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How Hair Coloring Works

For a very long time, hair coloring has been critical enterprise! For instance, would-be heroes of historical Greece used harsh soaps and bleaches to lighten and redden their hair to the shade that was identified with honor and courage. First-century Romans most popular dark hair, which was made so by a dye concocted from boiled walnuts and leeks.

At the moment, hair color remains sizzling, with a booming 75 p.c of American ladies reportedly coloring their hair. (In 1950, only about 7 p.c of American ladies coloured their hair. And after they did, hair dryer straightener curler set they did it to cover grey with their natural colour and often didn’t want anybody to know they’d finished it!) Women have also determined that blondes don’t essentially “have extra fun!” Crimson is at present essentially the most requested shade at beauty salons. And women aren’t alone..

Men more and more cover gray or, following the feminine lead, utterly change their look. Men’s residence hair-coloration sales reached hair dryer straightener curler set $113.5 million last year, a 50 p.c increase in just 5 years. The selection of coloring products and methods is mind-boggling. Residence coloring is cheaper — starting from about $four to $10 per coloring (unless you might have so much hair you want two packages!) — than a trip to the salon, which, depending upon your hair size, colour and the strategy used, can price $50 and up.

In this text, we’ll sort out crucial questions about hair coloring:
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What method and color should I select and how will my hair react And..
What if I actually mess things up and find yourself wanting like the neighbor’s calico cat