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7 Explanation why I Refuse To chop My Children’ Hair

For the primary 12 months of my son’s life, my mom requested me the same query each time she saw him: “When are you going to cut his hair ” My answer was always the same, too. “When he asks me to.” The same goes for my other kids, both male and female. As a result of, actually, there are fairly a few the reason why I refuse to cut my kids’ hair. People seem to have some pretty strong opinions about my kids’ hair, too, which is why, apparently, I have to defend my alternative. I’ve acquired flack for letting my sons grow their hair out, dye their hair purple, and wear pigtails. I’ve also been thrown the facet-eye for letting my daughter reduce her hair super short. And since people care enough about my kids’ hair enough to ask me about it all the damn time, I assumed I would provide some clarification. I am not, however, going to apologize.

Grade 10A Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave 4 Bundles With 1pcs 4x4 Middle Part Lace Closure Natural BlackI really feel strongly that my youngsters are human beings, which supplies them a right to full bodily autonomy. So, except there’s a medical or hygiene cause to contact them without their permission, I don’t. That features reducing their hair or taking them to the salon. As long as I can handle their hair when they’re little, or they’re keen to learn to take care of it themselves, I don’t see a cause to drive them to have it minimize. The identical goes for them wanting a new hairstyle.

Like many issues in parenting, my plans for my children’ hair have not all the time gone accordingly. There was the time my youngsters got here residence with lice, for example. I shudder even enthusiastic about it. However, in the end, they sat while my partner and i combed their hair out every night, and we didn’t have to cut it against their will. When my daughter wanted to cut her waist-length waves, I let her, although I ugly cried when she was carried out. And when my son wanted to grow his curls long, I let him, although that is totally not the norm where we dwell. It’s their hair, and I am not chopping it, at the very least not without their categorical permission. Here’s why:

Because It’s Their Hair
The most important cause why I will never lower my children’ hair is because, nicely, it’s theirs. It is rooted in the identical motive why I won’t make them give hugs or kisses, eat hated food, or sit on the hair extensions salon miami Easter Bunny’s lap. Their hair is part of their body, and so they need to have control over that part of their body just like they do another half. So long as they take care of their hair, or let me take care of it, they get to have bodily autonomy. Sure, that features their hair.

Because Trips To The Salon With Kids Suck
I still remember the first time my mom took my sister and me to a salon. We walked in with waist-length hair, and walked out with bobs and perms. I cried, and that i refuse to do the identical with my youngsters. Moreover, I’m fairly certain the salon experience sucked for my mom, too. Sitting still for a haircut is not easy for my children, and I’m not going to make my children do it till they’re ready.

As a result of They are Children
Why do folks care how my children put on their hair I mean, as long as they aren’t appropriating someone else’s culture (like with dreadlocks, cornrows, or box braids) and are able to take care of it or let me take care of it, I can’t consider a cause why I should lower my children’ hair or demand that they wear it a certain approach.

Because It’s Just Hair
There was the day when i discovered that my son took matters into his own fingers and minimize his hair with a pair of scissors. Seems he was ready for a haircut, so I took him to the salon. It was simple as a result of he was prepared, and not because I was forcing him to sit through something he didn’t want.

Because Self Expression Is Essential
I discovered the arduous manner that youngsters might be asked their whole lives to conform, whether it’s in schools, workplaces, or society on the whole. While they’re children — and hopefully past — I need my kids to be happy to discover and specific their individualities with hair cuts, coloration, and styles.

Because We don’t Do Gender Roles
I think a lot of people get upset about long hair on boys and quick hair on ladies, as a result of they wish to make hairstyles about gender. As you would possibly think about, I feel that is messed up. My children can have no matter hairstyle they prefer, even if it doesn’t correspond with their gender id or confuses folks in test-out traces.

Because They Have not Requested But
Every time my youngsters ask for a haircut, they get one. My youngest hasn’t asked for one, although. So, for the time being and until he does, I can’t minimize his hair. #SorryNotSorry

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