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This may occasionally Not Make Much Sense

Usually, I comply with the mantra of “never say never.” Nonetheless, there comes a time while you understand the probability that you will make certain decisions sooner or later are slim to none. In my case, hair straightening has develop into a kind of selections. Now, before you assume my cause has to do with my views about representations of beauty and my opposition to conforming to a beauty standard, suppose again. Hair is…well, simply hair and i occur to like wearing my hair in its natural state the vast majority of the time. Nonetheless, I can also admire a variety of styles, together with straightened hair. So why do I doubt that I’ll straighten my hair in the close to or distant future Nicely, I merely don’t see the advantages that at one time motivated my purpose to sometimes straighten.

Often, I might straighten my hair so I might see the “true” length of my natural hair. Certain, I might tell it was growing by tugging on a strand, but I felt that I by no means had the chance to get pleasure from my size progress (at the very least not totally) except I wore it straightened. This was partially big curl hair tutorial true previous to beginning my wholesome hair journey, once i didn’t know methods to stretch my hair without heat or safely use heat. Now that I’ve reached my aim size, I’ve run into an fascinating conundrum relating to hair straightening. My hair now not seemed longer when straightened despite being stretched to its maximum. This may occasionally not make much sense, so let me explain.

Straight hair could show size but in my case it diminishes quantity. Total, my hair appears to be thinner, so while technically longer it seems that I’ve less hair. Below is an example of my hair straightened and my hair blown out in a textured type that reveals how negligible a number of inches of straight hair have on the appearance of hair when in comparison with a thicker, fuller model.

Loose Braid Out on Blown Out Hair
Professionally Straightened Hair

Professionally Straightened Hair
A few of you aren’t eager on straightening your hair anyway, so my experience may not sway you a technique or one other. However if you happen to do straighten usually and have suffered hostile effects, you might consider other methods to show your size, if that’s indeed one among your styling objectives. This is very true once you attain arm pit size and longer. Ultimately you could discover that when in contrast, your somewhat shorter, more voluminous hair doesn’t seem that much shorter than bone straight hair. The fullness of your hair can offset the shrinkage you would possibly expertise just because the length of your hair might be offset by its thinness, in case your hair loses quantity when straight.

In the event you value displaying your length and the thickness of your hair, styles equivalent to roller units or braid outs or unfastened bantu knots on blown out hair are a lot better choices than flat ironing. Not solely do you get the better of each worlds, (texture and length) but you cut back the probability of harm your tresses.

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