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The character was initially depicted as a mad scientist who, within the vein of pulp novels, wreaks havoc on the world along with his futuristic weaponry. In his earliest appearances, Luthor is proven with a full head of red hair; regardless of this, harley quinn suicide squad t shirt diy workshop the character later became hairless as the result of an artist’s mistake. A 1960 story by Jerry Siegel expanded upon Luthor’s origin and motivations, revealing him to be a childhood friend of Superman’s who lost his hair when a fireplace destroyed his laboratory; Luthor vowed revenge.

Following the 1985 restricted collection Disaster on Infinite Earths, the character was re-imagined as a Machiavellian industrialist and white-collar criminal, even briefly serving as President of the United States. Lately, varied writers have revived Luthor’s mad scientist persona from the 1940s. The character was ranked as the 8th best villain by Wizard on its “a hundred Greatest Villains harley quinn suicide squad t shirt diy workshop of All Time” list. IGN’s listing of the highest a hundred Comedian Guide Villains of All Time ranked Lex Luthor as #four.

For more information about Lex Luthor, visit his opponent Superman, or right here.
Character Appearances in Present

Season 1
Episode 5 Extreme Renovation: House Version: Himself as one of many villains who needed to offer Superman’s Fortress of Solitude a makeover.
Episode 10 Zeke and Lex Luthor: Himself being spoofed alongside with Disney’s Zeke and Luther.
Episode 22 Smallville: Flip Off the Clark: Himself being disguised as Julie Taymor.