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The Secrets Of Isis

Men's DC Comics Darkseid Statue by Sideshow Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsThe Secrets of Isis, originally broadcast as Isis, is an American stay-action superhero television sequence produced by Filmation from 1975 to 1977 for CBS’s Saturday morning lineup.[1] The collection acquired its extra familiar title in syndication.

This system was the primary weekly, American, dwell-motion television series with cool deadpool shirts inc a female superhero lead character (debuting September 6, 1975, predating the weekly debuts of each The Bionic Girl (January 14, 1976), and, Marvel Lady (April 21, 1976)).[2] In the collection, Isis (Joanna Cameron) is the alter ego of Andrea Thomas, a seemingly normal schoolteacher, who transforms into the Egyptian goddess when presented with crises a mere mortal can’t resolve.

Episodes of the sequence featured crossovers that includes Captain Marvel from companion series, Shazam!. Likewise, Joanna Cameron appeared as Isis on Shazam! in return; and since then DC Comics has adopted the character of Isis into their mainstream continuity for contemporary comics.

1 Premise
2 Powers and abilities
3 Broadcast historical past
4 Other appearances
5 Episodes 5.1 Season 1 (1975)
5.2 Season 2 (1976)
5.Three Chronological checklist of crossover episodes with Shazam!

Isis starred Joanna Cameron as Andrea Thomas, a science teacher at Larkspur High school who discovered an ancient mystical gold amulet, the “Tutmose amulet,” on an archeological dig in Egypt. The Isiac amulet, which resembled the headdress of Hathor, had initially belonged to Queen Hatshepsut, an historic Egyptian pharaoh. The amulet gave the wearer (particularly, Hatshepsut and her descendants, of which Andrea was one) “the powers of the animals and the elements,” which would be bestowed upon such wearer by the goddess Isis each time it was uncovered to the sun and her title invoked. Whenever Isis was wanted, Andrea would reveal the Isiac amulet (which she wore as an everyday necklace) and recite an incantation—”Oh mighty Isis”—transforming her into the goddess/tremendous-heroine.

The sequence co-starred Brian Cutler as fellow instructor Rick Mason who acted as Andrea’s potential love interest, Joanna Pang as student Cindy Lee, and Albert Reed as Dr. Barnes, the varsity principal. In Season 2, Ronalda Douglas joined the solid as Rennie Carol, changing the Cindy character. Guest stars on the show included Mike Lookinland, Debralee Scott, Leigh McCloskey, Phil Bruns, Mark Lambert, Steven Paul, Thomas Carter, Colleen Camp, Johnny Doran, William Engesser, Laurette Spang, Tommy Norden, Victor Sen Yung, Russ Marin and Christopher Norris.

Three episodes of the collection featured crossover appearances by Captain Marvel (of the present’s companion series, Shazam!). Likewise, Joanna Cameron appeared as Isis in three episodes of Shazam!

Most of the program’s storylines involved Isis coming to the rescue of high school college students who found themselves in danger resulting from unwise choices. A notable exception was the 2-part series finale, “Now You See It…”, and, “…Now You do not”, which had an espionage-related plotline revealing that Rick Mason has been working secretly for the U.S. government on a weather-making machine. This two-parter launched a trio of crime-preventing teenagers dubbed “The Super-Sleuths;” the double episode was supposed as a backdoor pilot for an excellent-Sleuths sequence, which by no means materialized.[3]

The Secrets and techniques of Isis usually “broke the fourth wall,” with Isis/Andrea winking at the digital camera or in any other case acknowledging the viewers, at pertinent moments in a story. In signature Filmation style, every episode featured an epilogue with Isis instantly addressing the camera and imparting a moral lesson derived from the preceding occasions of that episode. These ethical-message segments were later deleted from syndication prints.

Isis shows a vast array of superpowers, often invoked by incantation of a rhyming couplet. For instance, Isis can take flight by reciting “O zephyr winds which blow on excessive / Lift me now so I can fly.” Among her many powers, she exhibits superhuman power, command of the weather (earth, air, hearth, and water), and control of the weather. She will be able to management the molecular density of her physique and other matter, passing herself by walls, and in a single instance, inflicting a automobile to move unharmed through a road grader. She will divine the current previous, which is manifested for the viewer in the jewel of her diadem. Isis can cause dwelling issues, including timber and animals, to appear and disappear at will. She will be able to increase local gravity, and cease and reverse the flow of time.

Isis’ superhuman skills are restricted when in her Andrea Thomas form. She continues to be in a position to communicate telepathically with her pet bird, Tut, and in one occasion, the reflection of mild off her amulet restored a forgotten reminiscence to a person.

Broadcast history[edit]
Twenty-two episodes of Isis aired as a part of The Shazam/Isis Hour on CBS from September 6, 1975, to September three, 1977, with 15 episodes in the first season and seven in the second. The success of the show led to syndication of the series in 1978 as the Secrets and techniques of Isis. The character additionally appeared in three episodes of Shazam!.

Other appearances[edit]
Isis later appeared in animated kind (voiced by Diane Pershing) on the liberty Drive section of Filmation’s Tarzan and the Tremendous 7 show in 1980. The animated Isis also made a guest appearance on the Filmation cartoon Hero High in 1981 (voiced by Linda Gary).

Regardless of sharing a program block with Shazam! and appearing in 1970s DC Comics publications, Isis was an unique The_Walking_Dead Filmation property. The rights to the character are immediately managed by Universal Television, which owns the rights to most of the Filmation catalog and characters. A considerably reworked comedian-book model of the character, still linked with Captain Marvel and given the alter-ego “Adrianna Tomaz” in honor of the television character, was launched in the 2006 DC weekly maxi-series 52.[4] This model of Isis becomes the spouse of Captain Marvel’s nemesis Black Adam, making an attempt to reform him before her dying and resurrection later drive each Adam and Isis into villainy.[5]

Grammnet, actor/producer Kelsey Grammer’s manufacturing company, has reportedly obtained the rights to produce a movie based on the character, to be referred to as The Legend of Isis.

Isis appeared in the season 10 episode “Isis” of the CW Community’s Superman-based drama sequence, Smallville. Portrayed by Smallville actress Erica Durance, this model noticed the amulet take over the physique of Lois Lane. Nonetheless, there were nods to The Shazam!/Isis Hour and the modern character in Durance’s portrayal.

Season 1 (1975)[edit]
Season 2 (1976)[edit]

Chronological record of crossover episodes with Shazam![edit]
Shazam!Season 2: “The Odd Couple” (Oct. 18, 1975)
The Secrets and techniques of Isis, Season 1: “Humorous Gal” (Nov. 22, 1975)
Shazam!Season 3: “Finders Keepers” (Oct. 2, 1976)
Shazam!Season three: “Out of Focus” (Oct. Sixteen, 1976)
The Secrets of Isis, Season 2: “Now You See It …” (Oct. 23, 1976)
The Secrets and techniques of Isis, Season 2: “… Now You do not” (Oct. 30, 1976)

House video releases[edit]
On July 24, 2007, American DVD distributor BCI Eclipse (Underneath license from Leisure Rights, then owners of the Filmation catalog) released The Secrets and techniques of Isis: The whole Sequence as a 3-disc DVD field set in North America.[6] The episodes had been presented in their “recognized original airdate order,” with extant copies of the “ethical-message” segments reduce for syndication offered as bonus options. The DVD includes the primary subject of The Legend of Isis, a comic ebook revealed by Bluewater Productions, that debuted in 2007.

The BCI set later went out of print; in 2010, Classic Media released the primary seven episodes as a one-disc set titled The Secrets of Isis.[7]

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