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The Flash: Season 2, Episode 23

When Marvel Comics was born from the ashes of the publisher’s earlier Well timed and Atlas incarnations, it felt like one thing new. The Implausible 4 was recent and completely different. The Human Torch, primarily based on an android character from the Golden Age, was fully recast as a hot-headed teenager. In time, the other two vital characters from the ’40s — Submariner and Captain America — joined the new Marvel universe, but Marvel spent little or no time trying back. The Marvel Age, as Stan Lee liked to name it, was all about at present, all about the future.

Although Marvel’s rebirth will get most of the attention, DC Comics had really began the revival of comedian guide superheroes just a few years earlier with a new model of the Flash. The brand new Flash had the identical powers as his Golden Age counterpart and had the same title, but his costume and his alter ego had been model new. The outdated Flash, Jay joe browns robin sweatshirt lyrics Garrick, was gone and a brand new Flash, Barry Allen, was in his place.

Unlike Marvel’s constant concentrate on the brand new, DC, significantly within the pages of The Flash and The Justice League of America, embraced its wealthy historical past. Batgirl Quickly, the older Jay Garrick was teaming up with his young counterpart and crossing dimensions in order to take action. Throughout the many years, DC has tended to emphasise its connection to its previous. Tales of the Flash, particularly, have typically focused on legacy, historical past, and multi-generational family connections. Though DC has generally tried arduous to shake that historical past, most recently in the much less-than-stellar New 52 reboot, it’s a central a part of the DC universe. Issues work best when the corporate embraces that wealthy historical past of writers, artists, stories, and characters, one thing that, surprisingly maybe, Marvel has itself managed to do with nice success in recent times.

The season finale of The Flash manages to get that sense of legacy and tradition just right. I used to be thrilled when Teddy Sears joined the solid this 12 months to play the character of Jay Garrick, joe browns robin sweatshirt lyrics the Flash from Earth-2. I must admit, nevertheless, that I was just a little disenchanted that the character lacked the age and gravitas of the comedian e book model, whose gray-templed hair represents years of expertise as a superhero, expertise that he may share with the much youthful Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Then, it was revealed that Teddy Sears’ character is not really Jay Garrick in any respect, but reasonably Hunter Zolomon, the black-garbed villain generally known as Zoom.

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Then, the series gave us a mystery, a man in an iron mask. Hypothesis has been working wild for weeks in regards to the identification of Zoom’s prisoner, and “The Race of His Life” manages to play it good. It could not have been completely unexpected — Web rumors had it pegged — nevertheless it was satisfying nonetheless. The man in the mask is the actual Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-three. He’s also an alternate Earth doppelganger for Barry’s father, Henry (John Wesley Shipp) who was dramatically murdered by Zoom at the tip of the penultimate episode.