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Caption Competitors 15

Congratulations to Michelle Roses who obtained 13 votes for her caption. Michelle receives:
Cheap 100% Cotton Printed On reverse flash running flash cw Children's T-shirt1. Entry into the Caption Competitors Hall of Fame on my webpage and on My Pinterest page.

2. Her caption made right into a poster of Amazonian stature!*
3. An superior 2,500 Quora credit!
The runners up have been:

Yash Kumar Lal who boys captain america shirt bought 7 votes for
How dare you come residence drunk and half-assed in the course of the day We’re achieved! I’m into chicks now

David Durham who obtained 7 votes for
The signal says ‘Island of Disappointing Wet Dreams’.
Particular prize: I added David’s caption for the signal to the poster, as Michelle didn’t specify one.

Glyn Williams with 7 votes for
Sign: NO Comic E-book ARTISTS!
Surprise Woman: Read the signal pal! After making us put on this crap you possibly can go draw your self one other island.

Brett Williams with 7 votes for
Signal: Bare Shoulder Seashore
Man: However I look terrible in a tube prime!
Surprise Woman: Sir, I will need to ask you to follow the costume code earlier than I enable you on the island.

Yash, David, Glyn and Brett receive 500 credits.
Extremely commended

NB: as ever there were several individuals who would have received a highly commended or particular award except that they didn’t upvote the unique publish – it’s important to upvote the submit if you wish to be considered for a prize.

Profitable 500 credit for his or her captions are…
Dan Holliday
Blonde: “Finally! A man! He’s mine!”
Man: “Hey, girls. I simply washed up on shore from a FABULOUS cruise ’round Mikanos. . . . . let me tell . . . . wait . . . . what in the identify of Dorothy are you wearin’ girl I see I have some work to do.”
Diana: “Goddammit.”

Kaushalya Ganesh
Uh-oh! Wait!! My spidey web cartridge is depleted. I can be right back.
Ali TariqAnd in this pen you possibly can see “Males”. Disgusting, abhorrent errors allowed to survive out of pity and necessity. If not for our conservation program right here, this species would drive itself to extinction.
Signal reads: “Your donations assist fund the doritos and mountain dew wanted to keep these creatures alive”

Arun Shroff
Edward Snowden, I presume
The winner of the particular award

This week, two winners of special awards of 250 credits for captions with no votes:
Chris Yarger
Sign: Supreme Island
Stop! Within the name of Love. Before you break our hearts!

Usman Rafi
And stop pretending to be The Hulk, or we reduce your balls off.

PS. Graeme Shimmin apologises for the late running of this competition and any inconvenience it may have triggered you. Compensation varieties can be found.