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Ought to I Brush My Daughter’s Hair

My daughter is half african nail half white. She has curly hair but it is not actually course. My husband would not need me to brush it cuz he mentioned it will get curlier. What ought to I do When I do not brush it, it does get curlier nevertheless it will get actual nappy as well.

My niece is half african and half white with the identical tremendous curly but soft hair. My sister brushes it out very gently after the bath when it is actually wet with tons of conditioner in it. She often leaves the conditioner in it to maintain seperated and shiny as properly.

Best of luck.
i dont know if this helps however i’m white and i’ve VERY curly hair. i solely brush it when i’m about to get into the bath and right out of the shower. and i add gel to maintain the curls in and NO BLOW DRYING haha i let it air dry.

Brushing hair is sweet. It will get the “useless” hair out and lets pure hair oil movement. It’s going to help take care of the nappy look. Nobody will help that it gets curlier while you brush it–that is jerry curl weave 8 inch a part of her heritage.

brushing her hair won’t make it curlier
i dont know the place you reside, however often a magnificence salon may have one, or strive a hair dressers!! Using a pic is probably the best thing for her hair even though its not course its curly, my neice has very thick curly hair and she makes use of almond oil in her hair to maintain it from tangling all up after she has a shower, and so on..

Yeah i have very curly hair additionally but i usually solely brush it like before swimming or bathing or anything like that because in any other case it may well it even curlier after which frizzy,

strive jellling it down or possibly simply brush it actually smooth i know it sounds very stupid but if u do it simply sufficient it will not b frizzy and it will not be AS curly

nicely i hope my recommendation helped!

I’ve curly hair.Once i comb it whereas within the shower and put gel in it once i get out. Then i let it airdry. It appears nice.