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Radiation Oncology Expands At NWH With The new Gamma Knife Surgery

Northern Westchester Hospital is excited to offer the newest leading edge technology in gamma knife radiosurgery. The gamma knife procedure has been used on over 600,000 patients from all over the world. There is actually no knife used or incision made during the gamma knife procedure; as a substitute, the technique is non-invasive and uses radiation to treat mind tumors, practical disorders and vascular disorders. The gamma knife differs from the standard method of radiation oncology as a result of it concentrates just on the areas that need treatment.

What is gamma knife surgery
120g-200g 10pcs Straight Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #2 Darkest BrownThe gamma knife process is used on the brain to deal with malignant or benign mind tumors, pain from most cancers, facial ache, arteriovenous malformations and uveal melanoma. The gamma knife procedure has also been given to people who endure from epilepsy, Parkinson’s illness, glaucoma and obsessive compulsive disorder. What makes the gamma knife process fashionable and efficient is the way in which the therapy is performed. Patients do not expertise any ache and might go back to work and resume normal activities within just a few days. Gamma knife radiosurgery is accomplished in sooner or later, not often requires an in a single day keep and is performed with the patient under local anesthesia.

What to Count on Before, during and after the gamma knife surgical procedure
Candidates of one of these therapy will likely be referred to specialists by their physicians. Before gamma knife radiation, the medical group will take an MRI, CT scan and/or an Angiography to view the mind and pinpoint the areas that need radiation oncology treatment. As soon as the pictures have been taken, the team, consisting of a neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist and physicist, will create a plan of treatment using particular software. This may take an hour as a result of the workforce must enter their data into the computer to direct the gamma knife radiation to the specific areas that want treatment.

Once the plan has been mapped out, then the patient shall be taken to a room to take a seat on a sofa. After native anesthesia has been given, a lightweight head frame will probably be positioned on the affected person’s head. Throughout the gamma knife process, the affected how big is a human hair person will nonetheless be awake, however the doctors will be in one other room whereas the gamma knife radiation from the machine works to treat the areas of concern. This gamma knife procedure will final anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. During this time, the patient will not feel any pain and will be able to hearken to music and/or talk with the medical doctors by a video and audio system. Unlike traditional surgery to the brain, the hair on the head does not must be shaved.

After the gamma knife radiosurgery is full, patients will be taken out of the machine, and the top body will probably be eliminated. Relying on the type of treatment, some patients may need to stay overnight, however most patients can resume all normal exercise within the following few days. Each affected person ought to loosen up not less than 12 to 24 hours after gamma knife radiosurgery. The physician will discuss the effects of the gamma knife process with the affected person. For tumors, the gamma knife radiation is supposed to change the DNA of the cells and tissue and assist the tumor to diminish, grow to be stable or decrease in measurement. The outcomes of the gamma knife surgery might take days or years. MRI scans are carried out to follow up on the progress of the affected person.

The Surgical Group
The surgeons who carry out the gamma knife radiosurgery at Northern Westchester Hospital embody Dr. Deborah Benzil, Dr. JulieChoi, Dr. Alain DeLotbiniere, Dr. Ezriel Kornel, Dr. Thomas Lee, Dr. Erik Parker, Dr. Saran Rosner, Dr. Michael Stiefel and Dr. Alfred Tinger. Their work has been featured in MD News, and hundreds of patients have testified to the success of their gamma knife radiosurgery.

Testimony of Success
Grace Delfino underwent the gamma knife surgery after 15 rounds of conventional radiation oncology had been unsuccessful in terminating or decreasing the size of her mind tumors. She was comforted by the professionalism and kindness of the doctors, and with one spherical of gamma knife radio surgical procedure, three of her tumors diminished, and the biggest one decreased in dimension. The docs at Northern Westchester Hospital attempt to place their patients at ease as a result of they know that brain surgery is a scary and delicate matter. Their kindness, expertise and technology have helped thousands of affected person’s lead healthier lifestyles.