Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

Just a few months in the past I would have been all over the Muzzleshot, a tactical shot glass crafted in the likeness of M16A2 weapons’ flash hider. However after a latest, constitution-crushing experience with Fireball in DC, I am sticking with the Tactical Beer Mug and alcoholic beverage pursuits that don’t culminate in passing out supine throughout three bar stools underneath the guise of pretending I’m a mummy, after which waking up 4 hours later in a gas station parking lot with a string of exploding firecrackers tied to my leg*. Nevertheless, those that apply a bit extra frequent sense to their drinking practices ought to find the Muzzleshot a fairly nifty addition to caches of bar weapons or alcohol-primarily based shootouts. Heh heh. Because it were.

Muzzleshot glasses are machined from billet heat treated T6 6061 aluminum arduous coat anodized in a dark grey end to MIL-A-8625 Type II. They hold 1-1/2 ounces of liquor, and are bought by the solo ($34.Ninety five), pair in a Pelican case ($119.95), or quad in a bigger case ($199.95).

*And no, I still do not suppose I am being a pansy boy in believing your little stunt could have caught me on fireplace, Mother.

2016 Replace: Muzzleshot has expanded and rebranded since my authentic 2013 put up, and are actually known as Caliber Ballistic bb 8 t-shirts Barware. You possibly can grab the 5.Fifty six Shot Glass, along with ballistic rocks and pint glasses, from the corporate’s new webpage–observe the hyperlink above.