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About Our Hair

Our hair is porous.
This refers to our hairs capability to absorb water/chemicals into the cortex. Damage to the hair shaft can improve the hair’s level of porosity. Too much porosity means we cant retain mositure (which may be why your hair feels dry).

100s 0.5g/s Body Wavy Micro Loop Hair Extensions #4 Chocolate Brown2. Our hair does not retain moisture
As acknowledged above this is due to porosity and is made worse from harm. Our hair need moisture to enable it to stretch and be healthy. Without moisture our hair will break off and remain short. Retaining moisture is the primary problem with blended race hair, when you learn the way to keep your hair moisture you may be on the solution to having healthy hair.

3. Protein is essential for our hair
Protein is how hair is strong. Proteins bind to the hair cuticle and help briefly rebuild weakened areas. Protein-primarily based merchandise reinforce the hair shaft, they will cease the hair hair extensions schweiz breaking and our crucial.

4. The protein/moisture stability
The protein moisture stability is a vital and delicate balance. Not enough moisture means hair breaks, too much moisture means hair will really feel spongey, overly mushy and mushy it will likely be weak and limp. Not sufficient protein means hair is weak and breaks easily which is identical for hair with too much protein.
Read more about it here.

5. Mixed race hair is gorgeous and all completely different
Whether or not its curly, straight or wavy. Your hair is part of you and even when it can be frizzy or unmanageable at times it is still lovely. It is always essential to remember that just because our hair isnt as straight as white peoples or as napey and afro-like as a black individuals, it remains to be lovely. A very powerful factor is that your hair is healthy and clean.

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