end changed; and African American soldiers who fought for the Union to achieve dignity and freedom.

They have been, one and all, American patriots.

For my part, we’ve a lot to rejoice through the Civil Warfare Sesquicentennial.

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