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The best way to make your own homemade Native American Indian Halloween Costume on your kids–boys or ladies! DIY
Up to date on November 20, 2013 Tammy Cornett moreContact Writer Straightforward Homemade Costumes for Halloween!
This is the way to make fun and simple Indian, or Native American, costumes in your youngsters for Halloween, with little or no sewing!

We all the time made our children’ Halloween costumes once they had been growing up, and so they beloved them. My husband and i had so much fun making these every year–even when we waited till the last minute!

One yr, our oldest two youngsters wanted to be Indians, and our youngest decided he wish to be one, too. So my husband, Tom, and i placed on our considering caps, and acquired began. First, we began collecting something and every little thing around the home that we may use for these projects, and since I was already cherished sewing, I had lots of these supplies already. Then we made a list of the objects we didn’t have, and went shopping!

This is what we came up with for our daughter, Leia:

Leia, our little Indian Maiden
Indian Chief Dustin
Now for our sons…
Our older son, Dustin, in fact needed to be an Indian Chief, so while we used principally the same thought as we did with Leia, we additionally made his headdress bigger, and added fringe to a pair of previous denims:

Indian brave Larkin
Final but not least…
Our youthful son, Larkin, was solely 4 years outdated, so he became an Indian brave. It was fairly cool that 12 months, so we made his costume huge enough to fit over his winter coat. It was fairly just like Dustin’s, besides we tacked the feathers for his headdress onto the hood of his coat, as an alternative of creating a headband for him:

Glitter Glue For Indian Costumes
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Listed below are the fundamental items you’ll have to make outfits like these:

Brown or tan fabric

Small amount of tan felt for headband

Bag of craft feathers

Beads of various shapes and sizes(We used old costume jewellery necklaces, and took them apart for the beads and different items)

Rick rack (that zigzag shaped trim), in no matter colors you’d like

Glitter glue sticks or paint (within the tube)

Sizzling glue gun and regular glue sticks

Skinny wire(or you can use those ties that include trash bags–simply strip off the masking)

Instructions for Body of Native American Costume
We went to a fabric retailer and bought some brown fabric–probably about seven yards for all three outfits–we wished to verify we had a lot further, in case of errors. You should utilize any type of fabric you need for these–we just purchased some low-cost fabric off of the clearance rack, and it did great! Felt is nice to use, too, but rather a lot costlier, so we caught with this material.

You should utilize brown, tan, or no matter colour you prefer for these–we selected brown primarily because, properly, they are kids, and children generally get soiled…and brown hides stains higher than the lighter colors would!

We used extra fabric for Leia’s, since hers was extra of a gown, and she was the oldest, therefore, the tallest on the time. But for all of them, we simply measured from their shoulders down to where we wished the fringe to end, after which doubled the measurement, to include the again part.

For every one, after measuring, fold in half and in the course of the fold, cut a slit for the top to slide through. We minimize Leia’s straight across on the fold line, however we did the boys’ vertical, so they’d have more of a V-shaped neckline. Both way, just reduce a couple of inches, then cut round the opening each 1/2″ or so to make fringe–that will make the opening massive enough for them to slide over their heads.

Then, just go round the entire piece of fabric, and reduce fringe the same way you did at the neckline. After doing this, you possibly can both sew up the sides(on the skin, proper beside the fringe), like I did for Leia’s gown, leaving loads of room for her arms to slide through. Or sew on lengths of ribbon on every facet, to tie the front and again together, like we did for Dustin and Larkin.

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Now the fun part–the decorating!
The decorating was probably the most enjoyable part. Just use your imagination–there’s no right or incorrect manner to do that. We used glitter glue sticks to make designs on Dustin’s jeans, plus we used it all along the neckline of his outfit, dabs at a time, then urgent a tear-shaped bead onto the glue.

For all of them, we took the skinny wire, about 5″ long, and folded it in half. We caught a feather inside the folded edge, and twisted it around a few times to safe it(you may also dab a little bit of sizzling glue on them), then threaded completely different coloured beads via one end of the wire. Lastly, we caught both ends of the wire by the fabric, wherever we wanted them, then twisted the ends collectively beneath. To verify the children would not get poked with the wire ends, we dabbed sizzling glue over them, and pressed them to the fabric.

For added decoration, we just scorching glued beads in numerous locations all over the fabric, and for Larkin, we made a necklace of beads and sewed it onto his shirt.

We additionally used rickrack for trimming the bottoms of the Dustin’s shirt, the neckline of Larkin’s, and also around the hem and arm openings of Leia’s costume. I sewed these on, but you could possibly sizzling glue them if you’ll somewhat use that method.

For the boys’ jeans, I just reduce strips of the brown fabric, fringed it, then sewed it on to the skin seams, then scorching glued rickrack over the seams to hide them. You can also glue on the fringe, whichever is best for you!

Now We Make the Headdress For Each Little one
For Leia and Dustin’s headdresses, we used the tan felt. First, we measured round their heads to get the size we needed(cut felt about 2″ shorter than your measurement, although). We minimize strips about 4″ wide, then no matter size we would have liked for round their heads. Double it lengthwise, then sew a seam along the long edge(not the folded edge). You can cover the seam by urgent the felt, with the seam underneath where it will not show.

Sew a bit of ribbon size on each finish of the felt–then you may simply tie it on their heads, and make it as snug as you want, since generally felt will stretch out. Decorate with rickrack, beads or no matter you need by utilizing your hot glue gun. Then glue feathers to the inside of the headbands, so it’s going to look a lot neater.

For Dustin’s headdress, we added some further lengths of ribbons handy down the back, and glued lots of feathers all down them–for extra of a “chief” look.

For Larkin’s “headdress”, I just tacked some feathers to the hood of his coat, so I might simply take away them after Halloween was over.

Like I stated earlier than–there isn’t a proper or unsuitable option to do these outfits–let your imagination run wild! These had been most likely some of our most favorite costumes to make, and our children simply cherished them!

You simply cannot beat do-it-your self Halloween costumes…made with love, and remembered endlessly!

Do You Make Your individual?
Do You Enjoy Creating Costumes for Children?

I find it irresistible.

I might if I had the time.

No, I want shopping for ready-made costumes.
See outcomes Halloween Costumes On AMAZON
If you’ve got determined that you’d slightly purchase an outfit or half of 1, make certain to check out the particular offers on Amazon! Their kid’s part provides tons of ideas and costumes on your youngster!

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