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LTE NB Web Of Things Open Supply Arduino Shield

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An open-source LTE shield outfitted with SIMCOM’s SIM7000-collection modules mixed with the latest LTE CAT-M technology has been created by Hackaday member Timothy Woo to enable Arduino customers to easily join low-power Web of Things units to next-era cellular know-how!

With the emergence of low-energy IoT units with cellular connectivity and the part-out of 2G (with solely T-cell supporting 2G/GSM till 2020), all the pieces is transferring toward LTE and this has left many individuals scrambling to seek out better options. However, this has also left many hobbyists facepalming with legacy 2G know-how just like the SIM800-series modules from SIMCOM.A

Though these 2G and 3G modules are an incredible starting point, it’s time to maneuver forward and SIMCOM not too long ago introduced their new SIM7000A LTE CAT-M module at a developer’s conference. How exciting! 🙂 The wonderful part of all of that is that SIMCOM made it extraordinarily easy to migrate from their 2G and 3G modules to this new module! The SIM7000-series use a lot of the identical AT commands which minimizes the software program improvement by miles! Men’s Custom Kylo Ren Cartoon Short Sleeve Tee Shirt Additionally, Adafruit already has a wonderful FONA library on Github that can be utilized to introduce this new SIM7000 into the social gathering!

NB-IoT can be accessible for many international locations (however sadly not in the USA but) simply by swapping out to a special SIM7000 module version. Fortunately SIMCOM made it tremendous joker t shirt why so serious zoo simple to combine this module because a lot of the AT commands are similar to earlier version, and Adafruit has a beautiful library for his or her FONA 2G and 3G merchandise. Check it out and help make this occur! You may view the latest code and design recordsdata here on my Github page: Observe: The hardware works great but software program is still under growth! I plan on launching an Indiegogo marketing campaign when i get a totally-working prototype, so stay tuned for updates!

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