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I don’t anticipate anyone to reply all of the following but I’ve a test in 2 days and know nothing about biochemistry and have to know the solutions to all of these. Just a little jual t-shirt logo superman little bit of help would be appreciated. 1. What’s the distinction between an atom, component, and a compound 2. Describe the three states of matter. 3…. present extra I do not count on anybody to answer all of the next however I have a take a look at in 2 days and know nothing about biochemistry and need to know the answers to all of these. A bit of bit of help would be appreciated.
1. What is the difference between an atom, element, and a compound
2. Describe the 3 states of matter.
Three. What are some of the commonest parts and compounds that compose dwelling things
4. Understand how the three fundamental subatomic particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) are organized in atoms. Even be familiar with the type of cost each particle has.
5. What is the periodic desk of components Why is it vital Explain how it’s organized. (Mentioned periods and groups.)
6. Know the difference between atomic number and atomic mass.
7. Why are atomic lots all the time a decimal number
8. Understand how the variety of protons, neutrons, and electrons relates to each atom of a particular aspect.
9. What’s an isotope
10. Why do parts bond with different components
11. Describe an ionic bond. Describe a covalent bond. Give examples of each.
12. Are all elements able to forming the identical number of bonds with different elements Why or why not
Thirteen. What’s the difference between molecular and structural formulation
14. What occurs throughout a chemical response What jual t-shirt logo superman varieties of factors can influence the speed of chemical reactions
15. Water is polar. What does that mean
Sixteen. Outline resolution, solvent, and solute. Why is water such a superb solvent
17. How do dwelling issues rely of cohesion and adhesion for survival
18. How does acid differ from a base
19. What’s the pH scale Describe the numbering system.
20. What are buffers

I know it’s lots but if you would reply at least 1 question that could be really nice. Thanks.