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Injustice: Gods Amongst Us – Darkseid

Darkseid in Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, the mobile version, is a card and character you possibly can acquire in kids deadpool shirt the game. You possibly can only get hold of this card by finishing the problem when it’s obtainable.

Each character has their own special bonus that adds kids deadpool shirt bonuses to your deck while in play. They also have their very own distinctive assaults and requires special assist playing cards to improve their Well being, Assault, or Vitality consumption. Find extra data in regards to the stats of Darkseid in the sport below……..

Character: Darkseid
Notice: Solely available via Challenge Mode.

Omega Blast: Darkseid uses telekinesis to shove the opponent away earlier than unleashing an Omega Blast from his fingers.

Fires of Apokolips: Darkseid calls upon an Apokolips crater to burn his opponent.
I am Many Issues: Darkseid transports his victim to Apokolips for furious beatdown.

*Any bonuses from the character affecting another character should affect all playing cards with the character’s name. It doesn’t matter if it is Arkham Origins or Insurgency or Normal until acknowledged.

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