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Poison Ivy Cures, Help And data

These photographs are from November tenth, 2011, Day 5 of the rash’s development. That is when it began getting pretty dangerous for me. My left eye was half closed, both wrists had weeping rashes, and that i had rashes over a lot of the rest of my body in random spots.

This is my face. It is arduous to indicate the rash totally, but my complete forehead is swollen with the rash. There are spots alongside down to every ear. There are swollen spots on either facet of my nose. The nostril itself has spots on it. My left eye has swelling around it. Luckily this all generally feels “tight” and not “itchy”. The exception is along the hairline and by the ears it does really feel itchy.

Each wrists are weeping – one thing I might by no means had happen carolina panthers superman shirt under armour 10 before. Also, the blisters are tiny little dots, not bigger dots, which is odd. I wasn’t sure this was poison ivy for the first two days because of that.It didn’t look like my other carolina panthers superman shirt under armour 10 circumstances.

Word that the weeping of poison ivy will not be urushiol oil popping out. That urushiol oil is long gone by this level. The weeping is the physique’s pure defenses filling the blisters with pus. It is part of the healing process. So it is Ok to touch that. You don’t need to interrupt open blisters though. You want them to heal on their very own time.

So here are my two wrists.
Here are just a few of the areas which might be affected, to present a sense of what the rash spots appear like.

I have a stripe on my right front torso, that is most likely the longest contiguous spot apart from my face and wrists.

I have this row of dots on my back.
That is my inside left knee.

This is the entrance of my left leg, to show how the poison ivy rash spots are scattered all over my body. In essence a rash spot appears wherever the urushiol oil touched. So I should have had little dots of oil throughout my physique.

So the one “large protection” by way of solid coverage is my face and wrists. Plus the one stripe. Nonetheless the rest of me is speckled with poison ivy. There must have little bits of oil everywhere in the place. We’ve been washing every part we can but I’m not sure that we’ve gotten it all up. It’s hard to know what to scrub – the kitchen counters The dining room table The oil will be anyplace.

At this level I’m hoping that is the worst it’s going to get – however we’re only on day 5. When I got poison ivy fairly dangerous in 2007 it was day 11 before the really nasty itchiness had begun to fade. Additionally, we’re counting from day 0 that Bob bought infected. He was exhibiting symptoms a day or two before I did. So it may simply be that it’s going to take me several days longer in this cycle to get better. I also need to pray that I am not re-infecting myself with urushiol oil from family objects, and beginning this cycle over again.

Nonetheless, in any case, I do know I’ve not less than 5 extra days ahead of me earlier than this begins to get much less itchy. I am using hydrocortisone cream, taking benadryl, and aspirin too. carolina panthers superman shirt under armour 10 Hopefully tomorrow I can get to a physician to see what different options I’ve, since my face is involved.

After I took these pictures I outlined just a few of the rashes with green magic marker. That means I can see visually how they change.