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From DC Comics To Dark KNIGHT RISES

Newsarama readers may bear in mind of just a little film known as The Dark Knight Rises that comes out on July 20. They might also bear in mind that this movie pits Batman against Bane, the principle antagonist of the bestselling “Knightfall” storyline of the nineteen nineties. With that in thoughts, we contacted Bane’s authentic creators, author Chuck Dixon ( and artist Graham Nolan (, for a look back at the character and his creation.

Over this candid two-half interview, we found out their response to Bane’s inclusion within the movie, bought into the technique of the character’s improvement and use in “Knightfall,” and had been even allowed to run a few of Nolan’s authentic designs for the character. It’s more Bane than you can presumably handle as Th Darkish Knight Rises is upon us, and you may solely read it here at Newsarama!

Chuck Dixon: I discovered about Bane’s look in the brand new movie like everybody else, when Warners announced it. I wasn’t contacted beforehand or since, and i don’t think Graham was either. All I’ve seen is what’s out best star trek shirts us there on the net. I’m going to have to buy a ticket to see it as soon as it’s out.

Graham Nolan: I found out about Bane being selected for the movie by my daughter, Sarah. She noticed it on the web. So I went on the net and noticed Warner Bros. made an best star trek shirts us announcement confirming it, so I called Chuck. We have been thrilled. No person consulted us on using the character, not that I expected them to.

Nrama: What impact has creating Bane had in your careers As creators of the character, I’m curious as to whether you obtain royalties for his use in different media.

Dixon: We’re each a part of a participation program from DC Comics during which we share a share of no matter income Bane produces. I’m unsure what have an effect on creating Bane has had straight on either of us. But I’m sure including a permanent member to Batman’s rogues gallery will in all probability be our signature achievement as comedian book guys.

Nolan: On the time, Bane was just one other assignment. Within the course of a career you create a lot of stuff and transfer on to the next. You all the time hope that something you create will hit however you by no means know what will probably be. As Chuck mentioned, we’re in a royalty pool for any use of Bane exterior of the comics.

Nrama: I am also curious as to your response as to how Bane’s been depicted in other media – cartoons, video games, whatever that was in Batman and Robin – vs. the character you created. A part of me is morbidly curious as to how it felt the first time you noticed a Bane action determine with “breaking” action.

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