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I’m not A Hair Professional

At present we now have a guest post by Ruby of Ruby Armoire! I met her on Instagram, and was instantly at awe of her hairstyling skills. I asked her to speak a bit about styling naturally curly and coarse hair into vintage type coiffures, as it’s not one thing I have expertise in, and isn’t touched on much in the vintage world. Do try her blog, and that i hope you get pleasure from this visitor publish! Thank you so much Ruby!
Firstly, a disclaimer of sorts. I am not a hair professional, however over time I’ve made a number of observations concerning the stuff that grows out of my own skull, and that of my pals. I hope this submit might be helpful in helping you to grasp your own hair and make the most of it! Hair textures run on a sliding scale from high quality and easy, to thick and coarse. All hair sorts have frizz issues too, starting from static flyaways to a general rough appearance.

100s 0.5g/s Body Wavy Micro Loop Hair Extensions #613 Lightest BlondeMy extremely crude diagram exhibits the 4 principal hair varieties, but if your hair is something like mine, it’s not so easily pigeon-holed. My hair (when it hasn’t been heat styled) falls between curly and coarse.

(I only inflict this picture on you for illustrative functions!)
Vintage hair kinds are great for making your hair seem easy and full bodied, which is achievable for almost all textures as soon as you figure out how your hair behaves. Enter my favorite all-purpose styling product and texture barometer: hair spray. Apply a little bit to your naturally dried hair close to the basis and comb by. If your hair absorbs it without adhering and smoothing strands collectively, then your hair will want a little bit of heat to realize a easy end. Likelihood is that your hair is coarse and naturally curly (like mine), which suggests getting volume and staying-energy will not be a difficulty! Hair spray is just helpful on easy hair, but blow drying or flat ironing can clean your hair sufficient for the spray to take. If the spray sits on high of your hair and helps it to carry a method, your hair will not want a lot heat styling for smoothing functions, however you may have it for volume and to keep up a curl. One of the best ways I’ve discovered to get a curl to survive by the unrelenting rainy British weather is hairspray and heat mixed – that goes for pretty much each hair kind. Starting with clean hair, spray a bit, comb by rapidly then curl with tongs. The ensuing curl will really feel horrid and crunchy, but as soon as it’s brushed out, the crunchiness magically evaporates and the ultimate curl shall be practically indestructible.
In case you’d like to know more about curling with tongs and hair spray, have a take a look at my tutorial for a pictorial information.

In fact, too much heat styling isn’t good for any hair kind, but simply because your hair must take a break from heat doesn’t mean it cannot still look sizzling! Wet set pin curls aren’t solely authentic, they look great too. In case your hair is naturally curly with a bit of frizz, but may be blow dried clean (use the hair spray barometer on blow dried hair to examine), then wet setting might give you the results you want as well as on superb hair varieties. There are a few things to watch out for when pin curling if your hair texture only passes the hair spray check after blow drying, which are not as vital for smooth textured types (though you’ll get a better curl and a nicer wave if you follow them). Solanah’s glorious guide will show you the approach, but listed here are just a few further tips for the pure curlies. Firstly, you will need to evenly section your hair into small squares in order that as much of your hair as doable is contained within the curls. Be sure each section is soaking wet before pin curling – what’s frizzy beforehand will still be frizzy afterwards. Comb the section at proper angles to your scalp (this can assist the formed curl to sit down accurately later) and run your fingers over the size to ensure it is ribbon smooth. Any bumps or slight tangles might be massively magnified when your hair is dry. Use a slender cylinder to kind the pin curl – I use an empty mascara tube. Wrap the end of the part across the barrel of the tube and curl underneath until it gets about an inch out of your scalp. Push your hair off the tube and flatten it so it appears like a tyre. At this level you can homemade hair masks for frizzy hair twist the pin curl towards or away from your face. I part my hair on an extreme facet parting, after which curl every facet towards my face.

Cover your hair with a scarf and leave to dry overnight, or help issues together with assistance from a blow dryer. Take a look at one or two of the longest sections to see if they’re totally homemade hair masks for frizzy hair dry before taking out the entire pins, as the curls will disintegrate right into a frizzy mess if there’s even the slightest trace of dampness. One other point in favour of utilizing a blow dryer is it would assist easy the curls, which means you won’t have to brush as a lot to get a silky-clean ‘do.