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In A Stay Motion Aquaman How Would You Need…..

Also I fail to see whats so funny about how aquatic animals talk.
Seeing them communicate like aquatic animals can be humorous to most people because it is simply silly to see people go KEEE KEEEEEEE SKOOOOOOOO though it take advantage of sense. Also, in the MOS universe – who can use TP that may make Aquaman much less distinctive

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If all Atlanteans have TP it would make Aquaman less unique. I did not say precisely like whales and dolphins, only a langue that is sounds comparable, I am sure the film makers could make it sound higher.

@fallschirmjager: Okay if your accomplished insulting my imagination, you actually assume having alt dimension pepole that aren’t aquatic in nature mens robin shirt with cape 2016 dwelling on a floating island is less stupid than having them talk like actual aquatic mammals

Have you read any Aquaman comics at all Atlanteans originaly were floor people. And Atlantis has rised to the surface earlier Doktor_Doom than. And like I’ve said a number of instances, you may have a shield around town (this is in comics too!) so they can discuss normally.

And mens robin shirt with cape 2016 yes. Speaking like dolphins is the stupidest factor I’ve ever heard. Aquaman will get enough unwarranted fish jokes (I’m conscious dolphins aren’t fish) as is, you really suppose that is going to be seen as cool

In fact I’v read the comics. Yes and the city sunk then they all advanced to be aquatic in nature, whats the issue Additionally it dosn’t matter a f*ck waht happens in the comics as that does not translate to films.

Whats so humorous about that yet aliens speaking a different langue is a-ok
I’ve given you about four completely different scenarios, any one in every of them simply feasible.

Dude. Really You think people squeaking like mens robin shirt with cape 2016 dolphins is healthier than alien languages

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