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Melissa. (3/10/13). Double Dutch Braided Bun

Utilizing my strategies of making a bun and plaiting hair from my previous sensible hair lesson I began to start out experimenting and developing ideas for my final elizabethan hairstyle.

Synthetic Wigs Long Straight Hair Brown Color Hair Wigs OnlineThis was my first try at an Elizabethan hairstyle I used the technique of a fish tail plait separating the hair in to 2 sections and the overlaying items of hair for every part as I carried out this process I additionally started weaving ribbon through the plait in order to give it an elizabethan look once I completed plaiting the hair I then decided to twist the tip of the plait underneath the hair as a way to make the hair appear like a low bun.
In this design I found it quite tough to weave the ribbon by way of the fish tail plait. After talking to Helen she defined the thought was nice but was generally quite difficult to accomplish without the ribbon being hidden.

This was my second attempt at a fish tail plait with ribbon weaved through it, total I feel my first try at this hairstyle was higher than the second try.

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The picture of a fish tail plait with blue ribbon integrated into the plait was my inspiration for my first try at an Elizabethan method. It is recognisable that the Elizabethans liked to incorparte supplies comparable to ribbons and feathers into their hairstyles.

This was one other try I had at an elizabethan hairstyle I achieved this look by doing a french plait on every aspect and the twisting the ends of the plait up into the hair.
After creating the design I felt it was a good idea however looking back on the design I really feel it appears messy by incorporating a bun with the remaining peices of hair this may occasionally natural hair with extensions of helped to avoid the hairstyle trying untidy.

Melissa. (3/10/13). double dutch braided bun. Available: http://www.missysue.com/2013/10/double-dutch-braided-bun/. Last accessed 30/11/14.

The picture of two braids pinned together gave me the inspiration for an Elizabethan hair method. The Elizabethans had been well-known for having their hair pinned back with a variety of braiding strategies incorprated into their hair styles.

This was my second try at the two french plaits instead of twisting the ends of the plaits up into the hair I combined both the plaits at the bottom right into a single plait.
I felt this design looked better than my previous design

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The picture of two french plaits being plaited into one was the inspiration for another Elizabethan hair approach i decided to try. The Elizabethans have been well-known for his or her hairstyles incorporating a selection of different plaiting methods much like this type.

In my very own time I created this Elizabethan hairstyle on real hair I achieved this look by starting French plait on the right side of the head and then carrying on the plait around the head instead of straight .

I used to be proud of the end result of the design i created in my very own time because it seemed usually fairly neat and was additionally the primary attempt i had at plaiting real hair rahter than artificial hair on a dolls head.

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The contemporary image of a french plait being situated around the pinnacle is one other inspiration for an Elizabethan hair approach. The Elizabethans had been identified to have there hair plaited and pinned again off their faces.

Curling and frizzing
One other technique I learnt was easy methods to curling hair utilizing a geisha clip and a hair pin and then making use of a brush slightly to make the hair more frizzy and add quantity. I sectioned a small piece of hair and weaves the piece of hair in and out of the geisha pin in a determine of eight. As soon as i got here to the tip of the hair I secured the approach with a hair pin. I then utilized the a hair straighteners to the weaved piece of hair . When the the top layer of hair had a slightly shiny surface I then eliminated the straighteners and waited for the hair to cool barely. Finally I removed the hair pin and geisha pin and was left with a zig zag like curl. So as so as to add some frizz and quantity I slightly brushed the curl.

After my first try at a zig zag curl i used to be typically fairly happy with the result and felt confident with the technique. I also have considered using this method in my remaining design .

As soon as I brushed out the zig zag curl it highlighted the quantity of quantity created by carrying this out. I also thought of using this idea in my ultimate Elizabethan design with a view to create volume.

I brushed out the zig zag curls and pinned them backin order to portray volume .

Two different references one being modern and the other within the Elizabethan period each have hairstyles which are good examples or the zig zag curls and the frizzing approach and in addition good ideas to experiment, enter with with a view to create my ultimate Elizabethan hairstyle.

Isaac Oliver. (c.1600). natural hair with extensions The rainbow portrait . Available: http://www.andrewgrahamdixon.com/archive/readArticle/245. Last accessed 30/11/14.

The rainbow portrait painted by Isaac Oliver contains each of these strategies the frizzing impact which is created by the zig zag curls being slightly brushed out to create volume has been used and pinned again in order to create quantity to the front of the hair and the loose items of hair have additionally been zig zag curled using a geisha pin.

nameless. (02/04/2014). 02 declares unique priority partnership for beyonces uk leg ofthe mrs carter present world tour. Obtainable: http://information.o2.co.uk/2013/02/04/o2-proclaims-exclusive-precedence-partnership-for-beyonces-uk-leg-of-the-mrs-carter-present-world-tour/. Final accessed 14/10/14.

The modern Elizabethan type hair created for Beyonce s 2013 advert for the 02 additionally consists of the technique of frizzing . It is noticeable that her hair has been zig zag curled and the brushed out to create quantity .