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Ragnarok Director Claims ‘Asgardians Don’t Hug’ And Marvel Fans Call Him Out For ‘lying’

Men's Marvel Hawkeye Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtIt has been a few hours for the reason that Avengers: Infinity Conflict trailer released, followers have begun speculating about Thor: Ragnarok’s submit credits scenes that includes Thanos’ ship and Loki handing over the Tesseract.

While theories take the forefront, fans have additionally expressed concerns about numerous favorite MCU characters would die. A troubled fan took to Twitter with one other concern altogether and reached out to Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi.

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The fan tweeted: “everyone’s about to die why did not we at least get the brotherly negative ghost rider t shirt malaysia hug on the of Ragnarok please Explain negative ghost rider t shirt malaysia @TaikaWaititi.” Answering the fan’s question, Waititi replied, “Asgardians do not hug. Everyone knows that.”

Asgardians don’t hug. Everybody knows that.
This reply was clearly not welcomed as fans identified his mistake and started calling him a liar. Many fans took to comic negative ghost rider t shirt malaysia book screenshots and videos, gifs and pictures from earlier Thor movies to prove that the reason was mistaken. Many took to stating Loki and his mom, Frigga, hugged in earlier films.

“That is False,” points out a Marvel fan. “You’re higher than this @TaikaWaititi! XD don’t lie to nerds,” said one other. “You’re messing with nerds here dude. That is not a battle you’ll be able to win proper now. Lmao #GiveUsTheHug,” a consumer tweeted.

then what the hell is this!

No, I don’t know.
Loki’s mother hugged him……..yea…..

Most of complains come after a scene leading as much as Thor and Loki hugging was a part of Thor: Ragnarok however Waititi didn’t give fans the heart-warming moment on digital camera. It was left for customers to presume they hugged.

Many followers brought about hilarious assumptions as to why Thor and Loki do not hug. “Brothers do not hug in Asgard. They get assist,” a MCU fan tweeted. “I mean, when Thor held up Loki and threw him, it was /like/ a hug. It had the four hug elements: contact, power, joy, & disgrace,” added another. understanding is they are restricted to high fives, “needs assist” and the occasional chest bump.

They cannot anymore after they’ve all died in Infinity Warfare.
Nah they drink then smash the glasses on the bottom and yell another
okay however frigga and loki hugged in thor 1 so

Meanwhile, a handful of fans regarded on the silver lining and believed that Waititi accepted Asgardians are going to die. “@TaikaWaititi a minimum of he acknowledge they’re all going down in contrast to the remainder of the world,” stated a Twitter user.

Coming back to Avengers: Infinity Conflict, the trailer released places an finish to a couple curious questions from Ragnarok’s submit credits scene:

Thor nonetheless has the attention patch, meets the Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk (who was aboard the Asgard ship) was seen in Doctor Unusual’s New York Sanctum in his Bruce Banner type and everyone on the Asgard ship appeared to be useless – a minimum of that is what the trailer wants us to consider.

However how will Thor join arms with the Guardians to fulfill the Avenger and battle in opposition to Thanos Marvel offers you the reply next summer. Till then, May the 4th be with you.

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