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Foxy Locks Clip In Hair Extensions Review

Foxy Locks Clip In Hair Extensions Review.
Having never used any sort of hair extensions earlier than, I used to be type of curious to try some out. However, I did not know which of them to select. Should I buy them from Sally’s Beauty Supply or find some over the internet Did I want synthetic or human hair
After reading Cheryl’s (from Make-up By Cheryl H) overview of the Foxy Locks Extensions I thought “DUH” why did I not consider Foxy Locks earlier than Her post came at the perfect time so I knew that I was meant to order them. I have had these extensions since early October and wear them about 6 days out of the week so I feel that I can provide them a reasonably trustworthy and thorough evaluation.

Here’s a pic after putting the extensions in my hair proper after taking them out of the package deal.
This was the moment that I fell in love with hair extensions.

The owner of the Foxy Locks Extensions company is Imogen. I am an avid follower of Imogen on her Youtube channel in addition to her weblog Bubble Goals.. She is such a classy lady and at all times does nice tutorials utilizing her Foxy Locks Hair Extensions in addition to make-up tutorials.

The Hair
Foxy Locks Extensions are made of protein rich, 100% human remy hair. Remy hair is the highest high quality of human hair that’s used for extensions. Remy hair provides probably the most pure looking hair because the cuticle has not been stripped and the hair remains in the identical direction This means you’re going to get smooth, natural, and tangle free hair.
Foxy Locks are available in three totally different weights: One hundred twenty grams, 160 grams, and 215 grams.
The one hundred twenty gram set is really useful for these with wonderful hair. The 160 and 215 gram sets are advisable for these with thicker hair or those that want a lot of volume from their hair extensions.

The deluxe 160 gram extensions come with
4 single clip wefts,
2 double clip wefts,
2 triple clip wefts,
and 2 wefts with 4 clips
I find myself using all but the four single clips.
I take advantage of these on events the place I would like extra volume.

All of the extensions are 20 inches long which is pretty long seeing that most extensions come anyplace from 14 to 18 inches.

These extensions come in 14 completely different colours.
Images from
So there’s guarantee that you will come very near matching your hair coloration. Because it is hard to match your color closely by just looking at a picture on the internet, the people at Foxy Locks can be found so you’ll be able to e-mail them a picture of your hair and they will respond with the hair color they have matched you with. Imogen also has a Youtube video showing each coloration of extensions for ease in deciding color.

Because they provide 3 totally different light shades of blonde, I wanted to be sure of what my color match was before I ordered the extensions. I e-mailed them a photo of my hair and within a day or two I acquired a response with them saying I was matched to the Platinum Blonde #90.
This is an ideal match for my hair.

Upon opening the package deal and first examining the hair, I noticed how thick and smooth it was! The hair was seemed shiny and healthy. But, it was not too shiny that it looked fake.

I had worn these extensions quite a bit before having to scrub them (They suggest that you simply wash them proper after recieveing them, but I did not). When sporting the extensions after washing them, I noticed a significant amount of shedding that was not present earlier than I washed them. Like I said, I have not owned extensions prior to this, so I seemed it up and it’s regular for there to be some shedding with extensions. There nonetheless has been a lot of hair that has fallen out.
It kind of freaks you out.
But by now most of the shedding has stopped.

The ends of the hair will not be the greatest. When reciving the extensions and carrying them for the first couple of times, I observed the ends were a bit on the scraggly side. It seems like there is an effective inch that needs to be reduce off. I do know a lot of people get their extenisons cut and layered. I, however, was not too bothered by the ends and liked the length so I did not lower mine. I try to be as careful as I can with the hair as to make it final. I don’t use loads of hot tools on it and when i do, I all the time use a heat protectant. I have noticed with 3 months of wear, there are now a great amount of cut up ends. It is not to the point where it looks unhealthy. It would solely be noticeable when looking closely at them. I do not know if this is similar case with all of the colours of extensions or simply the lighter blonde colours since they’ve been bleached.

The Clips
The clips come already sewn onto the hair. They are made with a silicone insert which causes much less damage to the hair.
The clips hold in very well. I was anxious with using the clip in hair extensions, that they might probably fall out. The clips do not clip onto a large amount of hair, but once they are in, they are in! I have never had them fall out. I have, however, had one clip randomly stop working for no reason. Like completly not clip at all. Foxy Locks does embrace 1 further clip with the pack of extensions. However I do not know find out how to sew the clip onto the extension, nor do I know anyone who does.

Clipping in these extensions is super simple. Because I had never worn extensions before, I watched Imogen’s Youtube video on the way to clip in these extensions. She explains and shows the process perfectly.

Now that I have the dangle of clipping within the extensions and where they go, it takes me less than 5 minutes, if that. And, teasing is not necessary for the clips to remain secured which I am very happy with.

Becuase these extensions are made from human hair, there are many things that can be carried out with them. You’ll be able to flat iron, curl, and even dye these extensions. Regular shampoo, conditioner, and different hair products such as hair spray and heat protectant can be used on them. Mainly, you can do anything to them that you are able to do to your personal hair.

I really feel that the best technique to wear these extensions is with a bit of wave or curl. This is when they look the most pure and blended with my very own hair. When worn straight (with out being cut and layered), they give the impression of being a little on the unnatural side. Just for my part.
The way that I fashion mine essentially the most is using my Remington clampless curling iron or my flat iron. I don’t use too much, if any, hair spray on the extensions to avoid too much product buildup. Even without using hairspray, the curls hold up awesome. Way better than my own hair! The curls normally will last a couple of days before falling out a bit. It takes about a week or more for the curls to completely fall out.

Here is a pic of how the extensions look when dried naturally.
They have a slight wave that looks really natural.

Price and Delivery
These extensions are fairly inexpensive for the quantity of hair that you’re getting.
The prices are half wigs synthetic hair as follows:
One hundred twenty gram extensions – £56.00 or $86.60
160 gram extensions- £74.00 or $114.44
215 gram extensions- £118.00 or $182.49

Foxy Locks are shipped worldwide.
The delivery could be very fast for coming all the best way from the UK.
I acquired mine about 7 days after placing the order.

Final Thoughts

Total I have been loving these extensions so much! I never thought that I would ever wear extensions. I thought that they would look unnaturally fake on me. But these look so natural that I am not afraid to wear them. When I’m carrying these extensions, I feel just like the hair is really mine. I have always needed to have really lengthy hair and i finally can. It feels great. I hope that these will last me a long time. But even if they do not, I might be repurchasing them.