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In some unspecified time in the future

Grail was created by Geoff Johns for DC Comics’ New 52 reboot. Her presence on Earth is given as the rationale for Darkseid’s invasion within the origin arc of the Justice League collection, but she herself isn’t revealed to the reader. In some unspecified time in the future, she was captured by A.R.G.U.S and held prisoner in a massive vault with Darkseid’s omega symbol batman vs superman t shirt lcw on the doorways. Throughout all this, her look is never shown, however her confinement and subsequent escape is a distinguished subplot of the Vibe sequence. She appears on-panel for the primary time in Justice League #forty, designed by Jason Fabok, although she first seems off panel through dialogue only in Without end Evil #7 and seems for the first time fully revealed in Divergence #1.

Powers and talents
As a hybrid of two powerful race and notably as a Darkseid’s daughter Grail possess powers sturdy sufficient to hurt Metron while sitting in his Mobius chair even when Anti-Monitor’s antimatter could not. Grail was described as a planetary-stage risk by A.R.G.U.S whereas they held her prisoner. Because of her few appearances most of her powers are still thriller, but as a new God/Amazon hybrid she possess at least following powers:

Superhuman Strength: As a brand new God/Amazonian hybrid Grail possess energy strong enough to overpower beings like Marvel Girl simply.
Superhuman Durability: Grail possess nice durability towards physical and power attacks as she was in a position to combat towards Wonder Woman and take punch and lightning assault from Shazam with none seen harm. She was also in a position to tank blast from Green Lantern with none discomfort.
Superhuman Velocity: Grail’s is ready to maneuver faster than even the best human athletes as her preventing velocity was a minimum of a match against Wonder Woman.
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Agility/Reflexes
Healing Factor
Omega Beams: She has proven the flexibility to fire highly effective red beams from her eyes which are both very related or equivalent to her father’s Omega Beams. These beams have been in a position to harm Metron whereas sitting in his Mobius chair even when Anti-Monitor couldn’t and break Surprise Lady’s magical bracelets even while Darkseid could not.
Teleportation: Grail can seemingly additionally teleport between universes. Although seemingly to do so she has to discover a certain frequency batman vs superman t shirt lcw to ”lock into” before she can teleport.
Energy Manipulation: She also can (probably) absorb Green Lantern’s willpower and even shut down or control Inexperienced energy ring.

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