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Teen Titans Go! Wiki

Birdarang is a minor reoccurring character in Teen Titans Go!. He was created by Robin and Cyborg within the episode “Energy Strikes,” and has since then he turned Robin’s little buddy, and Beat Field’s associate and cephalic carnage t shirt meaning finest friend. He is voiced by Scott Menville.


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After accidentally utilizing a tremendous energy transfer to defeat Mammoth, Robin and Cyborg retreated to the garage to see what else their combined powers might do. Their first experiment, which mixed Robin’s workers and Cyborg’s boombox, resulted within the creation of Beat Field.

Their second experiment, nonetheless, consisted of one in every of Robin’s hen-a-rangs and one in every of Cyborg’s microchips. Robin held it up, and Cyborg jammed in his microchip just straight into it. The end result: Birdarang! He uttered the words “What’s up, fellas “. Being created in the identical atmosphere as Beat Box, Birdarang immediately proceeds to social gathering, with music provided by the close by Beat Box. Later that day, Birdarang joined Robin, Cyborg, and the Beat Field as they traveled around Soar City, merging every part they may discover.

Birdarang continues to reside in Titans Tower with the opposite Titans, but doesn’t appear very often, and he is usually hidden in unexpected places (for instance, Silkie’s stomach).

It also appears to be one among Robin’s “little buddies”, as it will apparently fight for him in opposition to Pain Bot in “Little Buddies”. Pain Bot merely simply cephalic carnage t shirt meaning flicks Birdarang out of the ring.

In the episode “Puppets, Whaaaaat “, he makes a short appearance on tv with Beat Box.
Throughout the episode “Brian”, Birdarang shows a quite relaxed persona, having no drawback with partying for eight months while the Titans had been imprisoned. In the beginning of the rescue operation Birdarang shows a contented-go-fortunate angle and might be seen partying as a distraction for the guard after which partying once within the cell. Birdarang does nonetheless present composure, main the group of Ache Bot, Dave, Beat Field, Tremendous Robin in breaking out of their cage. Birdarang also reveals resilience and loyalty when taking on The Brain.

Episode Appearances
Books (debut)
Energy Strikes’ (First chronological look)
Little Buddies
Puppets Whaaaaat

Nean (cameo)
Historical past Lesson
Oh Yeah!
The Overbite

Season four
The Inner Beauty of a Cactus
Television Knight 2
Justice League’s Next Prime Expertise Idol Star
The Academy
Costume Contest

Flight – Birdarang can hover within the air.
Power Armor – As seen in “Brian”, he is capable of remodeling power armor able to super power and heat vision out of his one eye.

“What’s up fellas ”
“Now that is a mouthful.”
“Thats a fashion no no.”
“Smooth transfer bro.”
“Hi ya fellas.”
“Roger that, bye ya fellas.”
“This goes to be off the chain yo.”
“Let’s do that Beat Box.”
“Let’s break it down.”
“That’s ri-donk-ulous.”
“A suicide mission to save lots of the opposite Titans ”
“Let’s dance Brian!”
“Word to your entire family!”
“That is my jam yo!”
– “Oh dang!”
“Prepare yourselves, that is gonna be one titanic takedown!”

Birdarang first appeared within the episode “Books”. Nonetheless, its origin takes place within the episode “Power Moves”.
His operating stance proven in “Brian” is very similar to Sonic the Hedgehog’s running stance. (Leaning forward with arms inactive, flailing behind)
Within the episode Brian, he fights The Mind while in a “tremendous mode”, with arms and Teen_Titans legs. This is also the one episode the place he does this.
He’s to not be confused with Robin’s birdarang cephalic carnage t shirt meaning wepons which was half of what he was manufactured from.
As proven in “Justice League’s Next Prime Talent Idol Star”, “The Academy” and “Costume Contest”, he hosted particular events all through the season.
As also proven throughout the collection, Birdarang is greatest associates with Beat Box.