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Northwest Majors V Results

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Northwest Majors is again in its fifth year! Northwest Majors V might be going down Friday, June 7 by Sunday, June 9 at the Highline Group School in Des Moines, Washington. Be a part of or tune in reside as the Pacific Northwest dukes it out this weekend!

Highline Community College
2400 S 240th St
Des Moines, WA 98198
– Injustice: Gods Among Us (360)
– The King of Fighters XIII (360)
– Mortal Kombat (PS3)
– Persona four Area (PS3) – Singles, 2v2 groups
– Street Fighter X Tekken (360)
– Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN) – Singles, doubles
– Tremendous Street Fighter II Turbo (ARC) – Part of The ST Video games, customary tournament, ratio tournament
– Tremendous Avenue Fighter IV: Arcade Version ver. 2012 (360) – Singles, 3v3 groups
– Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
– Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom three (360) – Singles, 3v3 groups
– Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (360)
– Thriller Recreation Tournament

Aspect Tournaments
– BlazBlue Continuum Shift Lengthen
– SoulCalibur V
– Vampire Savior

– Dragoomba vs. CFD|Hello I’m Nasty UMvC3 FT10
– KaneBlueriver UMvC3 Kumite

Pacific Northwest Road to Evolution 2013
The PNW Street to Evolution 2013 tournament sequence will conclude on Friday at Northwest Majors. The highest eight point earners in AE 2012 and UMvC3 for the series will face off in a finals bracket, with the winner of every tournament earning a visit to Evolution 2013, protecting airfare, resort and registration.

Players attending this year’s Northwest Majors include Kane Blueriver of Chile, coL|Filipino Champ, EG|Ricky Ortiz, AC|XsK_Samurai, Kineda, SRKUW|Darryn, UVG|Noel Brown, CCG|Air.

Northwest Majors V Challonge Brackets

Stream & Schedule
Northwest Majors V may have 5 streams to carry you as a lot of the tournament motion as attainable:

TeamKhaos (Foremost) – Offered by Khaos Gaming
KhaosGaming2 (Secondary) – Introduced by Canadian Joysticks
KhaosGamingTV – Offered by manoftheleaf
LogicHole – Introduced by LogicHole
ZodiacSmash – Presented by Zodiac Smash

Watch dwell video from teamkhaos on

Watch reside video from khaosgaming2 on

Watch live video from khaosgamingtv on www.twitch.television

Watch reside video from logichole on

Watch live video from Zodiac Mofats Stream on www.twitch.television

Below you possibly can a normal and stream schedule for the tournament. All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7).

Super Avenue Fighter IV Arcade Version Ver.2012

Singles Tournament
1. Bokkin (Cammy)
2. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu, Evil Ryu)
3. CCG|Air (Man, Ryu)
4. FineLikeWine49 (Guile)
5. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
5. coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim, Seth)
7. Kineda (Akuma)
7. Duncan (Rufus)

Bokkin (Cammy) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu) – zero-3 RESET
Bokkin (Cammy) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai(Ryu) – 3-2
AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu) vs. CCG|Air (Man, Ryu) – 3-2

Bokkin (Cammy) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Evil Ryu, Ryu) – three-2
CCG|Air (Guy) vs. FineLikeWine49 (Guile) – 2-0

Bokkin (Cammy) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Seth) – 2-1
EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu) – zero-2

Duncan (Rufus) vs. CCG|Air (Guy, Ryu) – 1-2
Kineda (Akuma) vs. FineLikeWine49 (Guile) – 1-2
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. CCG|Air (Guy) – 1-2
EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) vs. FineLikeWine49 (Guile) – 1-2

Bunsen Burner (Blanka) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu) – zero-2
Bokkin (Cammy) vs. Kineda (Akuma) – 2-0
CCG|Air (Ryu) vs. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) – 1-2
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda) – 2-zero

CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka) vs. Kwyjibo (Cody) – 1-2
Jeff Wu (C.Viper) vs. Duncan (Rufus) – 0-2
Scha (Balrog) vs. Hoangief (Zangief) – zero-2
tLoz|Kaleo (Blanka) vs. FineLikeWine49 (Guile) – zero-2

Bunsen Burner (Blanka) vs. Duncan (Rufus) – 1-2
CCG|Air (Man) vs. Kwyjibo (Cody) – 2-0
Kineda (Akuma) vs. Hoangief (Zangief) – 2-1
FineLikeWine49 (Guile) vs. tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda) – 2-zero

Fatbear (Seth) vs. Imasojao (Adon) – 2-0
EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) vs. CCCNybb (E.Honda) – 2-0
AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu) vs. ShinerCCC (Rufus) – 2-0
Scha (Balrog) vs. Hoangief (Zangief) – 0-2
Fatbear (Seth) vs. Bunsen Burner (Blanka) – zero-2
TKD|Ok-Pop (Ibuki) vs. CCG|Air (Man) – 0-2
tloz|Kaleo (E.Honda) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu) – 0-2
Hokage Dean (Guy) vs. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) – zero-2
FineLikeWine49 (Guile) vs. Bunsen Burner (Blanka) – 0-2
EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) vs. Hoangief (Zangief) – 2-zero
Shredder253 (Abel) vs. CCG|Air (Yun) – zero-2
LordBBH (M.Bison) vs. Duncan (Guile) – zero-2
coL|Filipino Champ (Seth) vs. mackinzie (Ibuki) – 2-1
CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka) vs. Kwyjibo (Cody) – 2-0
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. Namdar (Rufus) – 2-zero
CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka) vs. Bokkin (Cammy) – 1-2
CxR|BionicFiend (Fei Lengthy) vs. Sam B (Cammy) – 0-2
tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda) vs. Sam B (Ryu) – 2-1
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. Duncan (Rufus) – 2-1
Dickson (Cammy) vs. Kineda (Akuma) – zero-2

Hoangief (Zangief) vs. CCC|Nybb (E.Honda) – 2-zero
Sam B (Cammy) vs. Jeff Wu (C.Viper) – zero-2
LordBBH (Hakan, M.Bison) vs. Duncan (Guile, Rufus) – 1-2

1. SRKUW|Fawwaz (C.Viper)
2. FineLineWine409 (Guile)
three. AfroCole (Dhalsim)
4. tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda, Fei Long)
5. Sam B (Cammy, Ryu)
5. Gieft (Zangief, Dhalsim)
7. Scha (Balrog)
7. tLoz|Kaleo (E.Honda)

Fawwaz wins a trip to Evolution 2013, masking, airfare, hotel and registration.
SRKUW|Fawwaz (C.Viper) vs. FineLineWine409 (Guile) – three-1

AfroCole (Dhalsim) vs. FineLineWine49 (Guile) – 1-three
SRKUW|Fawwaz (C.Viper) vs. FineLikeWine49 (Guile) – 3-2

AfroCole (Dhalsim) vs. tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda) – 2-zero
AfroCole (Dhalsim) vs. FineLineWine49 (Guile) – zero-2
Gieft (Zangief) vs. SRKUW|Fawwaz (C.Viper) – 1-2

tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda) vs. Scha (Balrog) – 2-zero
Sam B (Ryu) vs. tLoz|Kaleo (E.Honda) – 2-0
AfroCole (Dhalsim) vs. Sam B (Cammy) – 2-1
Gieft (Zangief, Dhalsim) vs. tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda) – 1-2

Scha (Balrog) vs. FineLikeWine49 (Guile) – 1-2
tLoz|Duggish (Fei Long, E.Honda) vs. AfroCole (Dhalsim) – zero-2
tLoz|Kaleo (E.Honda) vs. SRKUW|Fawwaz (C.Viper) – 0-2
Gieft (Zangief) vs. Sam B (Cammy) – 2-1

1. Kineda’s Bitches – Kineda (Akuma), CCG|Air (Guy), AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu)
2. Lap Champ – CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka), coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
3. KSH – Fatbear (Seth), Sam B (Cammy), Hoangief (Zangief)
four. Pure Garbage – tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda), SRKUW|Fawwaz (C.Viper), FineLikeWine49 (Guile)

Set 1
Lap Champ vs. Kineda’s Bitches – 1-2

coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu)
CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka) vs. CCG|Air (Man)
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. Kineda (Akuma)

Set 2
Lap Champ vs. Kineda’s Bitches – 0-2

coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu)
CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka) vs. CCG|Air (Guy)

Lap Champ vs. KSH – 3-1
CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka) vs. Fatbear (Seth)
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. Sam B (Cammy)
CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka) vs. Hoangief (Zangief)
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. Hoangief (Zangief)

Kineda’s Bitches vs. KSH – three-2
CCG|Air (Guy) vs. Fabear (Seth)
Kineda (Akuma) vs. Hoangief (Zangief)
AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu) vs. Sam B (Cammy)
CCG|Air (Guy) vs. Hoangief (Zangief)
CCG|Air (Man) vs. Sam B (Cammy)

Pure Rubbish vs. Lap Champ – zero-three
tLoz|Duggish (E.Honda) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
SRKUW|Fawwaz (C.Viper) vs. CCG|Lap Chi Duong (Blanka)
FineLikeWine49 (Guile) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom three
1. coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Physician Doom/Pheonix)
2. KaneBlueriverCL (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel)
three. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye)
4. AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Physician Doom/Vergil, Morrigan/Physician Doom/Vergil)
5. Doomkills (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu)
5. DR|BitQ (Wesker/Haggar/Magneto)
7. Ebonic Plague (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
7. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Physician Doom/V9. Huey253 (Zero/Physician Doom/Vergil)
9. Dragoomba (Tremendous-Skrull/Dormammu/Haggar, C.Viper/Tremendous-Skrull/Haggar)
9. HoW|ColinLuv (Magneto/Spencer/Doctor Doom)
9. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Wesker)
thirteen. Soup (Morrigan/Dormammu/Physician Doom)
13. Bryan To (Zero/Dante/Vergil)
13. 1TruKing (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Sentinel, Doctor Doom/Hawkeye/Sentinel)
13. CFD|Hi I’m Nasty (Wesker/Captain America/Super-Skrull, Captain America/Iron Man/Tremendous-Skrull)ergil)

SRKUM|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. KaneBlueriverCL (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) – zero-3
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. KaneBlueriverCL (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar) – three-1

AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – 0-three
DR|BitQ (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix) vs. KaneBlueriverCL (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) – zero-three
SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Physician Doom/Phoenix) – 1-3

AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – three-0
Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Amaterasu) vs. Ebonic Plague (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 3-0

AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil, Morrigan/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. DR|BitQ (Wesker/Haggar/Magneto) – three-2
Doomkills (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – 0-three

High 16 Winners
Dragoomba (Super-Skrull/Dormammu/Haggar) vs. KaneBlueriverCL (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) – 0-3
Staobbotsford (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Wesker) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – 1-3
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Physician Doom/Phoenix) vs. Huey253 (Zero/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – three-0
DR|BitQ (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix) vs. HoW|ColinLuv (Spencer/Magneto/Doctor Doom) – three-0

Top sixteen Losers
Soup (Morrigan/Dormammu/Physician Doom) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 2-three
Bryan To (Zero/Dante/Vergil) vs. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 2-3
1TruKing (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Sentinel) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) – 1-3
Ebonic Plague (Physician Doom/Vergil/Strider Hiryu) vs. CFD|Hi I’m Nasty (Wesker/Captain America/Super-Skrull) – 3-2

Huey253 (Zero/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil, Magneto/Morrigan/Doctor Doom) – 1-three
Dragoomba (Super-Skrull/Dormammu/Haggar) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Amaterasu) – 2-three
HoW|ColinLuv (Magneto/Spencer/Physician Doom) vs. Ebonic Plague (Physician Doom/Vergil/Strider Hiryu, Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 1-3
Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Wesker) vs. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 2-three

CFD|Hi I’m Nasty (Captain America/Iron Man/Super-Skrull) vs. Just Steve (Nova/Spencer/Physician Doom) – 3-2
Salty Crew|Darkneon (Zero/Vergil/Doctor Doom) vs. DR|Cam (Thor/Rocket Raccoon/Vergil) – 1-3
Ebonic Plague (Physician Doom/Vergil/Strider Hiryu) vs. CFD|Hi I’m Nasty (Captain America/Iron Man/Super-Skrull, Wesker/Captain America/Tremendous-Skrull) – 3-0
Huey253 (Zero/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. CanJS|Kawasakinin (Taskmaster/Dante/Deadpool) – three-2
SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. BlackMarvel (Nova/Frank West/Vergil) – three-0
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. Aisleson (Morrigan/Dormammu/Physician Doom) – 3-0
Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Wesker) vs. DR.GKK|Kyle (Spencer/Physician Doom/Vergil, Spencer/Storm/Doctor Doom) – three-zero
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Physician Doom/Phoenix) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Aamterasu) – three-zero
Huey253 (Zero/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. 1TruKing (Physician Doom/Hawkeye/Sentinel) – three-zero
SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. Ebonic Plague (Doctor Doom/Vergil/Strider Hiryu) – three-0
Rowtron (Magneto/Chun-Li/Sentinel) vs. WS|G Law (Wolverine/Spencer/Doctor Doom) – zero-3
KaneBlueriver (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. Cokethief (Zero/Physician Doom/Vergil) – three-zero
BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Physician Doom) vs. DR|Twonny Cakes (Taskmaster/Physician Doom/Akuma) – three-zero
Eric V (Nova/Taskmaster/Physician Strange, Wesker/Nova/Taskmaster) vs. Dragoomba (C.Viper/Super-Skrull/Haggar, Tremendous-Skrull/Dormammu/Haggar) – 1-three
WS|G Law (Wolverine/Spencer/Doctor Doom, C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Physician Doom/Vergil) – 0-3
Shredder (Iron Man/Wolverine/Doctor Doom) vs. CxR|BionicFraud (Iron Man/Captain America/Spencer) – 3-0
Bryan (Zero/Dante/Vergil) vs. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Physician Doom) – 3-zero
Dragoomba (Super-Skrull/Dormammu/Haggar) vs. Wenzel (Vergil/Wesker/Strider Hiryu) – three-0
Shredder253 (Wolverine/Iron Man/Doctor Doom)) vs. DR|bitq (Wesker/Physician Doom/Phoenix, Wesker/Haggar/Magneto) – 1-3
Bryan (Zero/Dante/Vergil) vs. HoW|Colin Luv (Magneto/Spencer/Physician Doom) – 2-3
KaneBlueriver (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – three-0

Pacific Northwest Street to Evolution 2013 Finals
1. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye)
2. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Wesker)
3. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Physician Doom)
4. Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Amaterasu)
5. Soup (Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Vergil)
5. ChocoSTORM!!! (Wolverine/Captain America/Sentinel, Wolverine/Frank West/Physician Doom)
7. SRKUW|Shaka (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Vergil)
7. Cam (Thor/Rocket Raccoon/Vergil)

Darryn wins a visit to Evolution 2013, protecting airfare, resort and registration.
BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Physician Doom) vs. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Wesker) – 2-three

SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Wesker) – 3-1
BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Doctor Doom) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Amaterasu) – 3-2

BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Doctor Doom) vs. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Wesker) – 2-3
SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) – 3-1

Soup (Morrigan/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. SRKUW|Shaka (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Vergil)- three-2
Cam (Thor/Rocket Raccoon/Vergil) vs. ChocoSTORM!!! (Wolverine/Captain America/Sentinel) – 1-3

Soup (Morrigan/Physician Doom/Vergil ) vs. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Doctor Doom) – 2-3
ChocoSTORM!!! (Wolverine/Frank West/Doctor Doom) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Amaterasu) – 1-three

BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Physician Doom, Captain America/Vergil/Physician Doom) vs. ChocoSTORM!!! (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Vergil) – three-2
Cam (Thor/Rocket Raccoon/Vergil) vs. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Wesker) – 2-three
Soup (Morrigan/Dormammu/Physician Doom) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Amaterasu) – 2-three
SRKUW|Shaka (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – 1-three

3v3 Crew Tournament
1. Worldwide Affair – KaneBlueriver, coL|Filipino Champ, BG|Rattana
2. MY Bionic Arm Is Larger Than Yours – Doomkills, GK.DKK|Kyle, SRKUW|Darryn
3. Staff Canada – Stabbotsford, Simply Steve, Bryan
four. Iron Man Sucks – SnowSTORM!!!Dragoomba, Ebonic Plague

International Affair vs. My Bionic Arm – three-1
KaneBlueriver (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. Doomkills (C.Viper/Physician Doom/Amaterasu) – 2-zero
BG|Rattana (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) vs. GK.DDK|Kyle (Spencer/Physician Doom/Vergil) – 2-1
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – 1-2
KaneBlueriver (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) – 2-zero

Crew Canada vs. My Bionic Arm Is Greater Than Yours – off-stream
International Affair vs. Group Canada – three-0

coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Physician Doom/Phoenix) vs. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Wesker) – 2-1
BG|Rattana (Magneto/Physician Doom/Vergil) vs. Simply Steve (Nova/Spencer/Doctor Doom) – 1-2
KaneBlueriver (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. Bryan (Zero/Dante/Vergil) – 2-1
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Physician Doom/Phoenix) vs. Simply Steve (Nova/Spencer/Doctor Doom) – 2-0

My Bonic Arm is Larger than Yours vs. Iron Man Sucks
Partial match
SRKUW|Darryn (Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye) vs. Dragoomba (Tremendous-Skrull/Dormammu/Haggar) – 2-1
Doomkills (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. Ebonic Plague (Doctor Doom/Vergil/Strider Hiryu) – 2-1

Worldwide Affair vs. Highest Team – 3-0
KaneBlueriver (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. Hint (Wesker/Dante/Strider Hiryu) – 2-zero
BG|Rattana (Magneto/Vergil/Doctor Doom) vs. Rocko (Nova/Magneto/Dante) – 2-1
coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Physician Doom/Phoenix) vs. Wenzel (Vergil/Wesker/Strider Hiryu) – 2-0

My Bionic Arm Is Greater Than Yours vs. Group Canada – 1-three
Doomkills (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu) vs. Bryan (Zero/Dante/Vergil) – 1-2
GK.DDK|Kyle (Spencer/Doctor Doom/Vergil) vs. Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Physician Doom/Wesker) – 1-2
SRKUW|Darryn (Spencer/Nova/Hawkeye) vs. Just Steve (Nova/Spencer/Doctor Doom) – 2-zero
SRKUW|Darryn (Spencer/Nova/Hawkeye) vs. Bryan (Zero/Dante/Vergil) – 1-2

Exhibition Matches
Dragoomba (C.Viper/Tremendous Skrull/Haggar, Tremendous Skrull/Dormammu/Haggar) vs. CFD|Hi I’m Nasty (Wesker/Captain America/Super Skrull) – three-7 ●●○○●○●●●●
Stabbotsford (Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Wesker) vs. BG|Rattana (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Vergil) – 3-7 ●●●●●●○○○●
KaneBlueriverCL (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix) – 4-7 ●●○●○●○●○●●
KaneBlueriverCL (Hulk/Haggar/Sentinel) vs. SRKUW|Darryn (Spencer/Nova/Hawkeye) – 7-2 ○○○○○●●○○

Avenue Fighter X Tekken Ver.2013
1. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus/Chun-Li, Cammy/Chun-Li)
2. LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia)
3. Sergio (Zangief/Ryu)
4. Hoangief (Zangief/Sakura, Zangief/Guile)

EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus/Chun-Li) vs. LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia) – three-0
Sergio (Ryu/Zangief) vs. LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia) – 1-three

EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus/Chun-Li) vs. LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia) – 3-1
Sergio (Zangief/Ryu) vs. Hoangief (Zangief/Sakura, Zangief/Guile) – 2-1

Mister Spooky (Guy/Kazuya) vs. Hoangief (Zangief/Sakura) – 0-2
SHOGUNDo (M.Bison/Nina) vs. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Cammy/Chun-Li) – 0-2
EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus/Chun-Li) vs. NeoGAF|Shouta (Law/Kuma) – 2-0
FineLikeWine49 (Guile/Cammy) vs. DrunkenBanana (Julia/Nina) – 1-2
DrunkenBanana (Julia/Nina) vs. Hoangief (Zangief/Sakura) – 0-2
Hoangief (Zangief/Sakura, Zangief/Guile) vs. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus/Chun-Li) – 0-2
LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim/Rolento) – 2-zero
Sergio (Zangief/Ryu) vs. Kwyjibo (Vega/Steve) – 2-0
AC|XsK_Samurai (Jin/Ryu) vs. Sergio (Ryu/Zangief) – zero-2
Scuba Steve (Ken/Chun-Li) vs. LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia) – 0-2
Dickson (Hwoarang/Chun-Li) vs. Metsumat (Dudley/Paul) – 2-zero
Dickson (Hwoarang/Chun-Li) vs. LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia) – 0-2
Sergio (Ryu/Zangief) vs. LordBBH (M.Bison/Julia) – 1-2

SHOGUNDo (M.Bison/Nina) vs. WGD|TSpeeds (Regulation/Kuma) – zero-2
Mister Spooky (Man/Kazuya) vs. FineLikeWine49 (Guile/Cammy) – 1-2
FineLikeWine49 (Guile/Cammy) vs. NeoGAF|Shouta (Legislation/Kuma) – zero-2
WGD|TSpeeds (Law/Kuma) vs. NeoGAF|Shouta (Regulation/Kuma) – 2-1
WGD|TSpeeds (Legislation/Kuma) vs. Hoangief (Zangief/Sakura) – 0-2
Thomas Cleveland (Heihachi/Kuma) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim/Rolento) – 0-2
Scuba Steve (Ken/Chun-Li) vs. coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim/Rfbolento) – zero-2
Serpent (Guy/Asuka) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu/Jin) – 1-2
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim/JACK-X) vs. AC|XsK_Samurai (Ryu/Jin) – 2-0
coL|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim/JACK-X) vs. Sergio (Zangief/Ryu) – 1-2

Injustice: Gods Among Us
1. Reggie (Doomsday)
2. OBS|TrevarThePastor (Superman)
3. Joey Traditional (Deathstroke, Batgirl)
four. STB|Kevin7 (Batman, Superman)
5. Heaton (Deathstroke)
5. WA|SaulC (Batgril)
7. CollinLG (Black Adam, Inexperienced Lantern)
7. STB|McNasty (Marvel Lady)

OBS|TrevarThePastor (Superman) vs. Reggie (Doomsday) – 1-3
OBS|TrevarThePastor (Superman) vs. Joey Traditional (Deathstroke, Batgirl) childrens captain america t shirt korea – three-1

OBS|TrevarThePastor (Superman) vs. Reggie (Doomsday) – zero-three
STB|Kevin7 (Batman, Superman) vs. Joey Basic (Deathstroke) – 1-2

Reggie (Doomsday) vs. Joey Classic (Batgirl) – 2-1
OBS|TrevarThePastor (Superman) vs. STB|Kevin7 (Batman) – 2-zero

CollinLG (Black Adam) vs. Heaton (Deathstroke) – 1-2
WA|SaulC (Batgirl) vs. STB|McNasty (Marvel Woman) – 2-zero

Heaton (Deathstroke) vs. Joey Basic (Batgirl, Deathstroke) – 1-2
WA|SaulC (Batgirl) vs. STB|Kevin7 (Batman, Superman) – 1-2

KOFNW|Mad Salt (Doomsday) vs. AfroCole (Aquman) – 1-2
1TruKing (Solomon Grundy) vs. AfroCole (Aquman) – 2-zero
OBS|TrevarThePastor (Superman) vs. Kunitoshi (Harley Quinn) – 2-0
TR|WhiteTravis (Shazam) vs. OBS|TrevarThePastor (Superman) – zero-2
CollinLG (Green Lantern) vs. STB|Kevin7 (Batman) – zero-2
Heaton (Deathstroke) vs. WGD|TSpeeds (The Flash) – 2-0
STB|Kevin7 (Batman) vs. Heaton (Deathstroke) – 2-0
TheBatMuchacho (Batman) vs. 1TruKing (Solomon Grundy) – 2-zero
TheBatMuchacho (Batman) vs. OBS|TrevorThePastor (Superman) – 1-2
Mister Spooky (Hawkgirl) vs. WA|SaulC (Batgirl) – 1-2
Matt Smith (Shazam) vs. Joey Basic (Batgirl) – 0-2
coL|Filipino Champ (Sinestro) vs. WA|SaulC (Batgirl) – zero-2
CB (Lex Luthor) vs. nRG|Adanimo (Aquaman) – zero-2
Reggie (Doomsday) vs. The massive Palooka (Solomon Grundy) – 2-zero
Cam (Doomsday) vs. WA|SaulC (Batgirl) – 0-2
Reggie (Doomsday) vs. ChristianAye (Green Lantern) – 2-0
STB|McNasty (Marvel Lady) vs. nRG|Adamino (Aquaman) – 2-zero
Duncan (Killer Frost, Nightwing) vs. Joey Basic (Batgirl) – zero-2
Reggie (Aquaman) vs. WA|SaulC (Batgirl) – 2-0
STB|McNasty (Surprise Woman) vs. Joey Traditional (Batgirl) – zero-2

Swaggy Long Legs (Lobo) vs. TR|WhiteTravis (Shazam) vs. 2-zero
Swaggy Lengthy Legs (Lobo) vs. 1TruKing (Solomon Grundy) – 0-2
Heaton (Deathstroke) vs. 1TruKing (Solomon Grundy) – 2-0
Cam (Doomsday) vs. CB (Lex Luthor) – 2-zero
coL|Filipino Champ (Sinestro) vs. Duncan (Killer Frost) – 2-1
STB|McNasty (Wonder Girl) vs. Cam (Doomsday) – 2-zero
coL|Filipino Champ (Sinestro) vs. WA|SaulC (Batgirl) – 0-2

The King of Fighters XIII
1. KaneBlueriverCL (Raiden/Takuma/Vice)
2. Joel A (Iori/Robert/Daimon)
3. Sam B (Yuri/Kula/Benimaru, Kyo/Yuri/Benimaru, Kyo/Kula/Benimaru, Yuri/EX Iori/Benimaru)
four. j2c|Mechanica (Chin/Hwa/Benimaru, Ryo/Chin/Benimaru)
5. tLoz|Duggish (Mr. Karate/EX Iori/Billy, Joe/Billy/EX Iori)
5. Darwin (Benimaru/Hwa/Kim, Benimaru/Terry/Hwa, Kim/Hwa/Terry, Maxima/Terry/Andy)
7. CCG|Air (Saiki/EX Kyo/EX Iori)
7. Daniel T (Mr. Karate/Benimaru/K’)

Joel A (Daimon/Robert/Iori) vs. KaneBlueriverCL (Raiden/Takuma/Vice) – 1-3
Joel A (Iori/Robert/Daimon) vs. Sam B (Yuri/EX Iori/Benimaru, Yuri/Kyo/Benimaru, Yuri/Kula/Benimaru) – 3-1

Joel A (Daimon/Iori/Robert) vs. KaneBlueriverCL (Raiden/Takuma/Vice) – 0-three
j2c|Mechanica (Chin/Hwa/Benimaru) vs. Sam B (Yuri/Kula/Benimaru, Kyo/Yuri/Benimaru) – 1-2

Joel A (Robert/Iori/Daimon) vs. Darwin (Kim/Hwa/Terry, Maxima/Terry/Andy) – 2-zero
KaneBlueriverCL (Raiden/Takuma/Vice) vs. tLoz|Duggish (Mr. Karate/Billy/EX Iori) – 2-zero

j2c|Mechanica (Ryo/Chin/Benimaru) vs. CCG|Air (Saiki/EX Kyo/EX Iori) – 2-1
Daniel T (Mr. Karate/Benimaru/K’) vs. Sam B (Yuri/Kula/Benimaru) – 1-2

j2c|Mechanica (Hwa/Chin/Benimaru) vs. tLoz|Duggish (Joe/Billy/EX Iori, Mr. Karate/EX Iori/Billy) – 2-0
Darwin (Benimaru/Terry/Hwa) vs. Sam B (Kyo/Kula/Benimaru) – 1-2

Shojewken (Kensou/Benimaru/Iori) vs. Namdar (Iori/Raiden/Shen) – 2-zero
KOFNW|Mad Salt (Terry/Clark/Ralf) vs. Darwin (Kim/Benimaru/Hwa) – 0-2
Mechanica (Chin/Hwa/Benimaru) vs. Darwin (Benimaru/Hwa/Kim, Benimaru/Terry/Hwa) – 1-2
Nissan Zaxima (Ralf/Iori/Benimaru) vs. CCG|Air (EX Kyo/Saiki/EX Iori) – 1-2
Dave O (EX Kyo/Mature/Kim, Benimaru/Mature/Kim) vs. CCG|Air (EX Kyo/Saiki/Iori) – 1-2
Joel A (Daimon/Iori/Robert) vs. CCG|Air (Saiki/EX Kyo/EX Iori) – 2-1
Daniel T (K’/Mr. Karate/Benimaru) vs. AC|XsK|Samurai (Kula/K’/Kyo) – 2-zero
Sam B (Kyo/Kula/Benimaru, EX Iori/Kula/Benimaru) vs. tLoz|Duggish (Mr. Karate/Billy/EX Iori) – 0-2
Daniel T (Mr. Karate/K’/Benimaru) vs. KaneBlueriver (Raiden/Takuma/Vice) – 0-2

Dave O (EX Kyo/Kim/Shen, Benimaru/Mature/Kim) vs. Shojewken (Kensou/Benimaru/Iori) – 2-1
LordBBH (King/Kyo/Shen, King/Iori/Shen) vs. CCG|Air (EX/Kyo/Saiki/EX Iori) – zero-2
Heavy D (Ralf/Shen/Iori) vs. JJ (Athena/Hwa/Mr. Karate) – childrens captain america t shirt korea zero-2
Daniel T (K’/Mr. Karate/Benimaru) vs. JJ (Athena/Hwa/Mr. Karate) – 2-1
Sam B ( Yuri/Kyo/Benimaru) vs. The Show (Andy/Robert/Kim) – 2-1

Super Smash Brothers Melee

1. CT.EMP|Mew2King (Sheik, Marth, Fox)
2. Bladewise (Peach)
three. SilentWolf (Fox)
four. Blunted Object (Falco, Fox)
5. s2j (Captain Falcon)
5. Diakonos (Marth, Sheik)

Silent Wolf (Fox) vs. CT.EMP|Mew2King (Sheik, Marth) – 1-3
Bladewise (Peach) vs. SilentWolf (Fox) – 0-3

CT.EMP|Mew2King (Sheik) vs. SilentWolf (Fox) – 3-1
Bladewise (Peach) vs. Blunted Object (Fox) – three-0

s2j (Captain Falcon) vs. SilentWolf (Fox) – 1-3
CT.EMP|Mew2King (Sheik, Fox) vs. Bladewise (Peach) – three-1

Bluented Object (Falco) vs. s2j (Captain Falcon) – 2-0
Bladewise (Peach) vs. Diakonos (Marth, Sheik) – 2-1

Vish (Captain Falcon) vs. Fishy (Jigglypuff) – 2-0
Okami (Sheik) vs. Vish (Captain Falcon) – 2-0
Blunted Object (Falco) vs. Bladewise (Peach) – 0-2
CT.EMP|Mew2King (Sheik) vs. Okami (Sheik) – 2-0
s2j (Captain Falcon) vs. Ciz (Marth) – 2-1

Diakonos (Marth) vs. Ciz (Marth) – 2-zero

1. Toph (Fox), CT|Mew2king (Sheik)
2. SilentWolf (Fox), BladeWise (Peach)
three. s2j (Captain Falcon), Ciz (Marth)
four. Blunted Object (Fox, Falco), Diaokonos (Fox, Shiek)
5. Moose (Fox), Vish (Captain Falcon)
5. Foos (Sheik), Eggz (Fox)

SilentWolf (Fox) + BladeWise (Peach) vs. Toph (Fox) + CT|Mew2king (Sheik, Fox) – 3-1 RESET
SilentWolf (Fox) + BladeWise (Peach) vs. Toph (Fox) + CT|Mew2king (Sheik) – 1-three

SilentWolf (Fox) + BladeWise (Peach) vs. s2j (Captain Falcon) + Ciz (Marth) – three-2
Toph (Fox) + CT|Mew2king (Sheik) vs. SilentWolf (Fox) + BladeWise (Peach) – three-2

Blunted Object (Falco, Fox) + Diaokonos (Fox) vs. s2j (Captain Falcon) + Ciz (Marth) – 1-3
Toph (Fox) + CT|Mew2king (Sheik) vs. Blunted Object (Fox, Falco) +Diakonos (Fox) – three-0
s2j (Captain Falcon) + Ciz (Marth) vs. SilentWolf (Fox) + BladeWise (Peach) – 0-3

Moose (Fox) + Vish (Captain Falcon) vs. Blunted Object (Falco)+Diakonos (Sheik) – zero-2
Foos (Sheik) + Eggz (Fox) vs. s2j (Captain Falcon) + Ciz (Marth) – 0-2

Eggz (Fox) +Foos (Sheik) vs. Slam Beak (Shiek, Fox) – 2-zero
Fishy + Jizzard (Fox, Jiggypuff) vs. Blunted Object (Fox) +Diakonos (Fox) – 1-2
Eggz (Fox) +Foos (Sheik) vs. Blunted Object (Fox) +Diakonos (Fox) – 1-2
Vish Captain Falcon) + Moose (Fox) vs. s2j (Captain Falcon) + Ciz (Marth) – 1-2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1. MoneyInc|eDDIEBOYMANG (Eddy/Bruce)
2. Zest (Kuma/Panda)
3. Geesemaster (Feng/JACK-6)
4. Pslyence (Nina/Unknown)

MoneyInc|EBM (Eddy/Bruce) vs. Zest (Kuma/Panda) – three-2 RESET
MoneyInc|EBM (Eddy/Bruce) vs. Zest (Kuma/Panda) – three-zero

MoneyInc|EBM (Eddy/Bruce) vs. Geesemaster (Feng/JACK-6) – 3-0
MoneyInc|EBM (Eddy/Bruce) vs. Zest (Kuma/Panda) – 1-three

Pslyence (Nina/Unknown) vs. Geesemaster (Feng/JACK-6) – 2-3
Early Spherical Match Log

Manoftheleaf (Kazuya/Bryan) vs. Hiroaki (Kuma/Panda) – zero-three
Psylence (Nina/Unknown) vs. Geesemaster (Feng/JACK-6) – 1-three
Kenji (Wang/Lili) vs. Hiroaki (Kuma/Panda) (King/Armor King) – 2-3
Kenji (Wang/Lili) vs. Yung (JACK-6/P.JACK) – three-zero
WTG (Paul/Feng) vs Kenji (Lili/Wang) – 0-three
Cash Inc.|EBM (Eddy/Bruce) vs. Geesemaster (Feng/Jack-6) – 3-1
Colton (Kazuya/Heihachi) vs. Hiroaki (Kuma/Panda) – zero-3
Colton (Kazuya/Heihachi) vs. Psylence (Nina/Unknown) – 2-three
Kenji (Lili/Wang) vs. Geesemaster (Feng/Jack-6) – 0-3

Persona four Area
1. SRKUW|Shaka (Chie Satonaka)
2. HoW|Dave O (Mitsuru Kirijo)
3. Vista (Chie Satonaka)
four. SRKUW|Paulrog (Yosuke Hanamura)
5. SRKUW|LoZ (Aigis)
5. HoW|ColinLuv (Naoto Shirogane)
7. Huey253 (Yu Narukami)
7. 765Pro|SonikkuMan (Yukiko Amagi)

SRKUW|Shaka (Chie Satonaka) vs. HoW|Dave O (Mitsuru Kirijo) – three-2
Vista (Chie Satonaka) vs. HoW|Dave O (Mitsuru Kirijo) – 0-3

SRKUW|Shaka (Chie Satonaka) vs. HoW|Dave O (Mitsuru Kirijo) – 3-1
SRKUW|Paulrog (Yosuke Hanamura) vs. Vista (Chie Satonaka) – zero-2

SRKUW|Shaka (Chie Satonaka) vs. SRKUW|LoZ (Aigis) – 2-0
HoW|Dave O (Mitusuru Kirijo) vs. SRKUW|Paulrog (Yosuke Hanamura) – 2-zero

High eight Losers
Huey253 (Yu Narukami) vs. Vista (Chie Satonaka) – 1-2
HoW|ColinLuv (Naoto Shirogane) vs. 765Pro|SonikkuMan (Yukiko Amagi) – 2-zero

Vista (Chie Satonaka) vs. SRKUW|LoZ (Aigis) – 2-0
HoW|ColinLuv (Naoto Shirogane) vs. SRKUW|Paulrog (Yosuke Hanamura) – 0-2

Adelheid (Shadow Labrys) vs. Bohemian Polka (Teddie) – 2-zero
Speaking Chicken (Elizabeth) vs. SRKUW|PaulO (Yosuke Hanamura) – 0-2
Huey253 (Yu Narukami) vs. HoW|Colin Luv (Naoto Shirogane) – 0-2
Eric V (Akihiko Sanada) vs. Vista (Chie Satonaka) – 1-2
SonikkuMan (Yukiko Amagi) vs. SRKUW|Shaka (Chie Satonaka) – 0-2
SRKUW|PaulO (Yosuke Hanamura) vs. Vista (Chie Satonaka) – 2-1
Adelheid (Shadow Labrys) vs. Dave O (Mitsuru Kirijo) – zero-2
LogicHole (Chie Satonaka) vs. Black Marvel (Teddie) – 0-2
SRKUW|LoZ (Aigis) vs. HoW|Colin Luv (Naoto Shirogane) – 2-zero

Eric V (Akihiko Sanada) vs. SonikkuMan (Yukiko Amagi) – 0-2
Bohemian Polka (Teddie) vs. Colin V (Naoto Shirogane) – 1-2
Vista (Chie Satonaka) vs. Black Marvel (Teddie) – 2-zero

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown
1. MasaRED (Shun)
2. Chanchai (Lion)
three. Yangsing (Kage, Jeffry)
four. NeoGAF|Shouta (El Blaze)

Chanchai (Lion) vs. MasaRED (Shun) – 2-3 RESET
Chanchai (Lion) vs. MasaRED (Shun) – 2-3
Yangsing (Kage) vs. MasaRED (Shun) – 1-three

Chanchai (Lion) vs. MasaRED (Shun) – three-1
NeoGAF|Shouta (El Blaze) vs. Yangsing (Jeffry) – 0-3

Chanchai (Lion) vs. Yangsing (Kage) – three-2
MasaRED (Shun) vs. Buktooth (Pai) – three-0
MacKenzie (Lau) vs. Airthrow (Sarah) – 1-3
Buktooth (Pai) vs. Sixteen (Sarah) – three-1
Twonny Cakes (Brad) vs. Yansing (Jacky) – zero-three
AfroCole (Akira) vs. Zass (Wolf) – zero-three
Namdar (Shun) vs. NeoGAF|Shouta (El Blaze) – zero-3
Airthrow (Sarah) vs. MasaRED (Shun) – 0-three
Chanchai (Lion) vs. NeoGAF|Shouta (El Blaze) – three-0
Yangsing (Kage) vs. Zass (Wolf) – 3-1
Buktooth (Pai) vs. Fatbear (Akira) – 3-2
Chanchai (Lion) vs. Yangsing (Kage) – 3-2
MasaRED (Shun) vs. Buktooth (Pai) – three-zero

Fatbear (Akira) vs. Namdar (Shun) – three-0
Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Standard childrens captain america t shirt korea Tournament
1. STP (O-Sagat, O-Ken, O-Ryu)
2. hyphen-ated (Fei Lengthy)
3. AfroCole (Ken, Dhalsim)

STP (O-Sagat, O-Ken) vs. hyphen-ated (Fei Long) – four-three
AfroCole (Ken, Dhalsim) vs. hyphen-ated (Fei Long) – three-four

STP (O-Ken, O-Ryu) vs. hyphen-ated (Fei Long) – 4-three
Ratio Tournament

Examine right here for ratio chart.
1. STP (Sagat, Ken, Ryu)
2. AfroCole (Blanka, Ken, Dhalsim)
3. Assman (Dee Jay, Blanka, Guile)
4. Rcaido (Zangief)

AfroCole (Blanka, Ken, Dhalsim) vs. STP (Sagat, Ken, Ryu) – 2-3
AfroCole (Ken, Dhalsim) vs. Assman (Dee Jay, Blanka, Guile) – three-1

STP (Sagat, Ken) vs. AfroCole (Blanka, Ken) – 3-1
Rcaido (Zangief) vs. Assman (Blanka, Dee Jay) – 1-four

Vampire Savior
1. Sam (Gallon)
2. Trace (Sasquatch)
three. Danny (Bishamon, Demitri)
four. Airthrow (Jedah)

Trace (Sasquatch) vs. Sam (Gallon) – 1-3
Danny (Bishamon) vs. Trace (Sasquatch) – 2-three

Sam (Gallon) vs. Danny (Demitri) – 3-0
Airthrow (Jedah) vs. Trace (Sasquatch) – zero-2

Airthrow (Jedah) vs. Sam (Gallon) – zero-2
Danny (Demitri) vs. BrentoBox (Gallon) – 2-0
Dave O (Q-Bee) vs. Airthrow (Jedah) – zero-2
Jais (Bishamon) vs.