How you can Levitate Your self And Objects

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three. If the card begins to move, even the slightest amount, even if you’re undecided but think it might have, you might be succeeding. Rinse and repeat.

–do not do workplace levitation. it may possibly get distracting and you might discover your boss asking you to levitate all the way down to the closest unemployment office.

–watch out for low ceilings.

–don’t levitate over open waters. in case you fall asleep you could get up with wet pants.

–ladies! don’t levitate until you are sporting sports-shorts under that mini-skirt. Suffice it to say you can be ‘displaying off’ extra than simply your power to fly.

–always put on a bicycle helmet when flying.

Levitation can produce: dizziness, nausea, butterflies, heartburn and osmosis.

Levitation should not be practised by ladies who are pregnant or intend to grow to be pregnant, individuals suffering from concern of heights, the elderly, golfers with a lousy putting stroke, stamp collectors, insurance coverage salesmen, people who vote Republican,Aliens,Swedes and citizens of new Jersey.

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Shinkicker 6 years ago from Scotland

Have the airways read this Woody? They will not respect you making an attempt to place them out of business LOL

Thanks for a really humorous Hub

icecold 6 years ago

does it work?im undecided if i ought to try….

robby 7 years in the past

how do you actually “raise your consionsnes”?

fluffy kins 7 years ago

i dont perceive how do you levitate

michael 7 years in the past

what does elevate your self off the bottom even mean?

Mercredi 7 years in the past

Wow! Earlier than I read this hub I had no idea that levitation is so fun and straightforward!

AuthorWoody Marx 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Lilly: learn my upcoming Hub on My Levitation Diary…you could decide not to strive it. At any occasion, if you do, be careful!

Lily 7 years ago

I’m unsure if this is actual. i want to strive it however i do not know how to lift my consciousness. I’m solely 11.

jojo 7 years in the past

wow i simply lifted four toes off the ground!!!!!

corina 7 years ago

amazing! i just flew to nebraska to go to my great aunt betty! 😉

Ashe 7 years in the past

So, is it actually doable to levitate Without illusion? I imagine in it, and actually Really need to be taught.

peyton 7 years ago

wow wow wow

Samuel 7 years in the past

What do you mean by “to levitate, carry your self off the ground.”? Do you’ve got to jump?

Please help I do not get what you mean can you please word it simpler to me?

High Dog 7 years in the past

I do not get it? I s this actual. I have all the time wished to do that however I have no idea if it is real.I tryed mabey I used to be not doing it proper. I’ll keep making an attempt.Please help me.

sk8rdude123 7 years in the past

i just tried to levitate and i ended up lifting multiple objects without delay!

Paul Comer 7 years in the past

Hello my identify is P.J and that i simply came throughout your site and had some questions that i need answered. I’ve had desires where i used to be levitating and that i’ve had these desires for years. How do i elevate my consciousness to a point to have the ability to levitate. E-mail me anytime please I really feel like i’ve the flexibility to do it, i simply really feel like i’m lacking the knowledge on how to lift my consciousness.

Thanks my electronic mail is

FARHAN 7 years in the past

I have TRIED IT TOO.It is Fun AND Really easy.MY Relations Saw IT AND Stay IT.However I can not Discover PANT NICHOLAS ‘CRISS’.I USED A TILE AND Cut IT INFRONT Of one LEG Facet AND Wear A SOCK Linked WITH A CANVAS SHOE SOLE ‘TAPED Together’ After which Increase MY ONE LEG ONE A Tool.But I MISSDIRECT THEM AND Before I KEEP TWO MAGNET ON Both SOCKS SO, I CAN LEVITATE.

mattinblack 7 years in the past

Hi there’s Matthew right here. I am questioning the right way to do levitation additionally how one can levitate objects. I have been doing as you have urged:

1. Raise your consciousness using your favourite consciousness-raising approach.

2. Levitate by raising your self off the ground.

Three. Levitate slowly at first,in order not to free control. Only a few feet off the bottom ought to do it the primary time.

(note: If you find you’re loosing control, try tying your self to the bedpost to keep away from accidents.)

I’m questioning how one can raise your consciousness with yourself and objects. My e-mail is if you wish to remark about these items.

steven wager 7 years ago

i levitated 5 toes off the bottom right in front of everybody in school

desiree 7 years ago

i cant do it i’ve tried for a month now and if i did levitate how would i get down

tyler osborn 7 years in the past

that was so exilerating thank you for the recommendation im an eleven year old and ive been trying to study any real type of levitation for some years once more thanks

mphozat 8 years ago

Effectively I still need to see it to consider it

jujuju eight years in the past

effectively it’s true that if human can go to a excessive degree of focus they will be capable to levitate. trust me I am a scientist finding out on levitation and people.

logan 8 years ago

im new to this may i have some assist??

Qeturah 8 years in the past

woody i need assistance can a 9 year do and in addition do you must focus arduous?

Chris 8 years in the past

Wow, I just made it one foot off the ground and raced my buddy while she was in her automotive… I beat her =P

Levitation will be helpful for getting places in a short time. I wish the rest of you luck, I”m off to arrange a Tv and Arm Chair on my ceiling.

what do eight years in the past

what do you do to levitate the card

houdini 9 years in the past

making an attempt

armmy5678456 9 years in the past

tried to levitate couldnt

i’ve tried for ages on the trampoline do you stand or sit it’s inconceivable

chucky 9 years in the past

i’ve tried every part i can’t even get of the bottom

Victoria: thanks for reading!

shayne: I’m afraid to say that not everybody can levitate. But don’t be discouraged…possibly you possibly can take up another passion…like taking part in bridge or running for the Govenor of California? Good luck!

shayne 9 years ago

hey i dont get it iam trying my hardest it wont work

Victoria NTC 9 years in the past

Jean Paul Sartre talked in regards to the contingency of life, so I would perhaps suggest you read his magnum opus on Consciousness and see if you can dig out the reply

Please, will you inform me the place I could discover this info?


William: I hope you have got discovered a method to get down by the point I write this. ;Zero If not I recommend you get someone to study to levitate to allow them to bring you your meals up there! 😉

William F Torpey 9 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

I am working on it Woody, but I have a problem. I’m six feet off the ground, however I can’t get down! Somebody dial 911.

Gah, this isnt working out to nicely. Can I please get a deatiled step by step information? Im having bother trying to follow this….

Additionally, do I sit or stand doing this?

So a 12 12 months (Im not gifted) cant do it?

Naruto: Well these are wonderful questions! I do suppose the answer to both lies within the mystical, additional-dimensional realm of cause and effect and the contingency of life typically. Jean Paul Sartre talked in regards to the contingency of life, so I might perhaps advocate you learn his magnum opus on Consciousness and see if you possibly can dig out the reply. I cannot put it into a short paragraph, because it is basically an experiential or reasonably ‘existential’ understanding that one requires earlier than one can ever hope to levitate with any diploma of certainty.

I find that the higher the I.Q. the better the potential for levitation.

Also, by “Levitate your self of the bottom”, can we use our hands for that…?

Naruto 9 years in the past

Uhm, not to sound dumb, what does it mean to boost conscionunse? Is it to feel good?

Good for you Kenny! I knew you would be able to master it! 😉

Ashok Rajagopalan 9 years ago from Chennai

Lol, Woody! Thanx for this mild hub! I write this from my ceiling!

john: You never know while you might need it! thanks! 🙂

Joanie Ruppel 9 years ago from Texas

I guess I by no means realized how helpful levitation may very well be 😉

I will should attempt your instructions someday!

Write On!: thanks ! 🙂

Write On! 9 years ago from United States

okay…. very funny:-)

mroconnell: thanks! 🙂

Annette: The images are the most enjoyable to seek out. Glad you appreciated them.

Ann Martin 9 years in the past

Fairly damn hilarious. For somebody like myself who likes taking a look at the image, this text was rathr nformative!

mroconnell 9 years ago from France

haha, hilarious

AuthorWoody Marx 9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Om: Good for you! I have my first actual student success-story! I am “floating on air”! 🙂

steph: Do not be discouraged…not everybody can do it proper off the mark the way in which my A-student Om has carried out. Just keep saying to yourself ‘ I CAN levitate!’and you’ll finding your self on the 10 o’clock News in no time!

Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

Hmmmm…. possibly I am not concentrating sufficient.

Om Paramapoonya 9 years ago

Very good hub! I am levitating elegantly, ten ft within the air proper now. And in contrast to the talentless levitator, funnebone, I’m certain I won’t break any of my bones or furnishings. 🙂

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