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Black Widow Audio system Good Audio system

Men's old school nintendo shirts price Custom Marvel Thor Ragnarok Short Sleeve Tee ShirtThe cabs Ive heard loaded with Black Widows sounded mighty and highly effective and people swear by them. Thats all I know.
What Ive realized from Talkbass although is the cab as a whole, not just the drivers, are what makes it value the cash.
Ive additionally learned that audio system rated at a particular wattage might only perform at old school nintendo shirts price 50, 60, 70 % of that wattage earlier than farting are even tearing.
So the questions are;
1. What share of the Black Widow speaker is useful in comparison with say, an Eminence or Celestion in the same price vary
2. What number of drivers are better no matter worth

Lets use a 15” driver for instance. Ok…..