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Super Sons Vol. 1: After i Grow batman t shirt jcpenney Up

Superboy and Robin, the sons of Superman and Batman, take heart stage as a reluctant super-workforce in an all-new sequence bursting out of the DC Universe Rebirth event!

When Robin (Damian Wayne) discovers a connection between a series of mysterious crimes and the aftermath of the bizarre and deadly Amazo Virus, he wants Superboy (Jonathan Kent) to help in the investigation. But when the duo study that the teenage Child Amazo has batman t shirt jcpenney plans that put your entire Justice League in hazard, they need help from an unlikely source: Lex Luthor!

Even if the odd couple of young heroes survive Luthor’s help, they’ll should face a possibly better risk: the combined forces of Robin’s tutor, Alfred Pennyworth, and Superboy’s mother, Lois Lane!

Acclaimed author Peter 100% Cotton nightwing batman beyond Short Sleeve Custom Casual Children’s T-shirt J. Tomasi (SUPERMAN) and superstar artist Jorge Jimenez (EARTH 2: SOCIETY) launch an explosive new technology of adventure in Tremendous SONS VOL.

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